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Name: Wendy C. Allen aka EelKat

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Writing Habits: I am the creator/author of The Twighlight Manor series and all of it's spin-offs and sister series. Most of my stories range from 5,000 to 130,000 words each (for both my original fiction and my fan-fiction). I also write non-fiction and how to guides.

Preferred Genres: I write in the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and romance genres, all with a touch of Goth.

My Writing Style: I'm best at "bleeding heart" slice-of-life stories, involving sadness, emotional turmoil, death of loved ones, and tragic life events, they are my signature trademark for which I am known for. In other words I don't do to many "happily ever after" stories. I kill characters and leave them laying in pools of blood. If you are looking for happily ever after stories, where the boy gets the girl, than you should look else where, cause you won't find them here, I leave my characters with broken hearts and tormented souls.

Fandoms I Write About: InuYasha, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Labyrinth, and a few random other things.

Characters I Write About: all of The Twighlight Manor characters (whom I own the copyrights to and thus are not posted here on, and also the following characters (whom I do not own the copyrights to and thus are posted here on Lord Sesshomaru (with Rin), NegaDuck, Uncle Scrooge, Professor Snape, 4th & 10th Doctors, Jareth, any any random others whom I feel like want me to write about them.

Fandoms I Read: InuYasha, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Labyrinth, Star Trek (original series cast), The Princess Bride, Dark Crystal, and a few random other things.

Characters I Read About: Lord Sesshomaru (with Rin), NegaDuck, Darkwing Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Professor Snape, 4th & 10th Doctors, Jareth, Eric (Phantom/OG), and any any random others whom I feel like reading about.

Character Styles I Read & Write: I fell in love with these characters in their original forms and I hate to see them thrown out of character or into crossover stories or sent into time periods and settings that are not their own. I try to keep my characters in character with the originals, I hope I succeeded. I’m try to keep the events in my fanfic stories in keeping with the events of the manga/anime/book/show/movie. I prefer to do massive studies of the original canon scripts and write my stories by attempting to fill in blank spaces that the original author left unanswered, as close as possible to how I think the original author would have intended the story to be told, rather than creating a whole new story line. This applies to both what I read as well as what I write. The way I see it, if I fell in love with the character as the original author created them, than who am I to change them?

My Fave Pairings:

Sesshomaru x Rin (canon master x pet ; master x servant) my preferred choice as this is the canon relationship of the manga, Rin is Sesshomaru's beloved pet (my fave non-romantic couple) (I write these type)

Sesshomaru x Rin (non-canon father x daughter) I only read these, not write them; if written well; Rin does seem to look up to him as a father, though I have a hard time seeing him as a "father" to anyone, he does not seem to think of Rin as a daughter.

Sesshomaru x Rin (non-canon as lovers) I read them, not write them, cause I find it hard to think of Sesshomaru are being romantically involved with anyone, esp since he wears the symbol of celibacy on his forehead and is on a personal spirit quest which by tradition dictated a life free of romantic attachments. ( I prefer sweet romance and tend to avoid "adult" romance stories)

InuYasha x Kagome x Koga (in K rated comedy lovers triangle settings)

Scrooge x Goldie (my fave romantic couple)

4th Doctor x Romona (canon style, non-romance stories only)

10th Doctor x Donna (canon style, non-romance stories only)

10th Doctor x Rose (canon style, non-romance stories only)

Jareth x Sara (I prefer sweet romance and tend to avoid "adult" romance stories)

Wesley x Buttercup (I prefer sweet romance and tend to avoid "adult" romance stories)

NegaDuck x Darkwing (canon style, non-romance stories only)

Eric x Christine Dae (Gothic horror type, sweet romance, after the Robert Englund style Phantom is best)

Joxer x Gabriel (canon style romantic couple)

Why Are None Of My Stories Up On FanFiction.Net?: uhm... I don't know, I'm too lazy to upload them? I will soon though, so watch for them. Every time I log in I plan to upload something, but than I start reading other folks stories and lose track of time! LOL!

(EDIT ADDED JUNE 26, 2008: I finally got around to posting some stories, go read them now and tell me what you think!)

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Story challenge!

Stories wanted for new C2: Sesshy x Rin after chapter 557

New c2 looking for new stories, dealing with the new light shed on the Sesshy-Rin relationship!

This C2 is devoted to all stories that answer the question:

After reading the final chapter (558):

Why do you think Kaede took Rin away from Sesshomaru? And will Sesshomaru take Rin back?

I got to agree with the fans who call Sesshy a lolicon, at least to the point that I think Kaede thinks he is, cause I can see no other reason for her to take Rin away from him like that. I'm miffed over Kaede taking Rin away from Sesshomaru X( but, seeing how 3 years have gone by, and Sesshy is still visiting Rin, we can hope they get together once she's grown up. Looks like Rumiko is not going to be telling us either way :( , so I'm going to assume they will and be happy with that. :)

I now have a new motto: Beware of flying demons bearing gifts! YAY! Kaede can't stop him from bringing gifts to Rin and regardless of what he says about hating humans, and in spite of Kaede, he certainly isn't going to let Rin forget about him.

I want Rumiko to write the rest of this and tell us what happened to cause Kaede to take Rin away, what happened to Rin (and Sesshomaru) during those three years, how do they handle being away from each other now, and what will happen to them after chapter 558?

Well, since Rumiko isn't going to tell us, that means it's up to the fans to write their own versions of what happened/will happen. That's where you come in! If you have a story that deals with the Sesshy-Rin relationship and how it was affected by the events of InuYasha chapter 558, message me telling me you have written a story with either Rin or Sesshomaru, set in a time period after 557, and I'll add it to this c2 group, cause we want them all!

Beware of flying demons being gifts.

My Thoughts on InuYasha 558:

(How it disrupted my life and will affect my future writings.)

Okay, so if you've followed the books these past 12 years, you know that the final volume came out this week, and if you know me, you know I had all ready read it less than 3 hours after it hit the newstands. If you've read it you know that everyone lived happily ever after, except as usual Sesshomaru, who for the 7th time in this series has had yet another woman he loves, taken away from from him. Sara died, Kagura died, Rin died twice and he just keeps bringing her back, yo get the picture. Sesshy's life has been made complete hell in every volume, and this final volume was no exception. InuYasha married Kagome. Miroku marries Sango. Rin is taken away from Sesshomaru and sent to live with Kaede.

As the days go by and more and more people read the final chapter of InuYasha, and I go through blogs and forums reading people's responses to it (me only being interested in people's responses to the Sesshy x Rin part of course!), I am finding one thing a bit odd. Most people seem to be reading it as Sesshomaru left Rin behind, forcing her to live with Kaede.

I actually read the ending totally differently... weird... but I guess I'm weird so, yea, it figures, but anyways, the way InuYasha said that Kaede said Rin was to learn to live in a human village (note that he said, that Kaede said it, not Sesshomaru) I took that to mean that Keade took Rin away from Sesshomaru, not Sesshomaru left Rin with Keade... that is what it says after all, that "Kaede said it"... not "Sesshomaru said it".

It seems to me that if he had left her, he wouldn't be coming back with the gifts either; it's more logical that Kaede took her, thus now Sesshomaru is sticking around the village and bringing Rin gifts, biding his time, until she's old enough, to take her away from Kaede without Keade or anyone else being there to say she's too young.

Well, that's the way I saw the ending as being.

Did anyone else see it this way, or am I the only one who does not think Sesshomaru left Rin behind?

And another thing... why is this bugging me in the first place? They are fictional characters, it's not like these things really happened anyways, and yet, I'm all riled up over this! I just can't get this out of my head. Weird.

I need to examine this farther. I don't think Sesshomaru would do anything he didn't want to, it's not his nature, that's true, but than all the fuss that went into protecting Rin, over a period of what, 460 chapters?, something like that, would be pointless if he suddenly said to himself, "It's time to leave her somewhere."

It'd have been nice if Rumiko would have shown us what triggered the sudden, send Rin off bit, because it is so out of character for Sesshomaru to do that willingly. And it's out of character for him to not fit to keep Rin.

It seems easier to believe that it was Keade who took Rin away, rather than Sesshomaru who suddenly dumped Rin off on Kaede, and yet, his past actions tell us that if Keade did take Rin from him, he would have reacted but lashing her to pieces with his claws, and than walking over her bloody remains to carry Rin away from the village.

Logic tells us that if Sesshomaru suddenly decided to leave Rin with Kaede, that some event had to have happened to trigger such a dynamic change of character for him. The question is, what could have happened to cause him to do a full 360 degree turn like this?

On the other hand, we do know that Kaede has a soft spot for children, and has been seen on countless occasions to be caring for children from the village. We also know that until the death of Naraku, Kaede had no knowledge of the fact that Rin was living with Sesshomaru. Upon Naraku's death, Sesshomaru and Rin ended up in the village because Sesshomaru was chasing Naraku and Rin was following after Sesshomaru on Ah-Un.

We now that Sesshomaru hates humans, but we know also that of all humans he reviles priestesses the most, esp. Kikyo and her kin. We have heard these words come straight from his lips on more than one occasion. He refers to both Kikyo and Kaede as "that woman", with a deep tone of disgust and hatred that far outweighs the hatred in his voice when talking about half-breeds or regular humans. His hatred of human priestess is unfathomable. And yet, not only does he leave Rin in the care of a human, but also a priestess, and to make it one step worse Kikyo's sister! We have a major mega triple whammy on our hands here, one that glares off the page at us like a hand with 20 sore thumbs on it.

If he had left Rin with anyone else, there would not be so many questions, but the fact that he left her with the human, priestess who was the sister of Kikyo, just goes against everything Rumiko has ever told us about Sesshomaru!

It is completely impossible to believe, knowing what we know about Sesshomaru, that he would ever by himself, come up with the idea of leaving Rin in the care of Kaede.

It would be so much simpler if Rumiko had just added one more page, to tell us why the dessision was made to leave Rin with Kaede. I mean, we all know Sesshomaru would die to protect his beloved Rin. Likewise we all know Rinfights like hell against the idea of either leaving Sesshomaru or worse, living with humans (her worst dreaded fear of all!)

So taking all these facts into consideration, we come to the conclusion that something must have happened in the three year period, something drastic, to change either Sesshomaaru's or Rin's mind.

So whose mind was changed and why? Let's look at what we know and than draw some conclusions:

We see Rin (wearing Kagura's kimono no less!) happily helping Kaede. Giving that Rin now seems to enjoy living among humans, we can assume that she has somehow lost her fear of humans. We can also assume that she is no longer 100 dependent on Sesshomaru's protection, and no loner feels the need to run to him for help. In fact her reaction to his presence suggests a tone of indifference. She does not seem to care that he came to visit her, it seems to be just another thing that happens. She is neither pleased to see him, nor displeased. This is out of character for Rin, who normally is overflowing with bubbling joy at even the slightest glance from Sesshomaru. Rin's outlook towards Sesshomaru has changed, and rather dramaticly.

And why is Rin wearing Kagura's kimono? How did she get it? If it's not Kagura's kimono, than why is she wearing a duplicate of Kagura's kimono? Kagura being the woman Sesshomaru loved and probably would have taken as his mate had she not died, we must question the change in Rin's wardrobe and the motive behind it. We know that Sesshomaru gave Rin her golden Noh robes, and we know that he gave you yet another kimono in 558, so we can safely assume that he also gave her this duplicate one that is like the one Kagura wore as well.

Okay, so that's Rin now, lets look at what Sesshomaru is doing now.

We know how obsessed with Rin, Sesshomaru is, so to see them sepperated, is odd to say the least. Giving that Sesshomaru is still lurking around the village, in spite of his outspoken hatred for humans and his avoidance of setting a foot within a human village, we can assume that he not only still cares about Rin, and still desires to watch over her and protect her, in spite of the fact that she no longer lives with him, but that he is now forcing himself to put aside his hatred for humans, just to be near her. How odd and un-Youkai like of him! To make this whole series of events just a little bit wierder, we now see Sesshomaru flying in to not only visit Rin, but also to bring her gifts as well! Now that is the most, un-Sesshomaru thing to do of all!

Sesshomaru knew that Rin knew he cared for her, and while he knew this, he was not giving her gifts. It seems to indicate now, that Rin is questioning the fact that Sesshomaru cares for her, and he is now overdoing it, by bringing her gifts to prove to her that he does still care for her. If one was to look at the old Rin and Sesshomaru and compare them to the new ones, it would seem that their roles have reversed. Rin is now the cold emotionless one, no longer bringing gift after gift to her lord, while Sesshomaru is now the one bringing gifts to the girl ho no longer seems to care.

Why, is Sesshomaru, bringing her gifts? That part is so odd. Is her afraid that she will forget about him and brings her gifts to keep him on her mind? Is he afraid she will never return to him, and live the rest of her life with the humans, and so is bringing gifts to try to sway her to come back to him? Is she angry with him, and he brings gifts as a way to ask forgiveness? Any one of these things is out of character for Sesshomaru. He's showing emotion. It's like the episode of Star Trek, when Mr. Spock started laughing. It stunned everyone because Spock is devoid of emotion. Sesshomaru shows no emotion. Emotions are a thing humans do that make them weak and pathetic... he has said this in the past. Yet now here he is showing emotion, by giving gifts. What emotion is he showing? Love? Fear? Guilt? Does it matter? Either way it's still an emotion, something that Sesshomaru does not admit to having.

So while most fans are saying that Sesshomaru had a change of heart and left Rin, it seems to me, that the one who changed was not Sesshomaru, but Rin. It looks more like Rin left of her own accord, and while Sesshomaru did not want her to leave, he also does not want to hold her prisoner and so let her leave, but is now regretting that he did so.

Why would Rin leave him? What could Kaede have said that could have gotten Rin to leave? Did Rin leave because Kaede told her to? Or did Rin leave and seek refuge with Kaede? Is it possible that Sesshomaru some hoe scared or hurt Rin, to the extent that she no longer felt safe in his care?

What could have happened, I suppose would be affected by how you view their relationship: Master/servant-pet; father/daughter; or lolicon, being the three most commonly accepted theories.

The whole gift-giving thing, completely throws out the father-daughter theory, because, lets face it, how many dad's go out of their way to buy gifts for their kids for no reason at all? Fathers have a hard time remembering to buy gifts for Christmas and birthdays, and rely on the mother to buy the gifts for them... it's not logical that Sesshomaru would be buying gifts for Rin if he thought of her as his daughter, though it is logical to believe that Rin did look up to Sesshomaru as though he was a father. I think the father-daughter theory, would only hold true in Rin's mind and not Sesshomaru's.

The master-servant or master-pet theories are so similar that I'll call them one and the same. It is this theory that I personally felt held true for this couple, throughout the series. Rin clearly looked up to Sesshomaru as her master, and obied his every command without question. His fierce protection of her, is no different than the protection one gives to a beloved house-pet. He protects her, keeps her safe, kept her feed and healthy, and pretty much did nothing else. When a dog runs away or gets lost, you look for it, and when you find it you are so filled with joy that you shower it with gifts and treats. This seems to hold true for Sesshomaru's actions. He has lost his beloved pet to a new owner and is trying to convince her to return to him, through the bearing of gifts.

Than there is the lolicon relationship, which I have already read posts from fans who are pointing the dreaded lolicon finger at Sesshomaru. Actually, as much as I hate to admit it, this does seem to be the most logical and highly likely reason for this unexpected turn of events. Weird, I find myself agree on this point, because until now, I had never actually believed that the lolicon theory was even possible. It just seemed to unlikely and out of character for Sesshomaru. The Sesshomaru gone lolicon was a theory that I pointed at and laughed. However, after reading 558, I can see this being a distinctive possibility, and one that could have gone one of three ways:

One, Sesshomaru, did as most fans suggest, and sent Rin away against her will to live with Kaede. For this to be true in the lolicon theory, we would have to assume that Sesshomaru no longer trusted himself and sent Rin away to protect her from himself.

Second would be that, Rin left of her own accord after a lolicon confrontation between herself and Sesshomasru left her scared to live with him anymore.

Third would be that Kaede, accused Sesshomaru of being a lolicon and took Rin away from him. This one could go one of two ways:

One Sesshomaru is in fact lolicon and Kaede somehow found out and took Rin away.

Two, Sesshomaru is not lolicon, but Kaede just assumed that he was, and took Rin away.

Reading 558, I actually got the impression that the later was true. Kaede, saw Rin and Sesshomaru together for the first time, after Naraku's death, and was not aware Rin lived with Sesshomaru, before that point (chapter 552). InuYasha said that it was Kaede who said Rin should prepare to return to a human village. (558). So we know that Shortly after Kaede discovered that 7 year old Rin was living with 700+ year old Sesshomaru, she told them that Rin should live in a human village. The question is, how did Kaede convince Rin to come with her, and why did Sesshomaru let Rin go?

We do know that more than once Sesshomaru has told Rin, she could leave if she so desired, so we can assume that it was Rin who decided to leave Sesshomaru, otherwise, I can see no way he would have let her go. He would not have sent her away. He would not have allowed anyone to take her away. The only way he would let Rin go, is if, Rin, left of her own accord. But why would Rin leave?

Have I gotten anywhere with all of this? No. But at least I got it off my chest and now I'll let someone else unravel this mess and figure it out. I'd love to hear how other fans are taking this. Me? It's safe to say that I am very upset over this and not taking it very well at all, otherwise I would not have spent the last 3 and 1/2 hours sitting here typing up this rant about it.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!

EelKat's InuYasha Survey...

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To see my answers to this go here: How I, EelKat Answered My Own Quizz.

1. Who is your favorite InuYasha character(s)?

2. What is your favorite canon pairing(s)?

3. Which InuYasha character do you least like?

4. Ever CosPlayed InuYasha characters? If so, who, where and how many times?

5. List your collection of InuYasha junk and merchandise, if any:

6. Have you ever felt that you were destined to be with a InuYasha character? If so, who?

7. InuYasha or Sesshomaru?

8. Koga or Miroku?

9. Which team is your favorite? (InuYasha's, Sesshomaru's or Naraku's)

10. After reading volume 56: Do you think Naraku is REALLY dead, this time, at least, finally, (or will he come back at some point in the future, yet again... even if only in fanfiction) ?

11. After reading the final chapter: Why do you think Keade took Rin away from Sesshomaru? And will Sesshomaru take Rin back?

12. Are you Pro-Sesshomaru x Rin or Anti-Sesshomaru x Rin?

13. Have you seen all InuYasha episodes (including the 4 movies)?

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20. Looking back at some of your answers, do you think InuYasha has taken over your life?

Okay, enough about me and other randomness. Moving on to my stories.

I know not all of these are posted yet, but I plan to have most or all of them posted by the end of summer, so I'll put up the summary for them now. I have written/am writing a series of InuYasha based stories, that basically go together and when read in chronological order read as one really long story, telling the history of Rin's life with Lord Sesshomaru, based on the manga version, but with me "adding things that Rumiko forgot". :) . You can read each one individually with out reading any of the others. They are as follows, listed by POV character:

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But if you want to read them in chronological order than here is the sequence:

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