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Reviews: If you received a review from me for one of your stories - chances are it is criticizing something - this does not necessarily mean I find your story bad even If I don't explicitly mention this in the review I have written I read it (your story), after all, something I don't do if there isn't something there I don't enjoy. I just don't like to mix saying good and bad things in a single post coming mostly from other sites where you can like review posts it makes it difficult and unclear for what exactly did you receive or give someone a like ... for mentioning the bad or the good or for both. This is why I don't do that to avoid sending a mixed message.

In addition, most reviews I write are aimed at inconsistencies in stories themselves or inconsistencies between the fanfic and the source material - the reason for it is quite simple I think consistency is the most important thing in a story far more important than pretty much anything else.

1 First Person limited view: I most likely won't write a story original or otherwise not written in this POV IMO it really helps give the reader an insight into the thoughts and the reasoning of the characters furthering the understanding of why they acted the way they did. And it will prevent from falling into the common pitfall to have dozen of different things happen to different people that are happening all over the place and the reader for the story comprehension has to be told.

I have seen more than one fic with half a million words or more in which the story the real plot hasn't even started because we are told what dozen of characters had for breakfast.

Something this POV helps me avoid - I also think it makes generally for a better way to tell a story because the reader has exactly the same information as the Protoganoist aside from perhaps a few Interludes out of the perspective of someone else I might have in the story.


I can understand reading a story in a fandom which you are used to is written in 3rd Person might be unusual and can reinforce the impression you are confronted with a different character than you are used to. That might be the case, especially in Tesseract since this Naruto is different from the bubbly extroverted dreamer we get to know Naruto in canon. But as you and me Naruto personality is the sum of his experiences his memories and the Naruto in Tesseract fought since day one in the most devastating war the Elemental Nations have ever seen. He witnessed his friends being brutally murdered one after the other while he still tried against all odds to keep the diminishing number of friends he had alive until none were left.

And that without considering that those few years of war Naruto went through from his perspective were hundreds of years long, One Kage-Bunshin effectively doubles the amount of time he had to suffer those conditions what about a hundred a thousand ... you get my drift ... So, of course, this Naruto is different he was for hundreds of years trapped in his own personal hell fighting for survival. Even someone like Naruto might have trouble smiling after that Ordeal.

He is different, as is every Naruto in every fic where Naruto has a different upbringing is adopted, has friends, a sibling, or is smarter. But in a 3rd POV, it might not be as obvious to the reader.



I'm not a fan of stories in which the technology is all over the place like it happens to be in Naruto. We see a freezer, walky-talkies movie theaters, and even a revolver at one point or another, but strangely enough, those are all singular instances that somehow are forgotten nearly instantly to justify the existence of Shinobi in this setting. I mean why train using Kunai and Shuriken if guns are a thing etc.

Therefore, in this fiction aside from the existence of Chakra the technological level is roughly the same as it was during the medieval times. But since there is chakra a lot of the things we now daily use have a chakra-based equivalent. For example, there is no freezer that they instead have is Fuinjutsu and sealing scrolls, which can keep the sealed objects in a state of frozen time allowing the people to use them as a storing device for perishable items such as food, etc.

Therefore making the Shinobi and their abilities an even more integral part of the society.

Civilian Council:

The civilian council is fanon - depending on who you ask good or bad fanon ...

But what you have to think about is how come such a civilian council became a thing in a military dictatorship?

The best explanations I have seen for this were the ones, where it was stated that they emerged after the Kyuubi incident.

This makes a lot of sense, simply because a guy like the second Hokage would have never installed a civilian council and the third surely would have never changed a working system ... and the Fourth doubtful!

So I think after the Kyuubi wrecked half the village and killed hundreds of Shinobi the village needed funding, most likely because the savings weren't sufficient for rebuilding and sponsoring a new batch of Shinobi (education is costly) so shortly after the 3rd Shinobi world war.

They probably could have gotten the funding from the Daiymo, but that has its own problems ... his growing influence over the village ... so I can see them deciding to go with the less bad option of asking the wealthy civilians in the village for funding ... but why should they invest there needed to be some kind of incentive ... which was why the civilian council was created ...

In this scenario, it is not unlikely that Danzo also pushed for it, despite his personality most likely because he had dirt on every one of them and saw this civilian council as a means to increase his power in the village ...

Hinata Succession of the Hyuuga Clan and the Caged Bird Seal:

The fact that I see so often used in Fanfiction that either Hinata or Hanabi have to be placed in the Branch-family and therefore have to receive the caged Bird seal is fanon - and bad fanon at that.

Simply because it makes not much sense -

Let me clarify this - In the Hyuuga clan there exist the main family and this family isn't just one single line. There are elders etc who aren't "caged" meaning there exists a multitude of lines that are part of the main house, which makes sense because I always got the impression that the Hyuuga practice interclan marriage to keep their bloodline pure. (and what we see in canon with Hinata and Naruto getting together is most likely the exception, probably only made possible after the abandoning of the caged bird seal practice - not sure if Boruto explains, but even if it did I consider Boruto fanfiction - bad fanfiction at that, because it spits in the face of next to everything canon established ...)

To do that successfully you have to have more than one child otherwise, you are reducing your numbers, and every clan especially someone like the Hyuuga should be focused on the opposite.

I mean if a man and woman (belonging to the main branch) have only a single child and this child marries another single child born of a man and a woman (also belonging to the main branch) then their marriage effectively terminates one family - reducing the number of Main Family lines by one. (Canon implicitly excludes marriage between the branch and main house)

And that makes no sense - to keep the number of families constant there are two children required from every couple tor each adulthood and having their own children. In a Western country to account for illness and death 2.3 children of every couple are required to keep the population stable - so in Naruto barring a major war we probably looking at 4 statistically or thereabouts) - So what would have happened to the one sister not chosen to be Clan head, she would have been at worst be married to the son of a Clan-Elder (belonging to the Main Family) to gain some political favor... and not be branded.

The question is, then why was Hisashi branded - and the answer here is simply because they were twins (one egged) identical ones at that! - they possess the exact same genetic makeup and would, if both of them married into two different Main-houses, inflicted damage upon their interclan marriage practice, by generating children belonging to different families being closely related (halfsibling genetically speaking)-

Simply because in such a marriage practice you have to meticulously keep track of the family tree to prevent genetic diseases through inbreeding.

Therefore I think the Hyuuga clan should be a lot more adverse towards the relationship between Hinata and Naruto, simply because they lose a child in a most likely elaborately planned out breeding program ...

The only reason I could see that would allow for Hinata to be branded is in the case she would lose her position as clan heiress to Hanabi in order to forestall a potential inheritance dispute. I actually can see them doing that, because no matter what they do, there will always be some people who would see Hinata as the rightful Clan Leader, and in a situation in which Hanabi made a bad decision it might result in her losing support, which then might be given to Hinata which eventually could result in an inheritance war ...

But if Hinata were to remain in her position there is no way that Hanabi gets branded as I outlined above ... There are Main House Members aside from Hisashi his father and his two daughters - we at least see Hinata's mother without a seal, which means there has to be more than one line ... therefore just to sustain those at least two children are necessary!

In regards to this, we also have to keep in mind why does this Seal exist in the first place?

If asked, the Hyuuga-clan will state it serves to protect their bloodline - well if that were the case everybody even the Main-House would have it since this isn't the case it is essentially a tool to enslave family.

The problem you have at hand is, if Hinata is allowed to marry Naruto and becomes part of his family, that with this decision Hiashi effectively gives away the Byakugan because it will then exist outside of the control of the Hyuuga clan, something I can't see happening without prior to this the cage-bird seal having been abolished or for there to be some arrangement in place what happens with their offspring in case they have a Byakugan. Which then brings a whole deal of other issues with it ...

No Hyuuga Elder will allow this (marriage) to happen, because if they do, they essentially admit to every branch-Hyuuga that the seal never was about protecting the bloodline and always about control ...

Therefore I think if Hiashi allows a union between them, without a very good reason as to why he runs the risk to be ousted (killed and replaced).

Jutsu theft:

Stealing Clan's secrets has to be a serious crime in a ninja village as is bloodline theft something Danzo is guilty of several times over.

Clan Jutsu is something I doubt the Sharingan was able to copy/steal - Otherwise, I think we would have at least seen one Uchiha use a jutsu from a premier clan in some fashion.

This brings us to the guy who presumably did both in Konoha and got away with it Danzo -

I always wondered what dirt he must have had on the Hyuuga for them to keep quiet about it ... with their range the ability to look through solid objects they must have noticed that at some point - Danzo having a collection of eyeballs and really strange chakra ... Ao managed that with a stolen Byakugan, after all.

Depending on how you interpret Kotoamatsukami it is plausible that Danzo used it on Hiashi to get him to ignore it, perhaps even to order his clan to do the same - regarding this Jutsu there are a lot of discrepancies surrounding it - at one point we are told it is unbreakable otherwise Itachi banking everything on it to get Sasuke to abandon his path and return to Konoha made no sense (the same holds true for the attempt of Shisui to prevent the Uchiha coup) - on the other hand, we see it being broken by Ao when Mifune was under its effect -

I personally think there are two variations of the Jutsu one so strong and unbreakable you have to give up the eye you cast it with and another version working similar but easily broken and (perhaps short in duration) with fewer downsides for the user - the usual my eyes bleed effect ... - therefore I think Danzo used the unbreakable version on Hiashi and couldn't cast it on Tsunade (something you might have to consider carefully - since the Senju and Uchiha were enemies for decades it is possible the Senju, especially Tobirama was aware of such a Jutsu existing and given his personality might have taken steps to protect his clan) while his stolen Sharingan was still recovering from it ??? (something that apparently doesn't take 10 years if you have Senju DNA on hand) or he just didn't see the need for it so far (the third might also have fallen victim to this Jutsu at one point ... could explain a few things regarding the Chunin exams ... Because I always doubted it to be possible to get enemy platoons within an attacking distance of an enemy village without it being discovered if you don't have a high ranking traitor on your side ... providing patrol routes etc ... and we know Danzo worked with Orochimaru ... ))

Kwarami no Jutsu:

I'm not willing to let an E-Rank Jutsu exist that is essentially able to switch the user with an object or another being, be it a clone or not. This Jutsu is by far too powerful bordering on an even if more limited Hiraishin no Jutsu, which was able through a single user to end the 3rd Ninja War.

My reasoning for this is the following:

In most fanfiction, this Jutsu is gamed so much that it is hardly distinguishable from the Hiraishin no Jutsu an S or even SS rank sealing Jutsu. Even if the Jutsu has a limited range and uses hand seals it is by far too strong. We know as was shown on numerous occasions that the number and need for Handseals can be considerably reduced and even disregarded entirely by an experienced user – reducing the differences between the two Jutsu even further – even if the two interchanged object has to have a similar mass it is too powerful – you can evade with this simple Jutsu an otherwise lethal deathblow in most instances void the chakra the attacker has to pay for this deathblow... which makes most of that jutsu quite obsolete ... all you need is the mastery of an E-Rank Jutsu and you are next to immortal ...

If this hasn't convinced you of my reasoning then how about this – the last time I can remember the replacement Jutsu was ever used in canon (from one of the main characters) was when the sound four fought against Sasuke shortly before he follows them. Probably Kishimoto himself recognized around that time that the replacement Jutsu is by far too powerful because it is never used from this point forward.

The most convincing argument by far is this – do you remember what the power is Sasuke gains from Hagomoro with his Rinnegan – Exactly it is a glorified Replacement Jutsu – so this simple E-Rank is later thought to be that powerful that it is the Endgame Asspull Jutsu of Sasuke Uchiha, therefore this Jutsu shouldn't exist in fanfiction!

As I said above, in a lot of fanfiction this Jutsu, which probably was intended as a means of escape without any further thought on it by Kishimoto on how this Jutsu can be abused. Which if we are honest he should have considered given that, if you ignore it being a PG 12 show, it is about mercenary assassins. You cant give them such a tool and not expect them to find ways to use it, to kill people.

In which instance the weakest interpretation of Kawarimi is one, if not the most deadly Jutsu in existence, you just have to replace yourself with your enemy a fraction a second before the explosive tag you dropped at your feet goes up - BAMM! instant kill without the enemy able to do anything against it.

You don't even have to fulfill a silly requirement as to tag your enemy before you can do this, so what exactly made the Hiraishin in comparison that great, for it to earn its sole user the flee on sight order?

Aside from the Jutsu, at one point being retconned in one way or another I have got no clue -

And retconned or even removed entirely, without the audience being told about it, it was. Otherwise, how can it be explained that Sasuke Rinnegan gave him the ability to Kawarimi, something that was considered by him in the story a power-up, which it shouldn't have been considering that he was able to use the Kawarimi Jutsu proficiently long before he even graduated the Academy - How does this make sense - because at least one of the condition listed, namely line of sight, is necessary for the Rinnegan version to work.

My main problem with the Kawarimi stems from the fact, that an E-Rank Jutsu taught in the academy is a limited teleportation Jutsu, a space-time Jutsu something considered universally in Naruto as being rare and incredibly strong.

The only other examples we are given belonging in the same category is for one the summoning Jutsu, where the rank of the difficulty of the Jutsu at least to Naruto wiki is determined by the chakra used, with the lower end being considered a B-Rank Jutsu.

Then we have the Hirashin, being an S or even SS rank Jutsu, and the other instances are Kamui probably rated the same way and then the Jutsu used by Mabui the Raikages Assistant, it was stated in the story, only held this position as Assistant because of this Jutsu, which had far more limitations than either the Hiraishin or Kamui.

So I think it is safe to consider Mabui s Jutsu to be an S-Rank one as well.

It should be obvious that something can't be right here, because how can it be that space-time Jutsu, which is considered universally as the pinnacle of ninjutsu includes the Kawarimi. An E-Rank Jutsu, which has to follow roughly the same principles as the Jutsu mentioned above?

How can it be that aside from the Jutsus mentioned above no one, since the creation of Ninjutsu hundreds of years ago, improved upon the Kawarimi to create something better? if the Kawarimi is a Jutsu known by any Shinobi shouldn't there have at least been more people seeing the potential of what an improvement to the Kawarimi would have meant and strived to achieve it?

Since none of the above happened and with Sasuke Rinnegan Jutsu being what it is, I think it can be assumed that Kishimoto recognized the Kawarimi as a mistake and let it drift into oblivion, hoping for no one to remember this mistake and world breaking Jutsu to have ever existed.

So why should anybody insist on having the same Jutsu, the author of Naruto more than likely considered a mistake, being part of the setting?

Hiding like a mole Jutsu:

I have similar problems with this and similar Jutsu – because they allow the user to essentially phase through the earth or as it is demonstrated by others through some solid object like trees (Orochimaru comes to mind). But what exactly is earth – the first time this Jutsu is used, it was by Kakashi in conjunction with the headhunter Jutsu.

If I remember right he used it standing on a grass patch even if my memory should be incorrect, living in the earth are various creatures worms bugs, etc which all have chakra systems if this Jutsu allows you to phase through them it means it is a Jutsu not only able to allow someone to phase through solid matter but also through chakra which makes this Jutsu undistinguishable from Kamui (at least the intangible part) – one of the most Hack Jutsu the Naruto universe has to offer.

Therefore this Jutsu will work differently, it will allow the user to let the earth flow around the user like a liquid in a spheric shape, while the user in the center of the technique creates essentially a cavity and moves this cavity through the earth. You can use it this way to move through the earth but it will be noticeable because the earth is moving around you – therefore this technique will for the most part be used to hide under the earth in the cavity of this Jutsu and not to traverse distances.


The standard Henge taught at the academy is an intangible simple illusion that is put over the user, therefore, limiting what it can be done with it. For example, a big guy can't use this technique to look like a kid because parts of his body will be outside of the space the illusion occupies and therefore make it obsolete.

So it can only be used to hide something under it if the user or the object is smaller than the illusion created by this Jutsu.

Naruto Henge, on the other hand, is a solid transformation with next to no rules for what can be done with it. It is essentially a more advanced version of the Baika no Jutsu from the Akimichi clan –

it could be classified as (essentially) the special ability he is granted by the 9 Tails if not for the emotion-sensing appearing out of nowhere later on – every Jinchuriki gains something by being a Jinchuriki – Bee can spit ink, Gaara can arguably control sand (I'm not too fond of what was done there in canon – being that it was his mother's ghost ... or the fact that there were more people able to manipulate sand ... especially Gaaras father ... but it was said at one point a successful Jinchuriki either needs a special power/chakra that can deal with the Bijuu chakra or be compatible with it – in Gaara case his bloodline probably means exactly that compatibility with Shukaku) Yugito gets claws, etc ...

Only Naruto seemingly doesn't (until much later with the emotion-sensing) and this would fit with the nine tail foxes said to be a trickster – what better trick is there than to make the illusion a reality. (not that I will use it as such - just a stray thought on my part)

Certain clans are demonstrating a similar ability Akamaru Beast Bunshin and of course the Akimichi clan Jutsu ... but as we are shown by those two examples those solid Henges are everything but easy to use - the Akimichi have to store a lot of energy in the form of fat to do that and Akamaru had to eat a soldier pill before (most likely increasing his chakra level considerably) before he could use this Jutsu. Then there is the fact that we only ever see Naruto transform into an object ...

If the normal Henge is just an illusion it makes an incredible amount of sense to have the Uchiha as a police force in the village since their Sharingan can penetrate those illusions.

But as we have seen in canon – neither the Sharingan (Wave-Arc first Zabuza fight - Kakashi was surprised exactly like Zabuza when the Fuma Shuriken turned out to be Naruto) nor the Rinnegan (Naruto KB being transformed in a field of Rocks) could see through Naruto Henge.

Of course, there are instances that are contradicting that theory – in the Wave arc, neither Sasuke nor Kakashi being surprised by this special-Henge and not inferring how he has managed to do that.

And Gamabunta in the Naruto vs Gaara fight wanting for Naruto to transform them both – Naruto performed the Jutsu with using the chakra of Bunta, so it explains why it was solid but not how Bunta knew Naruto could make a solid Henge in the first place -

And no the Healing, in my opinion, is nothing he got from his Biju – Despite Naruto no other Jichuriki has demonstrated an increased healing rate throughout canon, furthermore Naruto demonstrated having this ability even while being cut off from his Bijuu chakra – Chunin exam after the fight with Kiba, while under the effects of the 5 elemental seal completely separating those two -

so for me, his increased healing is solely provided by his Uzumaki heritage, which in my opinion is further emphasized by the following: His mother - She gave birth something that brings a woman to the brink of death than her Biju was ripped out something we are told spells immediate death for any jinchuriki this happens to, she wasn't not only able to survive this but also had the strength to completely immobilize the strongest of the nine Biju as if he was nothing but an unruly child – so, in my opinion, his healing has nothing to do whatsoever with him being a Jinchuriki. It is IMO one of the very reasons it is said Uzumaki are the perfect hosts because any damage done while using the Bijuu chakra is healed unlike by non-Uzumaki where those injuries could be accumulating to a hampering deadly degree.

At best it bosts this ability when he uses his chakra cloak, which is also something logic has to contradict because we are told on numerous occasions that Biju Chakra is highly toxic a living being corroding energy, that only Jinchuriki can tolerate since they developed a resistance over time, how such a energy is able to accelerate or increase someone natural healing ability is beyond my understanding. So I think this was a plot device in the Sasuke vs Naruto fight to drive the point home for Naruto that Sasuke is attempting to kill him. This healing that we see there has served to skew the view of what really goes on... meaning it will not be possible for a Bijuu chakra to do this. This also heavily implies for Naruto to be the perfect Kyuubi Jinchuriki bar none, he is not only an Uzumaki but he was in contact with the Kyuubi chakra since the day he was conceived, he was influenced by the chakra that leaked out of the seal of his mother shown by his whisker marks, therefore he should have a resistance to its chakra larger than everybody ever in history ...

Regarding Scars:

The one thing I despise nearly as much as an author making the Replacement Jutsu into a Hiraishin is it when Naruto retains scars through whatever – in canon he was shown to have his lung pierced by a Chidori and it was not only regenerated within seconds but without leaving any scar – we see naruto bleeding of his whole skin - no scar etc

I know some think scars are cool – but there is no way he can retain his healing ability and scar in the same fic.


We are told at several instances that the Uzumaki had a somewhat special connection to the Shinigami, Uzumaki mask temple comes to mind and then there is the Shishi Fuin something we can more than assume Minato created with the help of Kushina. Then there is the Uzumaki longevity and increased healing something in a lot of stories (not necessarily Naruto) is connected or can be traced to some kind of favor or deal of those possessing it with the Shinigami.

And then there is the Edo Tensei, a Jutsu said to be invented by the Second Hokage but is this really true, what some always seem to miss is that Mito Uzumaki was his sister in law, and given that next to everything Shinigami related can be traced back to the Uzumaki, I think she had her hands in developing this Jutsu.

Therefore I always like it in fanfiction when the Uzumaki were his chosen clan, blessed by him or something along those lines. Furthermore, in canon there was never anything done with the remains of Uzu and I always asked myself why not? - it had to be fertile land on a good defensible position so it would be a great addition to any country especially Kiri, which are just a group of islands anyhow ... but it was never occupied ... Why?

There are a few scenarios plausible, one of it, it was a part of the peace treaty after the second Shinobi world war ... not allowing any nation to claim it for themselves - but this doesn't explain why it wasn't done in the 3rd shinobi world war or its wake.

Then I thought back to the second Shinobi world war, which Konoha won. But how? We can be certain Konoha wouldn't ally themselves with a nation responsible for the destruction of Uzu meaning Kiri and Kumo are out (Iwa involvement isn't clear - I for one think they had their hand in the cookie char too) but we do know for sure, that Suna fought against Konoha (stated by Chiyo, when she comments on Sakura being Tsunade apprentice) and probably a few of the minor villages.

How could Konoha win this war, they are right in the middle of the map surrounded by everyone. Well, I think for one those countries fought also against each other, but what probably made it possible for Konoha to win were the casualties the invading forces suffered against Uzu - I always liked the idea of no one leaving Uzu alive, given their close connection to the Shinigami I have no trouble imagining either Uzu being an Island only able in sustaining life at the behest of the Shinigami for his chosen clan, or the Uzumaki taking desperate measure the moment they knew they would be wiped out.

So they summoned the Shinigami who then annihilated any life on the island ... it would have been a mercy killing for all Uzumaki in comparison to what they would have to endure otherwise if they were captured. (Kumo had no problems with breeding programs as we are shown at the attempt made to acquire Kushina and Hinata)

And the Island probably was also cursed in the process killing any non-Uzumaki life who ever set foot on it ... which would explain no one ever trying to claim the island ...

This IMO is also supported by none of the other villages having any Uzumaki or their descendants in their ranks (and Kumo trying to kidnap Kushina if they had any prisoners from attacking Uzu they shouldn't have needed her, either for a breeding program or as a potential Bijuu vessel) - the only confirmed Uzumaki in canon are Nagato, Karin and (Kushina) - with Mei Terumi and Tayuya being maybes -

Plot devices:

If any character Villian main char or anybody else overcommits and is in an unwinnable situation then they should die or be captured no exception.

This is something that I really dislike to a great degree, I've read dozen of fics with good premises more often than not with a good execution which ended up doing something like this - some Villian was beaten found himself in an inescapable situation just to pull a Houdini and to vanish without anybody being able to trace him although there are sensors tracker and whatnot present – I hate it when something like this happens because in most cases the reader has read up to 20000 words of the fight only for the plot standing still – because at the end nothing changed the Hero is still there as is the villain ... we could have skipped it and would have missed nothing...

I know that in most cases this happens because the author needs the villain for something later on, but that is just the poorest form of writing IMO, that can easily be avoided if you don't get those important villains or main characters in unwinnable situations.

Unfortunately even established (manga) authors Kishimoto included use this.

For example:

Orochimaru vs the 3rd – after the fight, the sound 4 drop the barrier and are able to flee despite being surrounded by dozen of ANBU – They, including Orochimaru (who was exhausted and couldn't use his arms) should have gone down here hard – (we later see that the sound 4 have to go level 2 just to beat 2 Jounin – and ANBU are supposed to be the elite ...)

The aftermath of the Konoha crush:

As far as the reader is aware neither Konoha nor Suna made any attempts to let Orochimaru pay for his transgressions ... logically, they couldn't afford an all-out war given their losses probably not even allied. But why didn't they put a bounty on his head so high that every Headhunter would be after him - if this attracted guys like Kakazu he might have died or it would have at least disrupted his operations to a crippling degree even some other major villages might have gone after him ...

Orochimaru vs Tsunade & Jiraja

They had him on the ropes he was beaten but the plot device – I can phase into the earth - let him and Kabuto escape.

Orochimaru vs 4Tails Naruto:

The way that fight progresses anything aside from Orochimaru being a red puddle on the ground is really unbelievable:

Don't even get me started on the whole every Villian is near impossible to kill schtick and all those resurrections of some kind to keep some bad guys – not even going to comment on Orochimaru, who turns out to be the cockroach of the whole series, being reanimated left and right ...


That this guy survived the fight against Kakashi and Naruto is just ...

This guy is probably the only person ever (next to Chuck Norris who by definition isn't a person) to pull more than one true Suicide attack and survive it.

The split of Kyuubi into two halves was by far the single plot device that angered me the most. It only seemed to exist to give Kishimoto the chance to siphon off the Kybuubi chakra from Naruto completing the Jubi but still retain Naruto as a Jinchuriki and Kyuubi's host. Apart from that every other reason we are given in the story seems to be a weak excuse.

The statement that Kyuubi is too strong to be held by a seal, yeah and how does this explain it was done in two instances before? Even if we consider his predecessors had special ability chakra to help keep him contained why doesn't Naruto? He isn't just the son of an Uzumaki and a Kage-level shinobi but also (arguably of the Kyuubi, he was exposed to its chakra since the moment of his conception resulting in him getting those whisker marks ) and should have inherited the special characteristics of his mother's chakra. (genetics work that way – if this wouldn't have been a dominant hereditary trait, it should have been vanished within generations of it first appearing and at one point or another there was just a single Uzumaki (Senju Uhicha Yuki Kaguya Hyuuga, etc)... so if it was recessive it should have died with him period.)

And even if we handwave that away, what about the seal that held the Jubi, how was this made possible, even if we assume that Rinnegan helped contain it and that is stronger than the ability of Uzumaki to do so, the strength of the seal still has to keep in check should be magnitudes greater than that of Kurama given that we were told the Biju get exponentially stronger with every tail ...

Furthermore, there was the fact that the 4th summoned the Shinigami, but he didn't do it with the intention to craft a Jinchuriki seal to overcome the problems I pointed out (naruto having no special chakra, therefore, no "normal" seal strong enough to hold it) but he used it to separate the Kyuubi in two parts, which at least cut the power of the Bijuu and ultimately of the Jinchuriki (the greatest military asset of any Hidden village) in half (we aren't told how having yin and yang chakra scales in comparison to only having one of it – IMO the power loss should be more than half ...).

Which IMO makes not much sense, why not use the power of the Shinigami to craft the Jinchuriki seal – powered by the death god and his soul he has to sacrifice for it, nothing should be able to unseal it without the Shinigami consent. So the only reason Minato should have done what he did I can think of is that he knew how the story would progress since he wasn't psychic I call this a plot device ... and don't get me started on him being able to use Kyuubi mode as Edo-Tensei ...

Furthermore, the reason IMO that Naruto has such incredible problems with Genjutsu (and therefore the Bunshin Jutsu) in canon is two-fold, number one his chakra control (even tough good enough to be able to do the Rasengan – high-level Jutsu needing incredible chakra control, he was dependant on a crutch to be able to do it – something Jiraiya should have seen to that naruto got rid of it, needing a KB to perform this Jutsu reduces its effectiveness by an incredible huge margin because it can't be used mid-close combat.) and the fact that him only having on half of the Kyuubi chakra essence unbalanced his own essence and so far as I'm aware genjutsu is a pure yin chakra based application ... and this might also explain the ease with which he can use the Kage-Bunshin because it seems to be a mostly Yang based Jutsu.

Narutos Seal:

Another thing I don't really like is the interpretation that the seal can just be removed from the gates from everybody who gets access to Naruto mindscape (every Uchiha could have done that not even needing Naruto assistance ... this would have aside from Kamui negated the whole Naruto plot line ... I mean Obito would have just needed to visit Naruto at any time and he could have released his favorite pet ...) - I don't think even Naruto could really manage that even considering the canon scene where he did exactly that, I mean if that was the case what use is the key to the seal that was given to the toads.

A key for a door that everybody can just open is the dumbest thing ever! And there would have been no need to take such precautions with hiding it in the first place.

I actually think the tag is a fake - to make people believe removing it can release the Kyuubi but just triggers the failsafe and you actually need the key do to that - (would be a shinobi thing to do especially if you (the 4th) thought Uchiha Madara was behind the attack on the village - at least I would have done so in his place to have to one messing with the seal if it isn't my son in a world of hurt ...) where the tag is placed over the keyhole at least in the mindscape or something.


Probably the one thing even worse than bad plot devices are OP antagonists who get defeated while strong enough to have won at every point in time.

Sure the 4th was able to defeat him and force Tobi to retreat, but he wasn't able to inform anyone of what happened before dying.

So if we assume that the 4th had no equal a reasonable assumption given his SS-rank in the bingo book and the reason the 3rd Shinobi war was ended. We can assume that there was no one alive that could go to toe with him at this point in the story so, with Black and White Zetzu at his beck and call what prevented him from kidnapping every single Jinchuriki from their beds in the middle of the night?

Nothing absolutely nothing – so I can understand that he needed a pawn who could synchronize with the Gedo Meza but even that was something he had years before canon ... (which later turned out to be completely unnecessary because Obito just does it himself after Nagato bit it) so why was there even a story to tell if the evil ones could have won and ended it at every point in time?

I can also understand why Naruto wasn't kidnapped when he was training with Jiraiya, because they had to imprison him for this amount of time considering they couldn't extract his Bijuu. Giving the nations ample time to find out more about them and find their Jinchuriki. If you remember they had to be extracted in the right order, and the 3 tails Jinchuriki was killed around the time of the Chunin exam which was the reason for Akatsuki to go dormant until it reformed. But there should have been a quite large time window where they could have gotten to all of the Jinchuriki and extracted their Bijuu before that. (I mean we can conclude somehow that Nagato and Konan took years after killing Hanzo to get an iron tight grip on Ame but what about the other members - Akatsuki was around quite some time)

At one point I considered that perhaps the barrier surrounding Konoha didn't allow teleportation through it (because it was accredited to Mito) but even then this is a weak explanation, especially if such a barrier was possible why didn't the 4th protect the site Kushina gave birth to in the same way? If such a barrier existed why wasn't it used against the 4th in the 3rd shinobi war? The Tsuchikage would have sold half his village to get his hands on something like that, and why wasn't something like this used in the war against Tobi ... and then I remembered the Uchiha massacre where it was clearly shown that Obito could teleport in and out of Konoha as he liked ... therefore we can conclude such a barrier didn't exist in canon! (on the other hand, when Naruto leaves in order to train with the toads he is outside of the village bounds when he is reversed summoned – strangely enough summoned creatures could still leave the village from anywhere within it)

- Meaning nothing prevented him from grabbing Naruto at any point!

So why didn't Tobi teleport himself and all of Akatsuki on the Turtle Island and captured him together with Bee there? Zetsu was able to get any information before the war (strangely enough he wasn't able to gather much about Kumo, which is why Kisame faked his death) but this he couldn't find out? Then what are the limitations of Kamui ... because he at one time intercepted Sasuke's team, he meets Naruto after meeting the Raikage in the middle of nowhere ... he saved Sasuke from becoming dust against the Tsuchikage ...

He found Danzo as he fled the summit without any problem and they had every reason to don't leave tracks ...

How did he do all this? know where they are with perfect timing to even save someone and then be unable to get them on turtle island ... or any other instance before it?

It makes no sense ... and that infuriates me in a lot of stories that the good guys were only able to win because the bad guys are too incompetent to even fasten their shoes.


I don't like fanfiction in which Naruto uses a Rasengan on anybody and they arent red Mist afterward. Even Canon is highly irregular when it comes to this. It more often than not furthers the impression that this Jutsu is similar to a strong punch or the like – seriously this is supposed to be an A-Rank Jutsu if this isn't a sure kill why even bother to use it. In canon we see guys die by getting hit with a Gyokau no Jutsu (Konoha crush) a C-rank fire Jutsu that has an area of effect range ... There are so many scenes where enemies are hurt more by kunai than eating a Rasengan to the face ... why should anybody bother to learn or even use it ...

In my opinion, getting hit by Rasengan should always do what it did to the first Pain Path Naruto stomped after being summoned back to Konoha no exceptions !!!

In the first fight between Naruto and Sasuke, where Kakashi intervenes we see what a Rasengan does to the rain barrel, filled with water. The backside is ripped apart.

Have you ever used any form of kinetic force on water? It diminishes next to any force within centimeters so for a rain barrel to be ripped apart like this there is no fucking way that a human being (90% made out of water) can withstand anything like this while being whole – which means I'm of the strong opinion that neither Obito after being hit by the Fourth nor Kabuto should have ever survived this.

Furthermore, that was the unleashed Rasengan variant – The Rasengan itself is far more useful as we see by the first demonstration of the Rasengan done by Jiraija a Rasengan can literally drill its way through anything.

Given that after completely forming the Rasengan, it no longer needs concentration and seems to be self-sustaining by not dispersing power (third step of the training) this Jutsu can be used in a similar way than Chidori to punch through matter – which was, in my opinion, the way the Fourth used this Jutsu the most – because this way it should be able to penetrate most defense Jutsu within an instant (without unleashing its power and therefore having next to no chakra cost) and was perfect in conjunction with Hiraishin against enemies, which a kunai and slit throat wasn't enough to put down.

Fuuton Rasengan / Fuuton Rasengan Shuriken:

There is no way that Fuuton Rasengan Shuriken is just an S-Rank Jutsu – we are told, that the Rasengan is an A-Rank Jutsu the absolute highest form of shape manipulation attainable, the very pinnacle. So combining this with an elemental manipulation should have bumped the rank above S-Rank otherwise this would implicate the following:

That every single S-Rank elemental Jutsu is the result of combining an A-Rank Shape Manipulation with an element – which again makes no sense because then the Rasengan would be nothing special whatsoever or there shouldn't be any elemental S-Ranks – following this logic to its conclusion the Fuuton Rasengan Shuriken must be above S – Rank, even if we assume that the ranks are exponentially harder to achieve this holds true.

So in this story the Fuuton Rasengan, naruto smashed into Kakashi Rasengan is considered S-Rank, and the Fuuton Rasengan Shuriken is considered an SS-Rank Jutsu.

This will be the rule of thumb I'm gonna use – combining a shape manipulation Jutsu with an element will bump the rank at the average by two.

Sharingan & Handseals and Jutsu

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes the Sharingan so special? I mean we see the ability to copy Jutsu only really used once in the fight Kakashi against Zabuza. Apart from that, there is the one instance in which Sasuke copies Lee Taijutsu, something Naruto was able to do too (to be fair it was not exactly a copy but the end result was close enough). Despite those instances, we never see this ability in use and we don't even see Sasuke use a single Jutsu he might have (definitely) copied from one of his friends or enemies throughout the whole series.

So what is the Sharingan's deal? Why didn't Sasuke use it in the same way Kakashi did it? why are we only seeing Sasuke use fire and lightning Jutsu why no other element?

Why is a Sharingan even necessary to copy Jutsu, as it was shown for the Jutsu Zabuza used they require a shit ton of hand seals shouldn't it be enough to know them to be able to use the Jutsu, but if this is true, why is a Sharingan a requirement to copy Jutsu?

Canon doesn't provide an answer to those questions, not even close in my opinion. Therefore I would like to provide my explanation of how I think the Sharingan and Jutsu and especially Handseal work.

What are handseals? IMO Handseals are nothing more than a concentration exercise in how to shape chakra in a predetermined way. Similar to how an alphabet allows anyone to combine letters into words and then sentences.

To make this more clear a simple example, Kids in the academy are taught how to shape their chakra lets assume there a limited number of distinctive ways that can be done, how it can be twisted combined, and the like since this is a process that has no real visible component doing this solely in your head (like playing chess in your mind) is difficult, to easier visualize this, a helping tool was designed handseals. They are taught from an early age how to form their chakra while performing a specific seal, they do train that in such an excess, that just moving their fingers results in some kind of chakra memory that shapes the chakra in exactly that way, with next to no extra input, what makes this great for in battle situations because it is similar to muscle memory.

This has two major implications, number one is the question; why is there just one Alphabet in existence why doesn't at least any major village have its own, therefore increasing the difficulty to guess at what Jutsu your enemy is using?

The answer to that is relatively simple to give in Canon we are told that Ninshu the progenitor of Ninjutsu was taught by the Sage of Six-Paths since everybody learned the use of chakra from the same source even if we consider that they noticed the handseals themselves are meaningless because they themselves don't change the chakra but how you were taught to change the chakra you molded while forming this handseal, why should they go to the lengths and change a running system, even if possible.

Number two why is a Sharingan needed to copy a Jutsu, following this logic it should suffice to know the handseal to be able to perform a Jutsu or steal it from an enemy you witness use a Jutsu?

The only plausible reason I could come up with is that knowing the handseals is just not enough.

Let's assume for a moment a Jutsu is a sculpture, so even if you know every step necessary to create the sculpture you would need to know where on it you have to use it. So for example using the steps to form a hand at the head of the sculpture wouldn't result in a humanoid shape of it etc.

So IMO I think a Jutsu is a construct formed by chakra but you have to know which part of the molded chakra has to be formed which way and how to connect them together, just to know that certain changes are part of the Jutsu alone isn't sufficient and that is where in my opinion the Sharingan comes in because by seeing the chakra changed through the handseals allows one to get this otherwise lacking information. Furthermore, it not only seems to grant an eidetic memory but also the ability to repeat once seen movements be it from the body or the chakra.

But this doesn't explain why we don't see any Sharingan bearer make use of Jutsu like the Rasengan or the Kage-Bunshin – Especially in Sasuke's case with his superior and inferior complex, I don't think he could have resisted copying those moves from Naruto to rub it in that he is superior and given he wanted to acquire as much power as possible and witnessed the Chidori being inferior to the Rasengan so why didn't he? Why didn't he copy the Lightning armor of the Raikage? etc

The only plausible reason I could come up with is the simple one that he just couldn't.

The question is why?

First of all the fact that the Sharingan couldn't copy this Jutsu must mean they aren't able to get all the information necessary to perform it obviously seeing chakra alone isn't enough otherwise the Byakugan would probably be able to glean enough information of a Jutsu to allow the bearer at least to reverse engineer most Jutsu.

So what is missing?

For one I think the Sharingan bearer has to have the ability to use the Jutsu what I mean is he must be able to fulfill the normal requirements necessary to learn the Jutsu the normal way. Meaning in the case of an elemental Jutsu being able to use the respective nature transformation and in the case of the Rasengan having good enough chakra control to do the technique.

Similar to how me watching an Olympic athlete doesn't allow me to reproduce the same feats, because even if I would get the technique necessary to do what he does right my body wouldn't be able to keep up. (in my opinion, the reason Kakashi was a wreck after the first Zabuza fight, he underestimated the needed chakra for the Jutsu used by Zabuza and wasn't used to the strain they put on his body.)

Furthermore, I think that the Sharingan has a resolution problem how else can it be explained that it wasn't able to copy the Rasengan? A Jutsu, solely dependant on shape manipulation that is done outside of the body of the one using the Jutsu.

Therefore I think the Sharingan wasn't able to distinguish the finer details, between in all directions moving chakra currents, it probably just looked like some ball with movements in it unable to distinguish the movement further. (something the Byakugan probably could but otherwise lacks in the ability to let the user reproduce something that was seen ... So my guess is that Neji would probably have a better chance at reverse-engineering the Rasengan than Sasuke IMO)

I think the same problem is prevalent with any and all Jutsu so the Sharingan necessitates for it to be able to copy a Jutsu that they have handseals additionally to the other mentioned condition of the user possessing the requirements for the Jutsu.

This necessity is the main reason the Sharingan cant copy most Jutsu, simply because when a user is familiar with a Jutsu having practiced hundreds or thousands of times they can reduce the handseals necessary to execute the Jutsu little by little.

We can see this on numerous occasions throughout canon, Sasuke being a prime example of it. The first time Sasuke uses the Chidori he needs handseals to perform the Jutsu something completely unnecessary after the time-skip.

This is in my opinion the same reason why in canon the Kage-Bunshin couldn't be copied because I find it highly unlikely this Jutsu would only require one handseal. The reason it was reduced this far can easily be deducted in canon it was a Jutsu devised by the second Hokage who was a veteran of the Senju Uchiha war and didn't trust them, so I think it would be in character for him to make it as hard as possible for his Jutsu to be copied by them alone out of habit.

Something that doesn't hold true in this fic – because the KB will have been a present for the Senju for founding Konoha by the Uzumaki. But it is also likely that the second still modified it for this exact same reason before writing it down in the scroll of sealing.

Mangekyou Sharingan:

Probably one of the most OP Jutsu in existence in the Naruto Universe –

A single MS gives the user access to one specific Jutsu – as was shown in the beginning by Itachi.

One of his eyes allowed him to use Tsukuyomi and the other one Amaterasu.

The same was true for Obito MS – one eye allowed him to become intangible and teleport himself and people and objects he was in contact with and the other one allowed him to suck up things into his dimension at distance.

The one who broke this rule was Shisui – because somehow both his eyes had the same ability – -

Furthermore, I found it really strange that Sasuke and Itachi had exactly the same abilities (according to some sources - it can be argued Sasuke couldn't cast a Tsukuyomi)– sure they were brothers but for both of them to express their powers the same way ... strange.

Because that would mean those abilities are hereditary, which would mean there are different lines of abilities throughout the Uchiha ... and it could happen to crossbreed that other lines and therefore abilities are going extinct – what somehow seems fishy to say the least.

– The abilities you gain when awakening your MS are solely dependant on what circumstances you have awakened them ...

Meaning if you witness the death of the person you are closest to (In canon for Itachi it was Shisui and for Sasuke Itachi) you awaken Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu.

If on the other hand the same happens while the Sharingan eyes are spacial apart and both of those having them are close to the person that dies they awaken the two Kamui abilities and so forth ...

If you have two MS you can use them both to surround yourself in Susanno – In this story, there won't be a Susanno Lvl 3 no idea what Kishimoto was thinking when he introduced this to the story, an ability that allowed the user to go toe to toe with a Bijuu, aside from everything else those eyes can already do hell no.

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

It doesn't make sense from a biological standpoint, that if you use a Jutsu strong enough to damage your eyes that this will be different if you implant some other eyes from a sibling that has the very same problem to magically cure this problem, even going so far as to heal the already existing damage.

In some of the first pictures we see of the Susanno in canon, it is hinted that they have 4 eyeholes, two of which are empty and it was implied that you have to fill them to get an eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

I will use this concept, so for one to get an EMS he has to get another pair of MS and essentially "offer" them up to his Susanno (meaning he must be able to use this technique) essentially filling those empty eye slots in a ritual or something like that. (New Susanno state ?????)

That has 2 very important consequences Number 1 the eye swap that we often see throughout Fandom will be made impossible. Something that bothered me the whole time, when I read how Madara got his EMS. Number two for one set of EMS you need 2 pairs of MS.

This also implies that if those two pairs of MS had access to different Jutsu you get them, too.

Meaning by combing the for example the eyes of Obito and Itachi you would get Susanno, Tsukuyomi Amaterasu, and both Kamui techniques with your eyes. (New Susanno state ?????)

Furthermore, there will be no further stage of the Sharingan, it will not evolve into a Rinnegan. The Rinnegan is a separate Dojutus like the Byakugan.


The most important part of the story of Naruto is the Biju and their Jinchuriki. Therefore this should be cleared up as much as possible especially my interpretation of them and their power, Something unfortunately very necessary, because the series gives us so much contradicting information about them, making it nearly impossible to keep track of all of it.

In Canon we are told that the Biju have to be sealed into infants, Naruto and Gaara are prime examples of this rule, later on, we learn, that Naruto wasn't the first host of the Kyuubi. We are then showed how his predecessor became Jinchuriki and the formerly mentioned requirement isn't one any longer. Because Mito Uzumaki sealed the Kyuubi into herself when she was already an adult woman and married to Hashirama, and Kushina wasn't an infant too when she became a jinchuriki, but around 10-12 years of age, the same is true for Bee.

Then we have Obito, the less said about him the better.

To get a resemblance of a rule, I'm gonna explain my take on this whole thing.

The goal in creating a Jinchuriki is to weaponize the Biju you seal into the Host, and here lies the problem we are shown on numerous occasions that the Biju chakra is corroding and poisonous, and in my opinion that is one of the main reasons, that children infants are used for this because they have years in which they aren't thrown into a situation in which they need to draw upon the Biju chakra to survive to give them ample time to adapt and build up a resistance against very small amounts of the Biju chakra that mix with their own. In essence, the same principle is used to build up resistance against venom or poisons. This mixing up and the resistance they build up is also essentially one of the reasons a Jinchuriki dies after the Biju is extracted, their bodies grew dependant on the Biju chakra, and without it, they refuse to function.

The other major reason is, that in the sealing process the Biju chakra invades the Tenketsu of the host, and while flowing through them widens them, resulting in greater chakra reserves for the recipient of the Biju even without the use of the Biju chakra. Since children have more elastic Tenketsu the younger they are, the greater the effect if they are made Jinchuriki earlier in life. Probably the reason in canon why Gaara was made a Jinchuriki while still in the womb of his mother.

But this also means, that being made a Jinchuriki puts an enormous amount of stress upon somebody's body, and should bestow the newly made Jinchuriki with a hospital stay, furthermore I'm of the strong opinion if they know how to use chakra that they should have to retrain their chakra control because there is no way that it would be shot after this.

This means two things, every adult shouldn't be able to survive being made a Jinchuriki period.

With the exception of the Uzumaki, given their strong life force, I mean it has to have a reason they only ever used Uzumaki to seal the Kyuubi into because everybody else wouldn't have been able to contain and survive the sealing process.

And here I would like to make a distinction between seals – IMO one of the reasons Mito survived sealing the Kyuubi into herself was owed to the fact that she only intended to contain him, and I think her seal didn't allow her to pull on the Bijuus chakra (her body was never able to really adapt to it, so I think every attempt to use its chakra would have had serious repercussions on her body.). Something I think was possible for Kushina because her seal was designed with this in mind, but only in a limited capacity whereas Naruto's canon seal even further loosened those restrictions ...

Then there is also the time to consider that should be necessary to learn how to utilize the Biju chakra as a Jinchuriki. I found it absolutely unbelievable what asspulls the antagonist in Naruto pulled at the end. Instant eye transplantations, instant control over the Bijuu sealed into them, surviving the sealing process, etc... especially because it was stated on numerous occasions that only the Uzumaki could hold the Kyuubi how did some lowly Uchiha hold the Jubi ... sure they had the magic wands in the form of the Sharingan/Rinnegan and Wood Release ... but seriously it got pretty bad at the end ...

The role of the Jinchuriki -

They are essentially the WMD of the Naruto world, the ultimate weapon securing the balance of power. But IMO there wasn't much shown of this in Naruto.

While the Jinchuriki and Biju weren't in the hands of Akatsuki it took 2 S-class Shinobi of varying power to defeat, (not kill what is many times more difficult) and they never suffered any losses while doing that.

I find this highly unbelievable, either they aren't living WMD which then makes it okay that Akatsuki got them all this easy or they are and they should have had a far harder time to get them. Because let's face it, every A-rank shinobi which pretty much all of the Jinchuriki at least were, even without their Biju should have been boosted on the upper end of the S-class ranking even in canon while using Bijuu-cloak version 1. And in canon they weren't WMD only after Akatsuki got their hands on them and used them.

Remember the first time around it took Hashirama and his wood release to catch all of the Biju after the Nine-Tails was sealed into Mito the very first Jinchuriki to balance the power of the villages. And he not only wielded wood release the anti-jinchuriki bloodline but was also hailed as the strongest shinobi of his time and after what we have seen his Edo-Tensei do at the end of Naruto he is arguably the strongest shinobi ever to live aside from Naruto.

Just to emphasize how strong they and therefore Jinchuriki should be ...

They truly should be WMDs so they will be a lot harder to defeat and it might even require special equipment to achieve.

Hiraishin no Jutsu:

This is one of my personal pet peeves. Because at the end of Canon we are told that the Hiraishin as the Kage-Bunshin and the Edo-Tensei were Jutsu creation of the 2nd Hokage. Which came out of the left field and made no sense at all.

Let my illiterate that:

When the first and the second Hokage are revived to fight the 3rd, he doesn't use this technique at all, and given that the 4th was hailed as the fastest Shinobi alive (not just because of the HnJ), and they competed for speed which the 4th barely seemed to have won. There seems to be a great contradiction, because seriously if the second was that fast then even if Orochimaru wasn't able to summon them at their full strength against the third we should have seen some of those abilities, especially the HnJ because it is one of the Jutsu in canon that guarantee you the win if you can mark your enemy with it.

What does reinforce my belief that this statement the 2nd being the creator of the HnJ was an asspull later in the story to inflate the achievements of the 2nd Hokage for him not to look like an incompetent in comparison to the other Hokage was the way he died.

We are shown, that he and essentially the cream de la cream of the Konoha Shinobi are on the run, fleeing from the Kingaku and Gingaku and their squad when they ambushed the meeting between the 2nd Raikage and them at the end of the first Shinobi world war, triggered by the death of the first Hokage.

The 2nd Hokage then decides to know that they wouldn't stand a chance to confront them alone and buy them enough time to flee naming Hiruzen the third.

But why did he choose to do that, if he really was the creator of HnJ why didn't he just use it to teleport them all back to Konoha? We are shown, that the 4th can take others, (Naruto, Kushina the Kyuubi, and Gamabunta) with him when he teleports and the limiting factor seems to be mass. If the 4th could teleport both Kyuubi and Gamabunta with him why couldn't the second does the same with his 8 underlings? Why didn't he teleport to safety after the fight against their pursuers turned sour? You get where I'm going with this if he truly was able to use that Jutsu he should never ever have died period.

for it not drifting too far away from canon statements, because I retconned some canon statements the following should be true.

The second developed a first draft of the Hiraishin but this was an incomplete Jutsu that was closer to the way a summoning works than the Hiraishin we see the 4th perform. So, those two jutsu were worlds apart, in the same way, the Bunshin (e-rank Jutsu) and Kage-Bunshin (B-rank Jutsu) are. So to say the 2nd created the HnJ is true in the same vein if you say the creator of the Bunshin created the Kage-Bunshin. His version needed large markers on the target location who could be used once to teleport to them (had to be prepared in advance) because in the process they were consumed and the teleportation itself took a very long time to carry out it was more in line with a ritual, still quite useful to relocate troops but not so much in actual battle.

So his version was a B or perhaps A ranked Jutsu while the one of the 4th is a solid SS-rank.

Regarding the mechanic of the HnJ, I think, aside from the tags being encrypted, that the Hiraishin the true Jutsu is a sealing array on the user's body most likely entwined with his chakra network making the Kunai just tags he can ping (and connect to each other -), resulting in giving him a position to flash to and also a short situational awareness of what is around this Kunai. Otherwise, it can't be explained how he never teleports into objects or people in the vicinity of the Kunai, especially since he next to never has any line of sight to them.

In essence, I think the tags are just potential exit points of the Jutsu he can look through, like some window he can open and close (and interconnect with each other), but the heavy lifting creating a connection to a window and looking through those exits is done by a sealing array carried by the user on his body ... this would explain his showcased disregard for where he left those Kunai ...

Because recreating the Hiraishin with just the Kunai should be impossible because the tags are alone are worthless, because they are just that simple "position"-marker. So to recreate the Hirashin IMO you would need access to the body of the 4th and the seal array or his notes on them.

On the same note:

Kage-Bunshin should have never been a technique the 2nd created but should have been a gift of the Uzumaki clan to Konoha for its founding. It was the standard Bunshin technique for them because they had the chakra reserves needed, besides some elite Jounin, to pull this technique off in a way that was useful and not a hindrance.

Chakra Absorption/Samehada (see also Chakra and Chakra essence – physical mental energy molding = chakra)

I found this concept of chakra absorption truly lame, it was lame in Dragonball when enemies appeared who could steal KI, it is lame in every fantasy setting when mana could be siphoned and it was lame when it was introduced in Naruto. Because let's face it the mechanic behind it is boring and destroys much of the whole Naruto scenario, and given the strength of the absorption shown by Pain and Kisame and the Aburame clan, it completely invalidates the setting with the jinchuriki as WMD.

I personally am not opposed to counters existing to certain things, and everything especially in such a militaristic world as Naruto should have a reasonable counter. It is common sense to try to develop counters for a weapon an enemy might possess, but this ability is broken beyond belief in Naruto.

We aren't in some fantasy world where such an ability would only make the mage/wizard worthless but in naruto where everybody uses chakra for their attacks strengthening their muscles etc it is omnipresent and therefore everybody (with the exception of Gai, which is this worlds exception of the exception) is equally boned when faced with someone with abilities like Pain and Kisame. They are practically untouchable and there exists next to no counter to it as it was represented in canon, something I had a problem getting my head around. Because you have to keep in mind Biju/Jinchuriki are the WMD not chakra absorption abilities!

I can understand if someone can absorb the chakra in lightning fire and even wind Jutsu and therefore rendering them void, but that the same can be done with water and earth broke my Suspension of disbelief. Because those things arent created (in the case of wind pressed into shape) by chakra but are real matter, and we are told, that the only one able to use water Jutsu without a water source nearby was the second Hokage (something we later learn isn't true at all ... or it was forgotten this statement was ever made ...), and he too collected the water vapor in the air for his Jutsu, so even he couldn't create water (mass) out of nothing. So why should it be possible for the matter used in earth and water Jutsu to be absorbed and in the process annihilated? It shouldn't be possible period, matter cant be absorbed, meaning that earth and water Jutsu are effective against people with such abilities. Think about it, if you steal the chakra from a Tsunami that comes your way, you get the chakra the water was infused with to move it, but the water is already in motion it eventually will disperse, but not before you are hit and ripped apart by it, the same is true for earth Jutsu.

Chakra and Chakra Essence of the Biju

We are told, that the Bijuu are constructs of pure chakra and therefore can't be killed, but how exactly does this work?

Let's clarify what I mean by this question and why I'm having trouble getting my head around this issue.

Canon explains chakra generated by a human, that is essentially the combination of one physical and spiritual energy, which has to be molded together to form chakra (Something the author clearly seems to have forgotten by the time Chakra absorption was introduced because with molding chakra inside your body there isn't any present and therefore cant be absorbed period. At least going with what we are told at the beginning of the story before things like chakra sensor and nature chakra was introduced, therefore to keep it consistent with those abilities living beings will unconsciously always mold a very small amount of chakra.).

We are shown that overuse of chakra exhausts the user both physically and mentally which is all fine and consistent so far. But here is where it gets whacky if you think back to Bijuu, because humans rest and replenish their spent physical and mental energy (they also consume food) and therefore their chakra how does this mechanic work in Bijuu. How do they regenerate/recreate spent chakra?

There are two theories that are somewhat canon-compliant, that I came up with.

  1. They don't – The Bijuu are chakra batteries or capacitors, they solely are made up of chakra and can spend it short of the amount used to keep their forms, which means they cant get stronger and they cant regenerate chakra, they replenish it by reabsorbing what they spent. In the same way, they reassemble themselves when they are killed only this process is far faster. (Bijuu chakra is attracted to itself ... and converges on its biggest part ...) This has some rather huge implications, because for it to work that way every jinchuriki seal has to be chakra permeable at least from the outside otherwise the sealed Bijuu could never regain their power and would, by continued use of their powers, run out eventually. (i think this is not very likely, especially because it makes the mechanic of giving someone Bijuu chakra really complicated ... alone by the fact, that if the jinchuriki spends a lot of chakra in short succession the chakra outside the seal could become to be greater than the one inside of it means even if the seals are permeable one-sided it would gather together outside the seal and forming a second albeit weaker bijuu ... which would be strange ... sure it might not happen if the chakra necessary to form the bijuu body is huge in comparison but what would prevent a bijuu to let's say start amputating his limbs into chakra and funnel it through the host if the host has a need for a lot of the bijuu chakra in a short time frame, this method could be used to flee the seal that way ... especially if the bijuu were to kill itself in the seal ... no longer a body ... therefore all could be siphoned out of the seal by the host ...)
  2. They do – but the question is how because how can chakra create chakra? If this were possible they would be unlimited energy sources which they obviously aren't given the information canon provides, furthermore this shouldn't prevent Bijuu from ever getting exhausted what canon also contradicts.

Therefore I can only conclude that chakra isn't the same as chakra. And with this, I don't mean natural energy or anything like it. I mean there has to be a distinction regarding the chakra of the bijuu namely the chakra that makes up their bodies and the other chakra they can use and spend in their Jutsu and is able to regenerate.

To keep the confusion as minor as possible I will introduce the term of Chakra essence or short essence. This will the energy the Bijuu are made of and generates the normal spending chakra which for most purposes is similar to the chakra other organisms can create. This means what is sealed inside a jinchuriki is the chakra essence that is a reactor generating spending chakra. This also means that Akatsuki in canon was after chakra essence of the bijuu and not after chakra. This further means given that when a bijuu dies his chakra essence disperses it will have to reform and therefore converge once again to form the bijuu anew that there is a huge attracting force between the parts of the chakra essence – so strong that it even transcended dimensions, given that the seal creates their own mind space/dimension and the death of a jinchuriki destroy the dimension anchored to their life and the bijuu reform into the normal world.

This fact will have some impacts – reforming of the bijuu functions in such a way that the essence is attracted to each other, this allows them to revive after being killed the time needed for every Bijuu is the same number of tails they have in years. This also means, that the bijuu or at least the greatest part of them regains lost essence and also cant be separated easily. It took the Shinigami in canon to separate the yin and yang essence of the Kyuubi. This means that when someone is trying to transfer a bijuu from one seal to another the seal in which the Bijuu resides has to be cracked open and the bijuu is then pulled out this works similar to a rubber band, you pull at a part of it and pull and pull until all of it comes loose and goes into the second seal, meanwhile the rubber (bijuu) cant be separated (barring exceptional circumstances like the intervention of the Shinigami) that means if an extraction process is interrupted the Bijuu will not be separated in two parts but will spring back roughly in either position, potentially destroying the seal/container it rebounds to in the process. Meaning it being different to what happened in canon, if the Akatsuki are interrupted during the extraction process the Bijuu either ends back in its jinchuriki or in the Gedo Mesa solely dependent on what end has is accumulated more of the essence at this point in time and the "holding strength" of the seal used. But as I told you above this is not a desirable outcome (for Akatsuki) because it could severely damage or even destroy the Gedo Meza.


I have seen an incredible number of interpretations and iterations on how this Jutsu works throughout the stories I read. To make it clear how I think it works here is my take on it.

When the user creates a single Kage-Bunshin, he creates a chakra copy of himself that is granted half of his total chakra-(essence (in the case of a living being the physical and spiritual energies)) essentially splitting it between himself and the KB.

This doesn't mean that the KB is physically weaker than the original or that the strength of the original got split two ways between him and the KB. They are both retain the strength, the speed they had before the creation of the Kage-Bunshin the only thing that got split was the chakra-(essence). (here I should note the exact mechanic, the user molds chakra in the form of himself making it a physical being, and then splits his chakra-essence up between them. Chakra essence means, in this case, the ability to generate chakra, the user doesn't transform all his spiritual and mental energy in chakra and then creates the KB which is gifted half of it, and then transforms the rest back into physical and mental power no he essentially separates his essence.)

Therefore allowing the Kage-Bunshin to perform Jutsu, since the maximal moldable chakra is by this cut in half most people who even make a single KB lose the ability to use any high-level Jutsu, making this Jutsu more of a liability than an advantage for most.

This isn't the case for those blessed with incredibly huge chakra essences and is further aggravated by making more than one KB because then your chakra essence gets split in thirds fourths etc ... reducing the maximal chakra output of each clone and therefore techniques usable by them not to forget the increase in chakra cost maintaining the KB bodies... What a lot of fanfiction at this point get wrong is what happens when a KB is destroyed, (nearly all of them stay true to its ability to transfer memories – but how does this work ?) the chakra essence minus the spent chakra in either Jutsu or in maintaining the KB (which is also nothing to scoff at ...) is returned to the user and with it the memories. (similar to how bijuu reform ...) In case he made more than one KB it is divided equally across them.

This explanation is the only one that can explain what we see in canon given that we assume the Byakugan can not only see chakra but chakra essence – (the distinction isn't exactly necessary for the Neji Naruto fight but for the comments, he made when standing in front of Kisame about how much chakra- essence he has and the comparison he makes to Naruto – (which is bullshit IMO Kisame possessing chakra in the same realm as Naruto (Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, and Uzumaki and the son of the former Nine Tails Jinchuriki ...) in canon given how the Jinchuriki work there ...))

This has some far-reaching consequences if applied to all situations. For example, it should be impossible to use the KB to get into Sage-Mode as Naruto did it in canon. Here are a few numbers to illustrate my point.

We are told that for becoming a Sage you have to possess an incredibly huge Chakra essence because of the sheer potency of natural energy to be able to even attempt to balance it with the physical and spiritual energy to mold sage chakra. (IMO you can only become a stone statue by using natural energy if it is taken to a greater degree than needed – if you have less you shouldn't suffer any negative consequences how else could you be able to gather it in the first place to get enough to enter Sage-Mode. - This is one of the reasons Orochimaru cursed seals are nothing but a weak and cheap imitation of the real Sage-Mode because they artificially force nature energy to bind with the spiritual and physical energy of the host, but it is done imperfect, greatly diminishing its effects and even more forcing the needed physical and mental energies out of its bearer even if he normally wouldn't qualify for it because those two energies are too low. And therefore have quite drastic negative consequences for the user.)

So let's assume our Protagonist has 100 units of Spiritual and 100 units of physical energy (something for the most part not occurring at the exact identical amount in ninja - ) and you need at least 50 units of either to combine them with one unit of natural energy to get sage mode and the possibility to mold sage chakra.

That means our PT can make one KB and split himself in half resulting in him and his KB both having 50 units of physical and spiritual energy each. So let's further assume the KB (for the sake of this example we assume creating and sustaining the KB doesn't need any chakra.) starts to meditate and enters Sage mode introducing natural energy into his system. Meaning he can now generate Sage-Chakra. So let's assume this KB gets dispelled, the stored essence returns back to the original making his physical and mental energy whole again 100 units of each, he further gains 1 unit of natural energy. But now those energies aren't in balance any longer, meaning the user drops out of Sage mode. For him to enter Sage mode at this point he should have to gather another 1 natural energy unit.

So using KB that way isn't a complete waste if we assume that the amount of energy you can gather over time is somehow limited by its "flowing speed" or something similar but it in no way should allow Naruto to use it as it was shown in canon.

(there he created 3 clones gathering nature energy, therefore, he divided his energies by four (Assuming he started with 600 - making 4*150 - 3enters Sage Mode gathering 3 units of natural energy each), if a KB now dispels those energies are spread upon him and his remaining KB (making 3x 200 wheres everyone of that 3 KB gets 50 units of physical/mental and 1 unit of natural energy) meaning he gets 1/4 of the natural energy needed for him to enter Sage-mode while his 2 remaining KB can stay in Sage-Mode. If those two also dispel he has 600 physical/mental and 9 units of natural energy needing 12 to enter sage mode.)

If we assume the speed with which natural energy is gathered is only dependent on the concentration of the user, and other factors don't play a part in it, this can be used to cut down the time needed to gather the necessary energy.

If we assume every KB can gather one unit of natural energy in one minute, the Naruto from the example I used before would need 12 minutes. But if he used 3 KB in conjunction with himself gathering the energy he would only need 3 minutes, and he can cut down the time to half a minute with the maximum number of KB that can still enter Sage-Mode.

This is also the reason even though the logic isn't compelling, that Naruto was limited in the use of his Kage-Bunshin because they divided his chakra if the divide is big enough they would have not enough physical and spiritual energy to attempt to balance it with nature energy. Not as it was stated in canon an issue of concentration, because this statement is bullshit, never ever before were we told that despite the backslash of memories and the divide of the energy they have any negative effect on the user, like reducing his mental capabilities, because the bottom line is exactly this.

Another consequence is the following -

we know that Kage Bunshin can use Jutsu, so it is safe to assume that a KB should be able to make a KB. Canon never gave an explanation regarding the mechanic of what consequences this has. There are two possibilities. To illustrate them let's assume our protagonist has 1000 chakra essence. He makes one KB dividing the essence by half resulting in the original and the KB both having 500.

In scenario 1. The KB now attempts to make another KB, therefore, dividing its KB resulting in 2 KB with 250 essence each and the original who retains 500. So in this scenario through the use of consecutive KB making the user can create KB with nearly arbitrary low essence. But what happens if this from a KB created KB is dispelled. Since the chakra was initially split from one KB logic dictates that this KB should receive the full energy and memories from the destroyed KB back making it again to one with 500 essences while the original doesn't receive either energy nor memories.

In scenario 2. The KB now attempts to make another KB therefore since the mechanic is solely progenitor centered both KB and the original have 333 chakra essence – it is, in my opinion, the least likely scenario.

In scenario 3. The KB now attempts to make another KB, therefore, dividing its KB resulting in 2 KB with 250 essence each and the original who retains 500. So in this scenario through the use of consecutive KB making the user can create KB with nearly arbitrary low essence. Making this part the same as in scenario 1 but when the second-gen KB is dispelled this returning essence gets split between the original and the first-gen KB making the original retain 625 and the first-gen KB 375 essence.

This means that a non-first-generation KB is returning its essence back to any KB of the same generation and those lower always including the original.

Scenario 3 is the most likely one and is in compliance with what we know from canon.

Elemental Bloodlines & Chakra Affinities

An affinity in canon only allows one to have an easier time to learn his or her element it doesn't bar one from learning the other elements ... and in my headcanon, only bearer of Kekkai Genkai have more than one affinity to emphasize their Kekkai Genkai. (which coincidences with canon - there isn't a single instance where a non-bloodline bearer has more than one affinity! )

By the way, I'm quite certain that in canon Sasuke only got a Raiton affinity, that was the whole reason he had such a hard time learning the Gyoukau no Jutsu since the Uchiha expected all their offspring to have Katon ... something Kakashi was pleased with since it allowed Sasuke to have an easy time learning the Chidori which is a high-level Jutsu ...

Furthermore, despite what canon tells us, it makes a lot more sense if a blood-line extension is also a Bloodline but with the corresponding Kekkai Genkai of all the combinations of his elemental affinities ... for example (Water Wind = Ice) (Water Lightning = Storm?)(Lightning Wind = Swift?) and the bloodline expansion (Water Wind Lightning = ???)

everything else doesn't make much sense to me ...

The only person confirmed to have 3 affinities is Mei Terumi and she has the affinity for Water Fire and Earth with the bloodlines (Water Fire = lava) (Water Fire = Steam) given how important the third possible combination was for the plot (Water Earth = Wood) you can see why Kishimoto didn't go with it ... but as I said IMO it makes no sense.

I would even go so far as to say that the affinity like the elemental weakness circle hampers your ability to learn elements according to your affinity.

Meaning if you have a wind affinity it is the easiest to learn to make Lightning the second easiest followed by earth then Water with Fire being the absolute hardest next to impossible. Which would explain that most Shinobi never show more than two elemental Jutsu and it would totally explain the lack of wind Jutsu from Kakashi throughout canon!

To further this reasoning I would even go so far and say that bearers of elemental bloodlines have it even harder to learn elements not covered by their bloodlines making it near impossible to learn them for a normal Kekkai Genkai and Impossible for the bearer of a Kekkai-Tota (Bloodline Expansion)

Kagemane no Jutsu:

For this Jutsu to work like it is shown in canon it must have the ability, in addition, to stop or mimic the movements of the Jutsu caster to restrict the chakra of the one caught in it in some fashion, otherwise, we would have seen this Jutsu being broken or escaped by some means. In canon most likely the Kwamari, but since that didn't happen and the only two other escape attempts happened when the user used up all his chakra or the one caught had so much chakra to overwhelm the technique/chakra of the user, which IMO should only be possible if it also restricts the usage of it, barring the one caught from using any Jutsu.


Incidentally, there is less known about how the second Dojutusu indigenous to Konoha works than about the Sharingan even though Konoha has far more users of the first Dojutsu than the second.

And what we have seen seems to be contradicting.

They apparently have a 360 degrees field of vision (normal eyes have about 170, with a limited view up and down) but are somehow also able to see really really far and through matter.

But there are quite a few instances where this is contradicted with what we are shown – notable the Kidomaru vs Neji fight. Here Neji wasn't able to locate Kidomaru despite Hinata stating during the 4th Shinobi World War that she can see as far as 20km (and she is an average user). So either this was retconned or there is something we don't know or weren't told.

I will go with the following version -

The Byakugan has to Modi of sight one is a 360-degree vision that means not just left and right but up and down, in this mode the range of sight is limited to a few dozen or skilled with skilled users up to a hundred meter or two hundred meter. Meaning you can be situated outside this range.

This being what happened in the Kidomaru Neji fight.

Then there is another mode that allows for long-range vision but in an extremely narrow corridor of sight up to dozens of kilometers (I probably will scale the width inversely proportional with range – I think by the time I'm writing this may change ...). The reason Neji didn't use this version to locate Kidomaru is simple he wasn't given the necessary reprieve to do so. He needed his 360-degree vision in order not to die.

Edo Tensei

I'm really no fan of this Jutsu for various reasons -

From a plot perspective, this Jutsu allows you to recycle characters over and over again in order to have them fight battles long after they died. This takes not only away creativity since the need for new interesting enemies ceased to exist but also devalues the sacrifices some went through to kill those resurrected in the first place additionally the knowledge of the reader, that resurrection is possible also diminishes the feel of good or bad when a character is killed because at the back of their mind they know if the author chooses he can bring them back at any time.

For the setting – Well someone having access to such a Jutsu can have far-reaching consequences in how they approach fights knowing death is not final ...

And I have to say I expected more than just Deidara trying to take advantage of being essentially an immortal by using suicide attack after a suicide attack ...

I remember having read a few years in the Paizo forum to Pathfinder someone retelling an event he witnessed at a game table – where the group was captured behind bars stripped of their equipment but the cleric could still cast a resurrection spell – guess how they escaped? -

One of them had the others kill him cut him into fine pieces that fit through the space between the bars and after they pushed those through resurrected him on the other side to get the rest out of there ...

To say Naruto has even more possible means to exploit the Edo Tensei if someone puts their mind to it is a real understatement.

The mechanics?

How exactly does it work that the Edo Tensei have an unlimited amount of chakra? Even if we assume some nature energy shenanigan, them absorbing ambient nature energy and transforming it into usable chakra shouldn't result in an unlimited amount for them to use. Everything has to have an end or some kind of limit. So the least I expected was for the surroundings being affected sucking out the life of it when an Edo-Tensei was around killing the plants etc in the vicinity and after everything would be dead the Edo Tensei would run out of steam or require to relocate the fight.

As we have seen the Edo Tensei require genetic material of the person intended to be summoned, therefore the Jutsu is linked to genetics -

How can it then be explained that a revived Nagato has a Rinnegan – as we are told by Madara those were his eyes – therefore have other DNA and shouldn't have come back with a resurrected Nagato.

Not only lead this to the awkward situation of there being three pairs of Madara Rinnegan up and about (Nagato, Madara, and Obito) essentially duplicating the Dojutusu, but made not much sense in regards to DNA especially since Madara shouldn't have had a Rinnegan too after all he had an EMS meaning the eyes in his head were those of his brother ... who could have also been resurrected via the one eye Obito didn't use for himself ...

To consider this strange is to be expected -

So how does Edo Tensei work in canon?– after all the Silver brothers got resurrected with parts of Kurama chakra which made even less sense ... since Bijuu can't really die and if they do they reform so this bijuu chakra the silver brothers had, that could somehow bind to their bodies without a seal should have dispersed and returned to Kurama or one of his Jinchuriki for that matter after they were killed.

My best guess, the ones resurrected return to the mental image they have of their own self – not peak condition – this would explain Nagato Rinnegan since he had it his whole life and his body weakened state, on the other hand, it doesn't explain Madara who died as a wrinkled old man connected to the Gedo Meza without his fancy eyes ... and he was stuck that way for at least a decade which should have influenced the image he had of himself ... after all the 3rd Hokage wasn't resurrected as a young man.

This means there doesn't seem to be a rule that applies to the technique aside from author fiat ... and let's be honest that is just bad!

So should the Edo Tensei be relevant to any of my fics this is how it is gonna work -

There will be no unlimited chakra allowing them to spam their strongest technique over and over again -

The Edo Tensei regenerate their chakra via the absorption of nature energy which has consequences for their surroundings. The maximal amount of chakra the Edo Tensei has at its disposal is equivalent to the maximum of the person used as a sacrifice to bring the dead back – I never liked that the sacrificed used never had an impact on the Jutsu in any way ... they could have used newborns to resurrect the strongest fighters in history ... something that never sat right with me -

The condition of the resurrected mirror the self-image the person had shortly before they died, exempt from that are things that aren't linked to their DNA – so no to transplanted eyes, limbs, or whatever if they aren't part of the genetic makeup of the person (DNA-merger)


Orochimaru Attack in the Forest -

I mean from a logical standpoint as the host of the Chunin exam you essentially have a responsibility regarding the genin taking part in it.

And it would be a major blow to Konoha's reputation if it would be common knowledge that they allowed a known S-Rank criminal to attack Genin at his discretion during the Chunin exam.

Something that always bothered me in canon - why aren't there ANBU squads shadowing the participants to prevent such a thing - especially a bloodline theft - it would only take a team of enemy kunoichi (with a birth control Jutsu - I'm sure something like that has to exist ... for several reasons ... blood during menstruation can easily be tracked via smell ... ) who for example overwhelm a Hyuuga or an Uchiha during such an exam and use the 5 days given in the forest of death to rape them. they then return home carrying an embryo with a bloodline in their bellies - given how ruthless some Kage are shown to be throughout the story - The Hyuuga incident comes to mind - this shouldn't be a stretch of the imagination and wasn't implemented in naruto for the sole reason that it was a PG 12 and not 18 show ...


Don't get me wrong I like a good redemption arc for characters as the next guy. Because usually, it is a sign of good writing of characters them having comprehensible motives, making them three-dimensional. But Kishimoto has overdone this in Naruto to an insane degree.

For me, the most noteworthy redeemed chars are Zabuza in his final moments and Nagato/Pain & Konan.

Whereas Zabuza is a special case – he is named demon of the mist and I read it on more than one occasion in fanfiction, that even back then the actions that brought him this epithet weren't done out of bloodlust but for an underlying goal because by killing a whole generation of academy graduates instead of pairing them up and have them butcher each other he was able to stop this practice. So in essence (if there were 100 graduates) he killed 50 more than would have died either way that year, but in doing so saved countless graduates from future generations.

Just after one year, he would have saved the same amount of lives as he killed and every year after that he would have a net positive. I for one found this quite the compelling argument ... strangely enough, Kakashi with his line "a shinobi has to look underneath the underneath" wasn't able to do that in this instance. Of course, you can disagree with this – it is just an interpretation given the rather sparse facts canon provides us – this practice could have been introduced during the tenure of the 3rd Mizukage - most likely being Madara and then continued or in this case, Madara didn't introduce this practice was established under Yagura who was controlled by Obito and it makes sense that the reason for his distaste against the Mizukage and his attempted coup needed to have an origin. Since Zabuza never stroke as a real bloodthirsty killer. Otherwise, he could have fought with lethal intent against Kakashi genin... he had more than one chance (dozens or more) to kill them but didn't use it.

Then we have the Nagato and Konan redemption arc – one of the best I have seen done to date in anime. I really loved the fact, that it came full circle. Nagato being the inspiration for the MC of a Gutsy Ninja and Naruto being named after such and then years later after Nagato lost his way turns up and returns him back to his original path.

But there are others I can't get behind no matter what:

Obito: I was absolutely no fan whatsoever that he was redeemed at the end of the series – first of all, let me list what atrocities he committed during his tenure as the mastermind of Akatsuki.

As a means of revenge, he used the 4th Mizukage the puppet of Madara to throw Mizu, who he thinks was responsible for Rin's untimely death for sealing the three tails in her, into a generation-lasting civil war. With the culmination of the bloodline purges, just so he could justify his petty revenge when the real culprit Madara/Zetsu who orchestrated this whole thing was left alone because he was dumb/deluded enough to not look into the situation.

He attacked Konoha – probably the worst of his crimes and a clear sign there wasn't a shred of humanity left in him – because he did so by attacking his sensei, probably the one person who always listened to him and never belittled him and his wife Kushina, he more than likely had an amicable relationship with too. When she was pregnant with their first child in an attempt to steal the Kyuubi from her, which he knew would spell certain death for her.

In order to do so, he threatened to kill a minute-old newborn and even attempted to kill it in an attempt to get the 4th together with the kid.

Who does that? Attacking his mentor and his wife and their newborn baby thinking them expendable?

Sure like a three-year-old he gave Minato the fault for Rin's death because he wasn't with them / not fast enough, once more to save them like in his case. How about you grow up stop shifting the blame to others and start looking at yourself and what you are responsible for – If you would have returned back to the village (instead of hanging up with a known traitor in his cave), you would have been with them on the mission that killed Rin and could have prevented this all from happening. Or what about Zetsu, why didn't he tell you a little bit earlier? He had the particular timing that you just happened to reach them in time to witness Rin's death. Seconds too late.

Then he sicced the Kyuubi against his former home, against every person he ever knew, and thought of their deaths at best as collateral.

His actions during the Kyuubi attack lead to the Uchiha being shunned, which he and Zetsu probably used to instigate their Coup attempt. With the goal in mind to annihilate the last of the three clans said to have the ability to reign in Bijuu (Senju and Uzumaki were already done in most likely through plots from Madara). His very own family, and used a 13-year-old and the threat of hurting his beloved little brother as a tool to do it and get a new pawn in his twisted game.

Then there was the whole thing with the Ame-orphans given that it later turned out the Rinnegan was given to Nagato by Madara is guaranteed that Zetzu and Madara/Obito shaped Nagato's experiences to make him into a willful tool for their goals. Who was then manipulated into massacring the former Ame leadership and their whole families as divine retribution?

He committed any number of atrocities in between those major events ...

He started the 4th Shinobi world war ...

But is all good because the Uchiha can't be blamed for their deeds, after all, they just experience the emotions of love and hate more strongly than others – seriously? and that should justify all that he and Sasuke did?

And he is just forgiven? Remember what Haku went through? He/she was just one collateral, of his deeds, we are told about. There were probably a thousand ten thousand that shared Haku's fate.

Orochimaru: Here we have the guy who in his pursuit of knowledge/Immortality committed any crime imaginable. From using newborns as test subjects to mind raping young kids into thinking to follow his orders and eventually die for him/offer up their bodies and souls to be taken over to be the ultimate fulfillment of their existence.

A guy that tried to raze a village to the ground, because of his hurt ego of being overlooked for the position of 4th Hokage. Which had an incredibly high chance to spark the 4th Shinobi world war?

He on more than once occasion used human sacrifices, as a tribute for his snake summons or as an ingredient for Edo-Tensei, etc

IMO – he is even worse than Obito. In Obito's case, he is a twisted sense and commits all those crimes to create a better world for everybody but Orochimaru has no such mitigating factor, he only acts solely upon his selfish desires and has no compunction no matter what he has to do to reach them.

He is a sociopath/psychopath with no redeeming quality and frankly just because he helped in the last battle is no reason to pardon him. After all, he did it because he didn't want to end up in a dream world like all the others.

Kabuto: Well he is even worse than Orochimaru, he has sadistic tendencies as we are shown in how he fights. Sure he had a really shitty upbringing, but instead of helping other orphans and root agents to not suffer the same fate he did, he instead chose to become the right-hand man of Orochimaru and helped him in all his inhuman experiments in which for the most part where used innocent children like he was one at the beginning. Way to go man -

I mean if Orochimaru would have only been means to an end – to get revenge on Danzo or something it might have made him pitiful. But since Orochimaru worked together with Danzo, that obviously wasn't the case. So he, for the most part, did all he did for shits and giggles at least after Orochimaru was dead ... and yeah to get his revenge on Sasuke and in order to get it has to align with the remnants of Akatsuki!

What Why? He can summon the fucking dead – why is Akatsuki necessary? He could just attack them and take Sasuke by force. Didn't make any sense and without him helping Akatsuki they wouldn't have stood a chance against the Allied forces.

But he probably thought, hey why not help this psycho with his world domination plans might be fun. And then had his Edo-Tensei murder, countless people ...

And in the end – he is not only forgiven to have been fighting against the Shinobi Alliance, for his inhuman experiments on children desecrating the dead.

But is trusted enough that he and Orochimaru are allowed to operate a fucking Orphanage -

Are you kidding me – that is like making a pedophile with a nonexistent urge control the head of a Kindergarten.

Chunin Exam:

There is a lot of fanfiction that makes out the Chunin exam as the only way to be promoted to this rank. I strongly have to disagree.

Let's look at some numbers – Naruto class had 9 genin hopefuls who actually made the cut for genin. So if we assume Konoha only has that many new genin every year or even every half a year if they have a semester that would mean 18 or 36 new genin a year.

If we assume the average lifespan of a shinobi is 35 that means they roughly can work 23 years for the village – if we add this together -

Meaning the number of new genin minus the ones dying at average this means Konoha can have at the most 414 or 828 Shinobi at any time ... if the average lifespan is lower this number gets a lot lower.

But since we have seen Konoha having ten thousand Shinobi during the 4th war. So something clearly can't be right.

This more than likely means for one Naruto class couldn't have been the only one, there must be more just to fill up the numbers.

So if we look at the Chunin exams with that in mind – having those festivities every 6 months and let's assume every time every finalist gets promoted to Chunin means around 32 Genin get promoted to Chunin per year.

This is a far too low number to explain how every shinobi village can have thousand of Chunin if every year only 32 have the luck to get promoted – I mean it isn't just Konoha or all the 5 great nations who send their genin to those exams but all the villages.

Which means assuming only the big five genins are successful in the exams every one of those villages has an influx of 6.4 Chunin a year – if all the finalist are always promoted – if the Konoha exam is an indication the average number of promoted genin per exam is probably around 3 or less, not 16 like I assumed. This means 6 Chunin a year overall and 1.2 per village.

So as you probably already noticed those numbers can't be correct – which can just mean one thing being promoted to Chunin via the Chunin exams must be the exception and not the rule.

It is the only way to conciliate the number of Chunin we see with the number we have seen being promoted in the one canon exam.


Since I'm neither a fan of inflationary use of redemptions (Yamcha, Tenshin-han, Chaozu, Piccolo, Vegeta) nor the fact, that Humans can keep up with Namekians or Saiyan there won't be any human that will play a big part in the story. (I find Kaioken times 300 just ridiculous – after all the highest we saw in canon was times 20 by Goku and he only used it for a split second.) It was also pretty much the most glaring mistake of Dragonball Z that all those characters we came to like Yamcha; Tenshin-han Kurririn etc played next to no part in it. Because of the racial growth issues (Saiyan Zenkai Super Saiyan issues), they were just reneged to the sidelines.

Mating Rituals.

The Saiyan are a warrior race and we know that female of every species chose their mating partner in accordance with their offspring in mind, their survivability. We see that in the animal Kingdom quite a lot of females only mating with males that are stronger or otherwise better than the other possible candidates. Which seen from an evolutionary standpoint makes a lot of sense – we humans managed to take a step away from that other attributes being added to that equation.

But for Saiyan – who as we have learned strength is everything determining your social status etc. It should be the one criterion after which a Saiyan female chooses her partner. So with that in mind and being a great fan of Star Trek (even though the new series try its best to change that) I decided to go with something similar that we see from the Klingons – as part of the mating ritual kicking the ever-living shit out of each other. Meaning that for one no Saiyan female would ever consider (under normal circumstances) mating with someone weaker than themselves. So in order to prove himself the Saiyan male (the suitor) would have to challenge defeat and subjugate the female. To earn the right to mate with her.

It seems fitting and would help explain Fasha's behavior in part.


Furthermore, I will try to keep the power level's from escalating too fast and out of control. So Freezer Powerlevel in his final 4th form will be a little over 4 Million -

I know this is something highly controversial in this fandom – but I took some time and looked at the source material – which for the most part backs my theory. Those other numbers that Freezer in his final form had a power of 120 million come from fan-theories and from Data-books – but it wouldn't be the first time things that can be found in Data-books are epically wrong – for example, Tamborine is listed to be stronger than Piccolo -

I never found those statements he was only using 5 percent of his "true" power holding any meaning (especially since it was an addition to the anime and doesn't occur in the manga) and him then standing there for two episodes powering up to 100% how does that even work – I mean it is not like it works like a Genkidama and he can absorb the ambient energy or such bullshit.

This will also mean that Super-Saiyan is essentially a transformation that will boost the base stats of the one transformed by 30 (to 50) times (not sure about the exact number atm) to align this with the canon Power levels. After all, it is reasonable to assume that Goku's power level was around 200K at the start of the Fight against Freezer. (He had a Zenkai and his prior confirmed power-level went way above 100K when he used a simple Kaioken ... which he even aborted – never went to 2x Kaio-ken) With 10x Kaio-Ken he had a power level of around 2M perhaps 100K-200K below that. That coincides with the following Citations -

chapter 104 – Vegeta stating Freezer can control his power-level (a strange thing to be sure – makes those transformations kind of superfluous and the question arises why he didn't show that ability earlier)

chapter 107 – Freezer talking about his transformation "my power hugely changes whenever I transform"

chapter 116 – "Freezer is just toying with him"

chapter 117 – Freezer decides to use no hands

chapter 118 – Freezer in his 4th form "If use just about half of my full power against you I will be able to turn you into cosmic dust" - Goku gets owned

chapter 118 – Kaio stating "Goku is already using the 10x Kaio-ken" (since the battle started)

chapter 119 – Kaio confirming his prior statement – Goku fighting at 10x Kaio-Ken and Freezer only using half his strength with Goku losing the fight.

The last one I think gets mostly overlooked in every instance of a list I have found trying to puzzle out the power-level of Goku – and the resulting consequential error screws up everything. The same with anyone thinking Vegeta was on par with Freezer's first form – It is clear that Freezer was just humoring and mocking Vegeta the whole time and only used his second form to crush Vegeta will not because it was needed. In addition in the manga, the powering of Freezer starts in chapter 126 with Freezer stating his most recent attack was only three quarter (75%) of his full power shortly after Goku transforms he then takes a few seconds following chapter 127 to power up to 100% - in essence consolidating his power (reacquaint himself with his fully transformed body) nothing more nothing less.

Chapter 120 – Freezer: "that was close" after eating a 20x Kaio-Ken Kame-Hame-Ha was fired at him – implying he could have died -

With Goku having close to 4M power-level for that attack and Freezers 4240000 it makes sense – (keep in mind that no one under Freezer troops himself included possessed the ability to manipulate their power-levels in any way – short of Vegeta statement to the contrary there is no indication that he could – I mean the very fact that he relied on transforming his body to suppress his power is a strong argument against it being the case.) Which is furthermore consistent with the idea that every transformation doubles his prior power level. (Rereading the English translation I found that citation to be absent only there being a remark to his first transformation – nonetheless I think a doubling is far more sensible ... for one thing, it prevents the power levels from escalating too fast too early ... then the question arises since we know Freezer subjugated vast stretches of the galaxy why was the second strongest being he had under his command just 120K strong (Ginju)? I mean it is an incredibly vast range from 120K to 120million you are telling me he couldn't find a single being in that range of power that was willing to work for him or that he could have subjugated. To me, it would make far more sense if that range would have only been 120K to 4 million ... or since Freezer's true power might not be known and he never seemed to have needed to transform if the gap was from 120K to Freezers 530K of his first form. Because frankly speaking, it seems more than a little strange otherwise... )

Then for Super-Saiyan to allow a beaten up Goku to contest with Freezer – who all things considered even though having nearly died two times in the fight against the Kame-Hame-Ha and the Genkidama was in far better condition, meaning less exhausted/injured – to boost his fighting power which as a base should be around 200K would mean a boost of more than 20 times his base-strength.

Chapter 125 – the power gap with Goku now dominating Freezer seems to be similar to how Freezer dominated Goku while using 10x Kaio-ken – which is why I think it plausible Super-Saiyan Goku had a power-level of around 6M during the fight so multiplication of at least 30 if we assume his base power wasn't considerably weakened when he transformed in that case the 50 multiplicator makes sense to account for that.

A friend of mine and I think that becoming a Super-Saiyan, breaking through this legendary threshold should also have a one time effect on one fighting power – So in a sense, a free Zenkai boost of doubling one's strength – which has no basis in canon whatsoever – but would be a nice way to emphasize the Saiyan in question has reached a new stage of power.

Something that also bothers me quite a lot is when I see authors giving different power-level to characters when they are using a technique like the Kame-hame-ha or the like making it seem as if the technique makes them stronger. This is not the case, the basis for this thinking is rooted in the Raditz fight where Goku and Piccolo Power-level first increased after they removed their weighted clothing from the 300s into the 400s and then later when they use their energy attacks Kame-hame-ha and Special Beam canon respectively (a strange name by the way in the german sub/dub it was translated as Devilspiral (an IMO more fitting name – but whatever)). Another note contrary to what Vegeta and Nappa said is that Radditz had the same power level as the Saibamen his power level is listed in the data books as 1500. Which given what we have seen in that Piccolo Goku vs Radditz fight would explain most discrepancies ... after all, it doesn't take an attack from someone more powerful to hurt you it is enough if you are close ... Nappa took quite the punishment when he fought against the Z fighters even though he was around twice as powerful as the strongest of them (Piccolo).

The point I'm trying to make – did everybody bother to read what Goku learned from Kami Mr. Popo in particular?

There was a lot of talk about wasted energy in the lesson he received so my theory, which I find far more plausible than the idea, that Kame-hame-ha or similar techniques have a similar effect as Kaioken multiplying one power-level (I mean why bother going to King Kai, in that case), is that Goku and Piccolo both only ever use and display the least possible amount of energy to fight, which throws the Scouter off and the true power-level of them only gets displayed in situations where it simply can't be hidden to conserve energy like preparing an energy attack in which most of their power is concentrated in. So the readings when they used the Kame-hame-ha or the Beam-cannon are their "true" or close to their true power levels.

I think the probably best example canon provides of supporting that is the Yamcha vs Saibaman fight. In it, it is made pretty clear that Yamcha the weakest Z fighter could go toe to toe with one of them - he even was stronger and would have won if not for that Kamikaze attack.
Yamcha and the rest of the Z fighters at that point went through the same training Goku did only they had just 1 year instead of Goku 3 - So they essentially caught up to Goku strength he had during his fight against Raditz. It is just inconceivable that by doing the same training in 1/3 of the time they could somehow become at least 3 times as strong as Goku in order to beat a Saibaman.

Regarding Zenkai -

Those boosts will at most be able to increase the strength of a person at max by two (the discrepancies of this are also based on IMO faulty Data-book numbers) and that only happens if it was a true deathmatch meaning, the Saiyan involved nearly dying. Every other heavy injury will have lesser boosts (Dying doesn't give one.) But those boosts will only happen with injuries suffered during an actual fight where the Saiyan fought with everything he had.

Cheating like Vegeta did via Dende will thus not work -

- I think this is worth mentioning since I read some ridiculous stuff over the last few weeks skimming some fics like humans getting a Zenkai or Vegeta becoming more than two times as powerful after a boost just to get him on par with Goku etc.

Chi-Transfer -

I find the notion ridiculous that this can be done by anybody whenever it is needed by the plot. I can get the Genkidama (which already was questionable IMO), but someone absorbing or receiving the Chi of others to recuperate (if not outright a healing ability) or power-up is something you won't see in this fic.

A few numbers -

In this fic I will assume that a heavy training session lasting a day – increases a Saiyan Fighting power by 0,1% - This is without sparring and the potential damage inflicted upon him.

Meaning by a base fighting power of 2 only training this way for ten years (360 days) gets your power level to 73 – do the same for twenty, thirty years you end up with 2670 and 97513. Of course, certain factors might increase the efficiency slightly.

So Goku who was 12 at the beginning of Dragonball with a base power level of two if we consider 9 full years of daily training with this intensity at max could have reached a power level of 50.

Since we know Muten Roshi had a power level of 139 by the time Raditz arrived and since we know he trained in between Goku first and second participation in the Budokai where Goku was stronger than him and had an additional 3 more years to train, which should have then brought his power level up to 150 (without any Zenkai boost).

So those numbers make a certain amount of sense, if we assume Muten Roshi didn't get significantly weaker in the time in between (second tournament to the start of DBZ – which are around approximately 8 years of time) and is not really (only slightly if at all) able to suppress his fighting power – after all Goku learned this trick from Kami.

I had a long discussion with a friend to get to those numbers and we entertained quite a few scenarios ... After all, it is difficult to be canon-compliant with this in every single instance.

So given how great an emphasis the setting (especially during the Vegeta and Freezer arc) has on the base-level of your fighting power (at birth) – if you are a low-level or high-level - it must mean the increase in fighting power you potential has something to do with this. Therefore we can assume the increase is percentual and if we take the known power level of the Saiyan into account – Bardock being around 10K and King Vegeta slightly above that and assume Freezer at one point conquered the Saiyan and killed all their strongest fighter and because I furthermore think it to be unlikely for Zenkai to be a regular thing, since the attack ship doesn't have medical equipment in them, making surviving grievous injuries long enough to reach a medical facility slim to nonexistent, in addition, the Saiyan spent a considerable amount of time in transit in their capsule a place where no training can be done. (if Vegeta one year travel to Earth is any indication) The numbers should check out ... at least if you ask me.

Goku -

I have to say I always found it odd that Goku was able of accomplishing all those impossible feats without him being anything special – more than that he was trash in the eyes of his own species -

I can get why that was done, Shonen manga have their typical Hero persona which has to be an underdog who then claws his way to the top against unsurmountable opposition. And I can subscribe to that mindset. But let's be honest here, Goku managed to leave everybody in the dust including Vegeta who if we ignore Broly had every imaginable advantage on his side ... and should realistically never have stood a chance, that he did can be attributed to a lot of plot convenience even in later arcs it became clear as day.

I intend to go a different route with this fic, especially since it is done next to never and will have Kakarot as the legendary Super-Saiyan mostly to justify his rapid ascent to the top.

I mean let's look at it from an objective perspective, if any Saiyan would just have half the growth rate he had in canon, the Saiyan race should be swarming with Fighters above the 100K power level, I mean even his human friends at the end of canon easily broke through that threshold.

So why couldn't the Saiyan the so-called warrior race?

It doesn't make much sense – even with all the limitations I mentioned earlier – next to no Zenkai boost and potentially Freezer having strong Saiyan assassinated in addition to the losses they suffered when Freezer took over ... - it just doesn't seem to be enough to explain the general low power-level in the Saiyan population. (compared to that what is reached in canon by the Z-fighters)

Kami & Piccolo and Piccolo jr.

I never thought it made much sense in regards to what happened here.

I mean Goku just killed Piccolo of who then proceeded to spit out an eye and somehow Kami Piccolo's other half didn't die in the process.

Given what we later on learn, what Piccolo did here was probably creating a real descendant, no servants like he did with Tamborine and how they all were called.

So why wasn't he treated as such? instead was, for some reason, a reincarnation whose life was tied for some unexplained reason to Kami.

If you ask me Kami should have died there – end of story. That he didn't was one of the many plot devices of the Dragonball setting.

Piccolos imprisoning in a Rice-cooker -

Never was a fan of this idea – It was funny but that essentially was it.

In this story, there will be other means by which Piccolo was imprisoned which brings me to my next point.

Evil Containment Wave

Or the Art to catch a Devil – quite the Devil Piccolo turned out to be right -

I have a huge problem with a technique like this existing for one it allows one to beat a far superior opponent with someone just sacrificing his life to do so. This would be okay in a setting in which resurrection wasn't used in an inflationary way, but since the person is just one wish away to suffer no consequences ... I don't like it, especially if you get it into your mind that Piccolo was just another alien – like the Saiyan and many other of the threats they had to contest with, which since Piccolo qualified should also have been susceptible to this jutsu, why it was never attempted to just Evil Containment Wave Buu away is anyone guess. But in a world where such a technique is a thing, it should have been the logical conclusion to at least try ...

Therefore given the listed reason – this technique won't exist in this setting.

Destroying Planets

I will change the required power level required to accomplish the feat of blowing up a Planet to a far greater number than in canon. I found the notion ridiculous that someone with a power level of 18000 could just come and blow up a planet (which Vegeta intended to do when he first arrived on Earth). Oh and let's not forget Muten Roshi and Piccolo, both weaker by a lot casually destroying the moon.

This clearly is contradicted by the following statement:

According to Babidi and Dabura’s kili power scaling, you need a kili of about 300 to destroy about a planet. SSJ Goku of the Buu Saga (who was many times more powerful than himself in the Cell or Frieza Saga) had a kili of 3000. That would mean you’d need 1/10th of Buu Saga SSJ1 Goku’s power to destroy a planet.

But even if that statement is taken at face value and in the context of how high the power level ended up getting later on. Every single energy attack of say - Super Saiyan 3 Goku no matter how small must have contained more energy than several 18000 fighting power strong people contained in their whole body or even SSJ1 one if we go with the assumption every further level of SSJ increases the previous power by let's say 30x times – So every single stray shot of them not hitting their mark should have evaporated the planet they were fighting on. Quite a problem for someone not able to survive in space without the help of tools. And that doesn't even factor in that there were kids like Goten and Trunks able to go Super-Saiyan, just casually wielding the power to end Planets.


The Dragonballs are the centerpiece of the canon story because in some fashion everything has to do with them. But let's be honest they are in essence a bad plot device able to do whatever it is at the moment required from them with arbitrary rules and limitations to them paired with dim-witted characters unable to think outside of the box.

What I mean with that let me give you a few examples -

When they learn the Saiyan (Vegeta and Nappa) are on their way to earth, they entertain the idea to use the Dragonballs to kill them, but they are told the Dragonballs aren't able to do that as in effect someone stronger than the creator of said Dragonballs.

This is for two reasons damning – One as we have seen throughout canon positive effects like wishing someone back to life even if the person returned to life is stronger than their creator is no problem the same with wishing people to other places.

Which brings me to my next point – Why not just wish Vegeta and Nappa into the core of a sun? If you can't affect them directly surely you could affect their spaceship right or have a meteor storm destroy them. That they didn't do that or thought about it shows clear author bias – allowing for no easy solution to problems ... thinking on it – the Dragonball were never able to solve anything they mitigated circumstances reverted things that occurred or revived people but they were at no time the solution to a problem. Rather strange if you consider that even the ones on Earth grant a nearly unlimited wish.

So in order to reduce any plot and logic holes from occurring if the Dragonballs are left to their canon form – I'm going to make some changes to them. To get a more consistent rule set ... having had to deal with more than one group of D&D players as a game master, trying to take advantage wherever the rules as written were even remotely unclear has taught me that particular lesson -

  1. Dragonball can only ever affect one person at a time
  2. The person affected if stronger than the creator of the Dragonballs has to give informed consent to the wish forced upon it – otherwise, he can resist ... which then results in the wish having no effect. (Including the dead – is most confirm with canon chapter 135 Goku refuses the wish to be teleported to Earth and in chapter 224 when Krillin tries to wish C17 and C18 human)
  3. I'm on the fence about allowing them to revive someone - Resurrection is and always has been able to break a setting. Even Dragonball was no exception to this – Let me elaborate – in the Buu Saga, Majin Vegeta threatens the spectators of the Budokai to get Goku to fight him, who then agrees to it. (Sure him wanting to cross blades with Vegeta himself might have played a part in that – but he gave off the impression the lives of the people at stake if Buu get revived were more important to him) Despite there being Dragonballs and Goku knowing they can easily be revived – no lasting harm done. But still goes for it. It would have been different if Vegeta would have threatened Dende and the Namekians first to eliminate the possibility of that – but he didn't therefore Goku had no compelling reason to go for it, with the pretext of saving lives.

So why if that was his reasoning – didn't Goku then just wipe Buu from the face of the Earth. He after all later states he could have defeated Buu easily as Super-Saiyan 3 while dead. Instead, he played with the lives of the Earth and countless other Planets that would have been at risk if Buu was let loose on the Universe, to have the Kids take care of the problem because he might not always be around to fix that. Pretty much a similar behavior he shows in the Cell Saga – When he comes out of the hyperbolic time chamber he is aware he can't beat Cell, but instead of reentering the chamber to train up to a level where he can take him, he is content thinking his son will manage.

The hypocrisy here is just jarring – and that from a guy who on more than one occasion was hailed as someone to be good without a speck of evil in him. (Jintou, Kami, Kaio, etc) Especially since the only other person to endanger people in a similar manner was Vegeta (chapter 124 of Dragonball Z) when he threatened to kill everybody who went after Dr. Gero before he completed his Cyborgs who are gonna "turn Earth into hell ... with them (Cyborgs) prolonging the killing for years ... for their enjoyment."

In my book, "good" (saintly) guys don't casually play with the lives of an uncountable number of sentient life forms – Period.

In addition, if the resurrection is possible it takes away from the good guys being able to die and actually stay dead. This is a huge problem it takes out the tension of a story if it is clear death is just a time-restricted inconvenience and the Hero's even if they should die will just raise again.

And in this story there is the fact to consider, that with Fasha's obsession with Bardock and being told about the possibility of being able to revive him would try her hardest to make it happen, damning the consequences this might have. This would then potentially bring back Bardock into the story and in addition, might forestall Kakarot becoming the focus of her obsession. Both things would shoot down my story in its infancy.

Sure I could come up with some other arbitrary reason why that is not possible – For example, the need of Bardock remains – nothing another wish couldn't fix ... Or Bardock soul already having been reincarnated and therefore making it impossible to revive him or some other reason. Like the one from Dragonball - "only those who have been dead for one year or less can be revived" have Fasha fail to do this in the amount of time – either by her taking longer to find them or someone has used them before she came to earth but after Bardock died. (with might bring up another arbitrary fact – since in canon there is more than one instance where the Dragonballs were used more than once a year – by a special allowance from the creator (Kami after Piccolo Sage to revive Krillin, Roshi, etc) or when the creator himself had died – Piccolo and therefore Kami being revived during the Namek saga – they were used around a month prior to reviving Goku)

But to me, this feels like a weak reason, a weak foundation to my plot which I'd rather avoid.

Instant Teleportation

A great technique that unfortunately was only ever used if it was convenient for the plot. At every other point when a timely intervention from Goku – like in the cell Saga chapter 178 – could have prevented the worst-case scenario from happening – by rescuing/kidnapping the C17 and C18 to the other side of the earth – he forget he could use it. But when it was all over chapter 180 he just so happens to rescue Tenshin-han and Piccolo and even gave him the opportunity to threaten Cell.

And even before that Piccolo could feel the chi of people vanishing that was how he tracked Cell, why couldn't Goku take Piccolo to those places via teleport – If I have the timeline right there was a small window of opportunity where Piccolo was stronger than Cell and Goku already recovered where this could have been done.

Being able to teleport into the after-life and vice versa is also something that shouldn't be possible by the way.


I personally find this one of the greatest ideas/techniques of the setting – to allow someone to fight (even if for a short time) against opponents more powerful on an equal footing.

And the concept was great doing so at the expense of endurance and the body's integrity – the technique damaging the body.

And it was great in the initial fight it was used in - the Vegeta fight - with Goku getting as far as Kaioken four times and in the process completely wrecking his body.

But then in the fight against Freezer he easily kept up a 10 times Kaioken going for most of the fight, it started to become ridiculous, doing something like this with no repercussions to his body.

Given that this is possible it generates the idea, that with a strong enough body this can be pushed even further and that creates a problem given that Super-Saiyan and Ozaru are just multiplicators to one base strength as is the Kaioken. The moment you can push the Kaioken beyond that transformation they become moot. For some reason in canon it was the other way around, Kaioken being forgotten even by those, not Saiyans – but why? it would have allowed them to keep up with the Saiyan at least a bit ... never made sense to me – and somehow seems like a retcon – eliminating the technique from the setting, because it is never seen after.

Unfortunately, this is only one problem of the Kaioken for a story – that is easy enough to fix in not forgetting the risk it poses for the user as it happened in canon and restricting the multiplicator to more reasonable numbers contrary to canon -

Others are not, for example, to learn the Kaioken at least one of the character-cast has to make a trip to Master Kaio, which usually includes dying, and for the techniques to have an impact it must happen before the advent of the first Super-Saiyan.

So if you want to introduce this technique in the setting you at one point have to retread some canon rails ... not something that usually makes for an interesting story.

Another thing to note -

Ever considered having somebody in Ozaru using the Kaioken?

With the 10x multiplier of the Ozaru transformation, a Kaioken should multiply the base strength of the Ozaru – with a 10x Kaioken that would boost someone's base strength by 100.

A ridiculous amount far above what a Super-Saiyan does.

Other plot devices

In the Cell saga, Cell in his first form manages to run circles around Piccolo hunting him, by suppressing his KI and hiding, but for some reason, a few chapters later C16 and C18, who both don't possess KI, get found by him. Even though they could have just swum away or hidden in a crater of an Island already destroyed by Cell in his effort to flush them out – Hell why didn't they just flee when Vegeta begins his fight against Cell he gave them the perfect opportunity to just disappear.

But Cell had to be complete for plot's sake – so even Krillin was required to not use the kill switch -

given they have Dragon ball which they know is capable to revive people is just so ridiculously stupid I lack the necessary vocabulary to correctly express it.

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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 14 - Words: 152,037 - Reviews: 3471 - Favs: 8,948 - Follows: 9,338 - Updated: 9/20/2020 - Published: 3/18/2015 - Naruto U., OC
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 4 - Words: 32,444 - Reviews: 166 - Favs: 1,093 - Follows: 1,337 - Updated: 6/25/2019 - Published: 4/8/2017 - Naruto U., Sasuke U., Sakura H., Kakashi H.
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One Piece - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 136,494 - Reviews: 497 - Favs: 1,882 - Follows: 2,036 - Updated: 3/8/2019 - Published: 11/13/2014 - Luffy
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 27 - Words: 517,549 - Reviews: 3960 - Favs: 13,277 - Follows: 13,053 - Updated: 8/5/2016 - Published: 6/12/2012 - [Naruto U., Hinata H., Anko M., Ino Y.]
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 15 - Words: 99,010 - Reviews: 1410 - Favs: 4,122 - Follows: 4,210 - Updated: 3/18/2013 - Published: 8/25/2011 - Obito U., Naruto U.
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