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Hello and welcome to my page.

Things to know about me: I am a graduate student at Columbia University in New York city. I started writing fan fiction back in junior high as a means of developing my writing skills, and have found myself a willing slave to it ever since. I have numerous obsessions outside of Star Wars, but limit my own work to this particular galaxy. There's far more I should probably say here (this brief intro makes me sound rather dull, but I'm in a hurry just now).

Things to know about my stories: They don't get updated very often, because, well, being a grad student takes up a lot of time. My older work needs serious revision. If you're reading this and wondering what happened to the Sibling Series (Part 1: Bond of Brothers and Part 2: Sharing of Sisters), it has been removed, as have Cookie Wars and War of the Ice Cream and The Lord and the Lady. I've grown a lot since I wrote those fics so many years ago, and find them to be a bit embarrassing now. So, they've been removed. But new stories with better writing will hopefully crop up in their place.

Thanks to everyone who reviews my work, whether you offer praise, encouragment, suggestions, or flames.

To Rebirth of the Light Readers:

The teasers for the three potential fics I mentioned. Help me pick! Include choice in reply to the new chapter of RotL: Glimpses

A Pair of Renegades

Destined to be two halves of the same whole, Skywalker and Kenobi are the perfect team. Whether it’s fighting in the Clone Wars, serving in the Sith Empire, or on the run from the Galactic Alliance, the two just seem to belong together. An AU done in the narrative style of RotL: Glimpses of the Future. (Anakin and Obi-wan)

Force Sight

Ten years after the rise of the Empire, Vader’s decade of Darkness is tainted by a spark of hope. In the waking world, he loyally serves the Empire; in the dreaming world, the life lost to him begins to crack his shell of indifference. But are these just dreams? Everything seems so real… As Vader begins a journey of rebellion in one world, he considers the possibility of redemption in another. A lengthy AU with a touch of the supernatural, as two separate destinies essentially meld into one. (Vader and Company)

By Your Side

After his death on board the Death Star, Obi-wan comes to the unsettling conclusion that he can better protect young Luke by keeping an eye on Vader. The Sith is less than pleased to be haunted by his former master. Of course, it will take time before either of them is willing to admit to themselves that this new development in their relationship might be beneficial to them both. A humorous AU that could easily turn into something more. (Vader, Obi-wan, Luke and Company)

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Rebirth of the Light: Glimpses of the Future reviews
Final installment in this AU Anakin Skywalker redemption series. Catch glimspes of the struggles, victories, self-discoveries and family moments that lay ahead. Updated 07/13
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