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I would write some stories, but I am way too busy. Maybe once my workload lessens I will post something.

Until then, I will read and review as I please. I usually don't flame because if I really hate a story I'll just let it go but in some cases (really really really bad fics) I will say something.

Anyway about me:

Name: Ashley

Age: 15

Sex: female

Location: Snow Country aka Canada

Appearance: very very petite... brunette... big eyes, pretty much it

Interests: Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Dark Angel, Scrubs, soccer, hockey, hanging out with people, sleeping...

Favorite Shows: listed above

Favorite movies: Girl, interrupted, Little Miss Sunshine, The Breakfast Club, 300, anything messed up or with murder or with action...

Favorite books: The Lovely Bones, Becoming Ruby, In Cold Blood, anything messed up or with murder or action...

Music: I listen to alot but I really like Death Cab For Cutie, Goo Goo Dolls and 80's dance hits

One more thing... in case anyone does actually read this... does anyone know where I might find episodes of Dark Angel available for downloading or available to watch online? If anyone does know please message me. I am desperate to watch somehow.