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About Me: I am a female who is 29 years old and has been playing video and computer games since the age of 6, so that should say how futile it is for me to list stuff I have played. I have been watching anime knowingly since the age of 17 (before that I didn't realize that some of the shows I watched as a kid were anime, or that my favorite games came from Japan).

I have been writing since about age 17 more seriously. I admit, I stopped for quite some time while in college due to lack of time and lack of ideas. It was annoying to either not have the time to put my ideas down on paper or into a computer, and then when I had more time, I would have ideas and not know what to do with them, or have no ideas at all! It took almost 10 years to get over this to some degree, and unfortunately, I don't have any of my old stuff from back then, probably a good thing, it was pretty weird, but most of it was lost to computer issues and the old notebooks got lost in my many moves, since I cannot seem to settle in one place for more than a few years, and even if I settle in a location, I move a lot within that location. Good thing I have a laptop now.

Favored Style: I love romance stories. Its a joke that I love romance so much because I get so little in my life (which is mostly true, since I am still single and NOT looking), that I am living vicariously through romance novels and my own romance writing. What I read is usually much more pleasant than what I write though, as I love tragedy, but I will tend to try for a remotely happy ending after tons of bitter angst, so do keep that in mind when reading my more serious stuff. This doesn't mean I won't attempt a comedy piece every now and then, but they will typically be one shots and range from not so good to very funny, personally, I am very proud of the first part of Tales of the Inn, it was my first ever and I think I did well with it, but its sequel I will fully admit needs work and I may rework it eventually. I also tend to prefer to keep some semblance of accuracy in my stories with the original work it is based from, so if I cannot justify it from the game or anime its based on, it likely won't appear in my works.

Favorite Games: Right now my current favorite is Tales of the Abyss, as it finally inspired me to write again, so I have a lot to be thankful for! But I do love the whole Tales Series that I have played so far (Which is Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Eternia, Tales of Destiny and started Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia). I also love the Xenosaga series (even Episode II), the Shadow Hearts series (haven't finished the third one yet though), Suikoden I and II (III and IV were disappointing and I haven't played V yet), Arc the Lad 1-4 and the Ys series. I do also love Final Fantasy games, well the majority of them.

Favorite Anime: Ayashi no Ceres, Legend of Basara, Legend of Himiko, Pretear, Fushigi Yuugi among many others, those were just the ones I could think of right now!

Favorite Pairings: Okay, I will now actually list some, but in most cases, I prefer canon pairings, Tales of the Abyss has become an exception because I have grown to love some rather odd pairings thanks to my AU that makes them work. So here's my favorite ToA pairings: Natalia/Asch (yes, Natalia is on top, Asch is so whipped), Guy/Cantabile (or Cantabile/Guy, those two tend to alternate often), Luke/Noelle, Frings/Cecille, Peony/Nephry, and now have fallen in love with Jade/Tear. For anyone who has questions about who is being paired with a certain character in Breaking Away From a Bitter Destiny now, that should answer any questions, as I am going to try have these pairings all included somehow. (or their equivalent as far as this universe goes).

And I also have gained a love for Balir/Shizel from Tales of Eternia. Expect to see some of this posted here someday, like when I figure out a plot for the AU plot bunny that is in my head. I also do like Keele/Meredy and Reid/Farah. See, I am capable of enjoying canon pairings (though I admit to finidng Hyades/Ras funny).

As far as what I'll write, don't ever expect to see yaoi. If I hint at it, it's not intentional. For Tales of the Abyss I'll try most any het pairing I can justify and don't have some reason to hate it. I've definitely grown to like some strange ones, my current odd loves are Meredy/Asch and Jade/Harold (yeah, I have some odd tastes, but Meredy/Asch is adorable, I can't help it)

Current Plans/Projects:

Though most have been pretty good about it, please don't ask me when the next update will be, questions should be answered by this progress listing. I do many things outside of working a full time job and writing, and at times writing doesn't cooperate with me.

Breaking Away From a Bitter Destiny: Currently running the way it should, though extremely slow and I'm sorry! Chapter 35 is complete and undergoing edits. Readers will be happy, I made my goal of 100,000 words in November this year. I also completed another 20,000 words in January.

As of now, this one is on hold because I feel it is better to complete it first and post chapters more quickly (probably weekly at that point, depends on how edits go). I have at least 10 chapters in queue to be edited and know very well what happens in them. The action picks up drastically with chapter 36 and waiting will become much harder. To give an idea, within 15-20 chapters should be at the Absorption Gate, after that probably about 15-20 chapters to finish. The action will be fast after the Absorption Gate and the changes to the plot will be very drastic. Just realize, no one has guessed what will happen in the ending yet

And if you want to be tormented with vague hints, go right ahead and PM me about my ideas. Jade is one of my favorite muses and he needs to spend less time tormenting Guy (not that it will help Guy much, my other favorite muse likes to torment him too)

Current progress, party is headed to the Absorption Gate. Yep, 120,000 words got this one that far along.

Wanderlust: Chapter 4 is done and needs editing, chapter 5 is probably also done and also needs editing. 10,000 words were added in January, it's a big mess and needs polish bad. Asch is a stubborn git and took a long time to decide (and no, I'm not saying what he decided).

Older Projects:

The Tales of the Inn Series: Might be continued, might not. Don't put any hopes on a 4th coming anytime soon though, they come when I get the inspiration to do humor and the characters cooperate. I admit to having an idea for a 4th one, but haven't been able to get it to work yet. If I do a 4th, it likely will no longer be in script format though.

Sweet Memories: Officially discontinued, but the idea is still in my brain. Expect to see one shots based off it, but just not within this piece. I have one on dA based off of Natalia trying to cook for Luke for his 10th birthday that is kinda cute.

Bittersweet Rememberance: Same with Sweet Memories. The Illusion that is Life is a one shot based off a scene that was to appear in this. I may do more. Canon!Asch sadly rarely cooperates with me thanks to me being too used to AU!Asch.

Return: After thinking long and hard on it, I am discontinuing this piece. I don't like half the characters that were supposed to be included in this originally now, it would need a rewrite and it's just not going to be something I will ever be able to get to. Sorry to the fans of it, but since I have been made to pretty much not like Luke and Tear, its going to be very difficult to write the LukexTear parts because I don't like the pair anymore. If you liked this fic, check out Wanderlust, which is my newest post game fic and based off some ideas that would have made it to a rewrite.

Future Plans and unposted works in progress:

Lots more Jade/Tear

A Tales of Eternia AU fic that will center around Balir, Shizel and Meredy that takes place during the canon timeline.

Works of Art inspired by my fics:

I absolutely love it when someone is inspired to draw because they so loved a scene I wrote. So far some drawings have been made and I have gotten permission to post them here as long as the artists get credit, which I am happy to give. If anyone else draws something and wants me to include it, send me a PM with a link you want in here.

Works by darkangel.mya



Works by Dilculo (aka squidmaster64 on the Tales Series Forums)


Luke with cheagle ears!

Works by myself

Luke and Kiran from chapter 18

Since I know some have asked about it, here's a link to my other Jade/Tear works on LJ

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