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Author has written 13 stories for Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter, Robert Langdon series, Avatar, Inception, and Twilight.

I'm kinda like a wave. I come and go. My fanfiction posting habits are sporadic and I'm sorry. I used to think that fleeting perfection was infinitely better than a lifetime of "good enough". Now, not so much.

I like apples, palm trees, and reading into things more deeply than I should. I dislike cats, vacuums, and artichokes. I don't hate things. I don't love a lot either. I think there's a perfectly happy medium between the two.

And now, I think it's time I give you the rundown of the fics. I *starred* the decent ones.

10 Ways JK Rowling Better Not End Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter)

It's not abysmal. All right, well, maybe it is. Not my favorite, but if you're here for a stupid laugh, you'll probably find it here. This one was a hit right before Deathly Hallows actually came out. There are many Potter Puppet Pals references. All in all, pretty dumb.

Anna (Eragon)

A companion story to Bitter Reunion, and almost as bad. It gives you a glance into the future. Spoiler alert: Anna makes it to the Varden, and subsequently Ellesmera. I suppose there's some nice symmetry with her resenting her father, who resented his father. But only if you squint past the Mary Sue-ness of it all.

Bitter Reunion (Eragon)

My Murtagh/OC, because every Eragon fangirl is required to write one. A rather long installment, which is pretty stunning, given how long ago I wrote it (I was just a middle school baby...). You will adore this if you are a middle school girl with a thing for Murtagh and drama. But more than likely, you will be appalled at its...appalling-ness. Sad to say, although it lasted a good seventeen chapters, I never finished it (nor do I really intend to). If you're interested in finding out how it "ends", send me a message and I'll tell you.

Bored in Alagaesia (Eragon)

Oh sweet Jesus. Stay away. My first fanfic. Unfinished (thank goodness). Mary Sue, bad grammar, lack of plot line- the works. It reads like a parody of itself.

Chiaroscuro (The DaVinci Code)

I'm actually quite pleased with this. I'm a huge fan of obscure pairings, and a Sophie/Silas (fic (given Silas's sexy mouth-slightly-open thing he did the whole movie) was screaming to be written. I liked the exploration of a potential relationship. I ended it on a cliffhanger that I doubt I will ever resolve. But it doesn't really need resolution. In fact, the lack of resolution seems to work a bit, in this bizarre telling of their love story.

Confession (Harry Potter)

Bwahahaha. Written not long after the first seeds of Ron/Hermione love were planted within me. Not a great fic, but fluffy enough to make you puke. A bit creepy too, if you squint. I'll make it up by writing an amazing Ron/Hermione for you all one day.

*Heart (Avatar)

My favorite fanfic I have ever written. Norm/Trudy. If you're looking for something of mine to read, and you're familiar with the movie, please read this. I poured my heart into it, cliche as that sounds, and I'm actually pretty proud of how it turned out.

HP Chat1 (Harry Potter)

SO bad. But SO funny. And SOOOO fun to write. Read it for the usernames, if nothing else. DarkLord13, garGoyle, daCrab, ChosenOne. "Plot" - and I use that term loosely - is pretty abysmal, but if you read it as a sort off crack!fic, it's not half bad.

*Imagined (Avatar)

A trailer for Heart. Just something new I'm trying for the longer fics I write. I put out a "trailer" to get people to watch for it. I'm unabashedly self-promotional. But hey, give it a read (especially if you haven't read Heart. It'll pique your interest - I hope. At the very least it'll be a nice test run).

In the Land of Shadows (Eragon)

A middle-school aged nerd audience might appreciate this. It's poetry about Durza. My second fic. It rhymes.

*Kick (Inception)

A unique spin on an Arthur/Ariadne first kiss. I sort of adore them. Darling oneshot to read when you have a moment.

*Lovely Anomaly (Twilight)

Remember how I have a thing for the more obscure couples? Norm/Trudy, Sophie/Silas kinds of things? I also really like Carlisle/Esme. This is an attempt to write a scene that makes it believable that Carlisle would fall in love with (or at least come to very much admire) a sixteen year old human in just one meeting. It works in how Esme broke her leg, and why exactly Carlisle comes to think she's so amazing. I'm toying with doing a much longer fic expanding on this, so I'll let you know if that ever happens.

The Cupboard Under the Stairs (Harry Potter)

Meh. Written a while ago. Toys with the idea that Harry is just plain out of his mind. A bit meta. Though, getting to the bottom of this list has really made me realize how bad my Harry Potter fanfiction tends to be. Oh dear. I should remedy that immediately.

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Oh, and my name is Isabella. My friends call me Zel at least they would if I had any friends. Poor Zel was bored, so she's off to Alagaesia to annoy Eragon, ect. ect. I hope it's better than it sounds...
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