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Author has written 10 stories for Kim Possible, Metroid, and Far Cry.

Real Name: Is not important. Out here, I'm known only as...

Alter Ego (at least on The Real Sidekick

Age as of this typing: Old enough to have a life. But instead I write.

Gender: Male

On the Run from the law at: An Undisclosed Location

My Writing Style:

In my stories, I try to capture the ideas of the show but fuse them with a more mature and real life focus, much like what Christopher Nolan did for the Batman Series. I do include swearing in my stories simply because in today's day and age everyone swears, so by swearing, I try to breathe a small amount of realism into the characters. I do tend to have a rough transition between my sentences, but I'm hoping to correct the problem with writing more.

My Pet Peeves (Includes stories and real life):

1) Authors who inject themselves into their stories.- I'm not opposed to you creating a new character and giving them small traits that you exhibit (i.e. You have black hair and blue eyes, and a new character in the story has black hair and blue eyes, that's different), However, I am opposed to an author who puts their character into the story and makes them the focal point (they solve all the riddles, they save the day, etc.) of the story.

2) New Characters that aren't needed.- I'll be first to admit, I like to add some new characters to the story, but only when it's necessary. In "The Art of Disguise" universe, I simply ran out of guys who could I could match with Yori, hence the creation of Jack Thompson, all the other guys are being used in unique ways.

3) Authors who flame other authors (and flaming reviews is general).- We all have read a story on that sucks, be honest with yourself and you'll realize that it's true. However, that doesn't give you the right to go on their review board and say, "Hey, your story sucks and so do you. I can't believe that I wasted _ minutes of my life reading your story and I hope you burn in hell.", the author you're reviewing put time and effort into writing this story and you really aren't making them write better by writing that. Try giving constructive criticism, like, "Hey, story seemed a little weak, might want to explain how Kim is related to the vision Ron had at the beginning of the story..." or something like that. Also, Flaming Reviewers think about this, it's a two-edged sword. You flame a story and I guarantee you that that author and all the other authors are going to read your review and say, "Damn, what an a_h_. Let's all review his work as crap." We can and will gang up against you. Try to remember that.

4) People who read stories on and don't review.- If you read a good story out here on and it keeps you genuinely entertained, drop them a line. It doesn't have to be a frickin' novel, but a one or two word praise is really considerate. For all you know, you may be the reason someone keeps writing that story. And with any reviews I get, I try to respond to each one before I post the next chapter. Sometimes I forget, I'm only human and a man, but know that I start jumping around excitedly whenever I get a review.

5) People who steal my gum.- Seriously, I buy a 24 pack of gum, keep it in my coat pocket, never eat it, then I reach in and find only an empty box while all my friends and siblings are eating my gum. It's my gum, get your own.

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