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I can't come up with anything to write here, but since some people have actually looked at my profile, I figured anything would be more entertaining than a blank page.

So. A little about me. I'm a raging fangirl, but despite this obsession, I still manage to be ridiculously smart. But not intelligent. I am, quite seriously, the stupidest smart person you will ever meet. Seriously. I run into walls, trip on nothing, and have no sense of direction or street names (other than the route to school I've driven hundreds of times).

Pay attention to this: 'Creepy Stalker!' will no longer be published under Mediator; it's now in Crossovers under Mediator & Twilight as 'Edward is a Creepy Stalker!' I may change the title later to reflect the actual plot, but that's what and where it will be for now.

So people have some sort of an idea about what is going to happen in Edward vs. Mothra:

Jacob finds out that moths feed on cloth - in other words, clothing - and Mothra stares starvingly at Jake's pants (for the cloth. not any other reasons. . . ).

When Jake sics Mothra on Edward, Edward reads Mothra's thoughts and finds that they share a bond of reluctant chastity (there aren't many giant, mutated female moths around for some reason).

This is just a preview of wonderful things to come. Hopefully after reading this, people will actually go on to the SECOND chapter (and the third, and fourth, and so on. . . Kudos to those of you who have gotten that far. Especially since I like the fourth the best so far, and you're missing out if you don't read it).

Now, back to me.

I go to a little in California, I'm a senior, and I harbor vague hopes of going to the Ivy League (sorry, censoring details because I've just been struck by a bout of irrational paranoia) next year, on the off chance that I'm part of the lucky seven point one percent. I went there over the summer for a month and it was AMAZING!! Yay. Surprisingly, I actually have the grades for this.

So, I know I just posted a new story, not even: I just did the bare minimum, posting the bit that came into my head at the moment, but I'm busy panicking over some monumental news that I will receive at about 2pm tomorrow afternoon - college admissions for the Ivy League schools. Basically, I'll either find out if I'm going to my other top choice for sure or if I have to somehow decide between one and the other. How I'm going to turn down either one, I don't know. So, that's my excuse. I'm a bit of a nervous wreck.

But, on the bright side, I actually have an idea of where 'Edward is a Creepy Stalker!' might be headed (with a plot and everything!), so I should get the ideas down on paper before that plot meets the same fate as 'An Unpredictable Future' has (I used to know what was going to happen in the second chapter of this. now I have no clue. . . it may have been a Jasper POV, but I'm blanking on the details :( ).

So, I've got all that going on, plus an essay due Wednesday, an orchestra concert friday, and prom saturday. . . but I've also got a free 6th period every day since we finished the yearbook and now have study hall.

As a nice and pathetic end note: please review my stories!! You have no idea how happy seeing a new review would make me. Unless you've written a story yourself and humbly begged readers to review. Then, please take pity on my plight. (they've even made the review button nice and obvious for you :) )


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