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We are Sweet and Sugar! We are a pair of girls who write purely for awesomeness! I, Sugar am the normal one in the pair! I am a tom-boy and like most genres but romance. I have a horrible sense on humor and suck at grammer. Whoo! I have a sadistic mind but mostly have a smile on my face. You can say like a wolf in sheep's clothing But I have great thoughts on a lot of stuff! I have a huge imagination. I love the color lavender, navy blue and forest green. Candy and bubblegum ROXS!! HEH! I, Sweet, am TEEEHEEE! sorry i have this problem when I have too much caffeine! I am very hyper active! I am more of a girly girl and act very sweet on the outside and mostly on the inside! -Cough cough- I love blue! and we both love Asian candy. I wanna travel the world and i love to draw! We are in high school and we love anime and manga. 'Ayumi-Reina' is our awesome friend! So go check her out! Her story is great! And heres a bit of our basics:

Nationality: Sweet: I am Italian, Scottish, and Native American. Sugar: ...I'm 100 Chinese!! I don't need to be like half of everything like Sweet! 'Cause I'm cool like that!

Height: Sugar: Heh!! I'm like 5'6" while my friend here is so much shorter!! AHAHAHA!!!! Sweet: I AM NOT SHORT!!! ...okay maybe I am...I'm about 5'3"! SO I GREW AN INCH!!!!

Gender: FEMALE!! DUH!!!

Some of my favourite things to do: Boths of us love to eat!!!!!!!! We like to hang with friends, STANDING OUT!!! (heh like that day we wore the skirt/jean combo!) Sugar: STOP HOGGING THE SCREEN!!!!! Sweet: I'm only hogging it cause you can't spell!!!! (((sticks her tongue out))) Sugar: ... MEANIE!!!- runs away crying- Sweet: SOOO lemme finish this up. we like to write just about anything thats interesting.

Favourite Anime:Sugar: Well I like Prince of Tennis, Naruto, One Piece, Ouran Host Club, Saiyuki, Get Backers, Real bout High School, Full Moon, and Godchild( Count Cain)!! Sweet: Okay I'm more girly sooo I like Vampire Princess Miyu (chiiinng), Princess Tutu, Princess Nine, Princess Princess, Sister Princess, Magic Knights Rayearth, KKJ! sry for the Princess thing. Sugar: You should be sorry!! and stop abbreviating words!!!

Favourite game: Mario Party!! ALL NUMBERS!!! Nancy Drew (video games) Sherlock Holmes! (giggle) We love Mysteries!

Favourite character of all time from anything anywhere: CAIN!(Count Cain)= both. Sweet: I Likes Yui (VPY), Umi (MKRE) Alice(godchild), Karin( Kamichama Karin)! Sugar: I like Luffy, Nami, and Sanji ( from One Piece), Everyone from Host Club, Sanzo and Goku (Saiyuki), Tezuka , Atobe , Sanada, Marui, Jiroh, Eiji, Fuji(both) from Prince of Tennis!! XD ...wow, most of my favorite characters are guys.. AND MY(when i say my i mean me, Sugar.) FAVORITE PAIRING OF ALL TIME IS!!!! ATOBExMirror!! XD

About Our Fanfictions: THERE WILL BE NO YAOI!!!! It does not entertain these fan girls!! so Sorry to all you girls...and maybe boys?If we have pairings they will be mostly with OC's unless we're to lazy to make one and use one from the anime or we just have no pairing! And we except request!!! As long as they're T or below!

Music: We LOVE THE FULL MOON BROADCAST!! The best A-Pop around we love Namura Naomi !! British Pop, All types of Rock, Techno, Country, Metal, Alternative, and R & B!

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