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Ah nuuuuu cheeki breeki iv damke!

After several years of being ded, I, Spog the Brick in the Wall, have decided to return.

Unfortunately, I was kind of uncomfortable leaving a bunch of stories I honestly find really... dumb. I dunno, this was years ago, and I was prone to panic. Somehow I thought having these bad stories would stain my reputation somewhere down the road. Ugh, fortunately I've outgrown being so melodramatic.

So, I've decided to slowly re-upload some old stories, and quite possibly write new ones. A lot of the old ones were unfinished, and unfortunately I have no desire to finish them officially, so what's uploaded is what you get. They'll be marked as 'complete' when the reposting is done.

Now I bet you're thinking, "Spog, if these stories are all done, why can't you just spend all day re-upping them?"

Well, I'm actually writing some retrospects for each chapter of my old stories; this includes the monster of a story: Ti Amo, which was my most popular back in the day. It has about sixty plus chapters for me to cover, so I'm going to have to write over sixty retrospects for one story alone. Bear in mind these stories are going to be (mostly) left as they were, so they're not re-writes or extra-proofread. I don't have the time to do something that extensive, if I'm to continue writing different fan fics (which I'm still on the rails about).

So, for those of you that shockingly still get emails from FF every time I upload something, well... here ya go. I do apologize for just ripping the rug up from under you, though.

And for those of you that are new, well... here ya go.

DISCORD! h t t p s : // discord . gg / HU2aAhx

If you want, head on to my Discord server to chat away. I'm there most of the time, or try to be anyway. Catch me if you can!

Here you can find my Tumblr page at the Blog O' Spog! h t t p s : // elspoggerino . tumblr . com/

On that blog you'll find links to my Discord, playlists at Spotify, and in the future some new things related to gaming, hopefully.

Here you can find the Spotify playlist for the Break On Through to the Other Side soundtrack: h t t p s : // play . spotify . com / user / elspoggerino / playlist / 6hU8K73ZD5aVrZ9NLH6BT0

Here you'll find a playlist soundtrack for Edge of Infinity: h t t p s : // play . spotify . com / user / elspoggerino / playlist / 5inelU5LyisfyFdyqlZw9k

Now I'mma tell you about myself a bit. I'm a guy, I live in the Great White North--which can mean anywhere from Ontario to North Dakota--so don't expect any details beyond that.

Obviously I enjoy writing, and picking apart all my old crap for the lulz, as the resurrection of this dusty old thing attests to.

I'm big into music and video games, but I'm not going to waste space writing giant lists of every solitary thing that I like. I'll just say that I'm pretty diverse in my tastes. I love Metal music and all of its genres the most, but I'm as apt to listen to Hip-Hop or Bluegrass. I also love lots of different video games, except JRPGs. I hate those.

Wondering what the hell my name is about? Well, the word "Spog" isn't an actual word, but was a nickname given to me in high school for... reasons. The guys who gave it to me liked weird names, so at first I was Doctor Zallagi, then they thought Spog sounded better. But I liked the ring of Doctor Spog Zallagi, so that's my "full" online name.

As for "Brick in the Wall," that's derived from one of my favorite rock albums of all time: The Wall by Pink Floyd. I highly recommend it, and the accompanying movie. Yeah, the album has its own movie, and it's every bit as good as the album. Maybe even better with all the gorgeous and bizarre visuals.

So my pen name is just a hybrid of those two things.

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