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Ok! I'm impressed by self! Fabula Ex Animo is finally complete!! And FEA fans, look forward for the planned continuation!

--Lars Alexandersson from the upcoming Tekken 6 for XBox 360 and PS3. Seems he is actually half-swedish (Yay!). XD

AikoShinobi, the Ultimate Ninja (or, something... maybe not hehe...)

Profile Re-done.

AikoShinobi is just some crazy, morbid girl living in a (most-of-the-year-very-cold) country called Sweden. She is 23 years old, but acts sometimes like 5 just to switch to 60. Since she doesn't really know what to write, she'll just jot down some random stuff that could or could not be interesting to any who find thier way here.

Likes to do: Play with equally crazed friends, write when inspiration hits, listen to music while writing, play lots of videogames and watch movies.

Music: Sonata Arctica, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Versailles, Matenrou Opera, Deathstars, Blutengel, Guns'N'Roses, Demonoid 13, Fair to Midland, Metallica (Pre-St Anger), X Japan, Apocalyptica, Red Hot Chili Peppers- lots of other music, including game, anime and movie soundtracks.

Most played song now? Sakura, Sakura by Rin. Loves and adores!

Movies: Underworld-trilogy. I love vampires, but I would die for Lucian. Otherwise, horror, thrillers and comedies are fine stuff.

Anime: Death Note is by far now my favorite anime. One Piece, Devil May Cry, Angel Sanctuary, Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust, Ai no Kusabi (shonen ai) and Winter Cicada (shonen ai) are others I like alot.

Games: For the moment I play Perfect World International (Online game) and Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria.

Game collector? Yeah, since I lost all my games once in a fire I've taken my collection more seriously, but I'm still working on it. Though, I do have some really nice ones that are kinda hard to come by in these parts I live in. I have 50+ games at the moment to 6 different consoles (the largest part being ps2 games), but I will do better. XD

Perfect World? I luv that online game! I have 8 characters to alternate between, but my main one is a Lv 59 Blademaster, who uses swords. Gotta level him some more, though, he must keep up to his reputation as a badass faction leader for Sakura. lol

Odd interest: I like to read about serial killers. Strange, I know, but they're kinda interesting. Did I mention I'm crazy and morbid? (haha...!)

Good at: I don't like thinking myself in a positive way, but , uh... well... I am quite good at drawing. Too bad I don't have a scanner to prove it.

Bad at: Thinking myself in a positive way. LOL

Fanfiction: Reads almost anything, though I probably like those with favored pairings and/or characters best. Reads mostly FFXII now, with focus on Basch and Ashe. Haven't written much myself yet, but my first posted fic (FFXII also) is now complete. I have projects for FFVII, Castlevania CoD and Silent Hill in progress.

Pairings: I have come to like many pairings, mostly het, but there are also some slash and femslash pairings too. I will only list a limited amount of them, though... In games and anime I tend to like both canon and non-canon pairings, depending on characters. In movies, however, 99 percent of the time, I agree with the canon-pairings. Movie-makers seem to think the same as me, but that makes games more interesting. XD They provide with more pairing options for me.

Basch and Ashe (FFXII - My all-time favorite pairing. F;;; the age-differance, I still think they are perfect for each other. Non-canon, though I do wish it was a real pairing.)

Zack and Aerith (FFVII - A tragic tale of love that never really blooms. Canon, in the sense that they do love each other, but never reveals it.)

Dante and Trish (Devil May Cry - They make up for a very cool pair. Trish is the only woman who really kicks his ass too. Canon, at least that is what it said during installation of DMC4 on ps3.)

Meryl and Akiba aka Johnny Sasaki (Metal Gear Solid 4 - They compensate each other perfectly. Canon, and everyone who played the game knows this.)

Leon and Luis (Resident Evil 4 - Slash. I think they're good together. Non-canon, they're both men. XD)

Auron and Yuna (FFX - The Guardian and his Summoner. I thought they were more appealing than Yuna and Tidus. Non-canon, but I wish it was real. Damn FFX ending. Damn FFX-2 ending. XD)

Kratos and Sheena (Tales of Symphonia - Kratos is in all ways cooler than Lloyd, and a strong girl like Sheena deserves better. Non-canon, and even if I wish it was canon, it won't happen. XD)

Ganondorf and Zelda (Legend of Zelda - Probably crack. But I can't help it! Very non-canon, but oh, I like!)

Characters: Depending on game, anime, movie and what other type of characters are involved, there are some character-types I tend to like. Though usually I am drawn to dark, silent characters, usually with tragic pasts and the like. But I can make a complete turn-around, and I do find myself liking those deemed to be light-hearted, happy-go-lucky womanizers (Yes, I really only like male characters 97 percent of the time), but I guess they sometimes have a tragic past too. Maybe that is the link between my favorite characters. XD

Vincent Valentine (FFVII - My favorite character evah, complete with with dark, silent personality and tragic past. I love how he tries to seem cold but really truly cares for his friends in the end. I'll leave this, otherwise I'll keep monologue about Vincent and his character for, like, forever. LOL)

L (Death Note - He really does not fit personalitywise with any characters I like. He is just pure wierdness. But somehow, he still is charismatic and people are drawn to him nontheless. His intelligence and deductive abilities are awe-inspiring. And he knows capoeira! XD)

Basch fon Ronsenburg (FFXII - Ah, yes. The poor, tormented knight is awarded a place here too. There just aren't any words. XD But he really did grow on you during gameplay, even if I did like him before I played FFXII.)

Dante (Devil May Cry-series - The white-haired half-demon also finds his way here. But I figured him very deep and caring under all that cool, maybe even childish attitude. He is haunted by terrible memories, which led him to the demon-hunting path, and I like a lot.)

Albert Wesker (Resident Evil-series - The mastermind behind many major events in RE, I found him very intresting when I first began playing the games. I would go as far to say that Wesker is the real main character of RE. Then he also is some kind of tyrant, which makes him cooler. XD)

Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia - I needed one of those light-hearted womanizers in this list too. He appears shallow but he really is a sensitive and tormented person for real. That no other character in the game notices this until it is to late if you choose that path makes me slightly mad. lol)

Broken (by Sonata Arctica)

I was raised from a broken seed,
I grew up to be an unwanted weed.
Ever faster the time exceeds me,
Little harder again to remember…you.

Held a torch for you, when lightning struck me,
Once again, hope I died for the last time.
Only one I have a thing greater than you,
Little light on the sky every night.

Morning dew on the field, where I met you.
I was frozen a year, couldn´t get through.
Got a sign, not a scar, on my shoulder,
I am not quite the man you take me for…

Fell in love with the weekness within me.
Tried to force me the Ring and own me.
Guess you found what you´d think would oblige me,
Little version of me to consume you…

I´d give my everything to you,
follow you thru the garden of oblivion.
If only I could tell you everything,
the little things you´ll never
dare to ask me…

Do you really know me?…I might be a God
Show me that you care and have a cry.
How do you see me?…as the one?
Can you see my blood when I´m bleeding.
How can you love this exile,
and how could I desire you.
When my pain is my pain and yours is too…

On this dark winter´s night
Darkness becomes this child
Bless this night with a tear
For I have none I fear…

Seven lifes of a man, passed before me
Seven graves, one for every Love I´ve had
Only once I have broken my so called heart
Only one made me see why they cry

Will I learn how to be one of you someday?
Will I still feel the eyes that behold me?
Will I hear what you think, when you see me?
Will it tear me apart if you feel for me…

I´d give my everything to you,
follow you thru the garden of oblivion
If only I could tell you everything,
the little things you´ll never
dare to ask me…

Do you really know me?…I might be a God
Show me that you care and have a cry
How do you see me?…as the one?
Can you see my blood when I´m bleeding
How can you love this exile,
and how could I desire you.
When my pain is my pain and yours is too…

On this dark winter´s night
Darkness becomes this child
Bless this night with a tear
For I have none I fear…

Little broken, always been,
a part of you belongs to me
You were never mine to love,
but this all has made it easy for me…

Burning feathers, not an Angel,
Heaven´s closed, Hell´s soldout
So I walk on Earth,
behind a curtain,
hidden from everyone,
Until I find a new life to ruin again…

On this deadwinter´s night
Darkness becomes this child
Bless this night with a tear
For I have none I fear…

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