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Author has written 10 stories for Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, and Naruto.

Profile: Inulover (Evelyn)

Age: I'll never tell! Mwa-ha-ha-ha n.n

Lives In: New Jersey

Background: Polish

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown mixed green

Gender: Last I checked, I was a freaking girl

Personality and other stuff: I'm a brunette with long straight brown hair that stops a little bit before the middle of my back. I'm very funny, but only around friends. I'm in a new year and we went to a new school so kawaii! I made new friends so I guess some people can stand to be around a crazy hyperactive person huh? Well I'm still with my best friends though my friend Alexis is with another cycle. Wahh! And my other best frined Nadine had to transfer to another school! OI my life is a drama. Though I did make gtreat new friends someday I hope to call best friends cause I didn't tell them all my secrets, only to my bff(best friend forever) Alexis. No offense to Nadine, but Alexis understnads me more oi sorry for this rambling. Well I do hope to become a buisness woman I must say though it might be hard to pull off to be serious when I mostly laugh at everything. Now though as a kid I'm hoping to become a better anime drawer since my drawing totally suck lol. Also trying to update these stories oi. I'm such a big procrastinator and I must admit I have stories that bore me because I don't go with something for too long that loses my interest easily. We;; that's mostly it but I can be a pain when you wake me up for dreaded school and have to return to dun dun homework. Terrible homework (shudders and hides in corner) I guess you can call me a person to hang with family, but I can't live without my mom shes the best! Cause she's the one who created my personality and also I got it from my bros oi. You can really be influened when your brothers are crazy, hyper maniacs and get your laughter from your mom. Though the only thing I got fo=rom my dad I think is his seriousness which I am in rare occasions.

Anime Talk

I really love Anime, Inuyasha rocks! Kodocha is cool, Sana and Akito are so cute together! And Fruits Basket is funny, I love Kyo!!! n.n And Hatsuharu!

Animes I like: Bleach (Ichigo is so cool, Inuyasha (Must touch fluffy ears), Kodocha, Fruits Basket, Tokyo Mew Mew, Marmalade Boy, Crescent Moon (Sometimes), Kare Kano (Love it), Kamichama Karin, Naruto, Air Tv, Princess Tutu, Bokura Ga Ita

Other: Harry Potter is a great book and I myself must admit I haven't read it yet, but I will come to it eventually, but I must admit with my little knowledge from summaries and the movies. I still make out what the characters are talking about in the stories on this website. Now I simply love it and I am fond of the couple Hermione and Draco for they say, opposites attract.

Couples: Inuyasha/ Kagome, Sango/Miroku, Kohaku/ Rin, Shippo/ Rin, Sesshomaru/ older Rin, Sesshomaru/ Kagura, Kouga/ Ayame

Ichigo/ Rukia (Basically, Orihime/ Uryuu, sometimes Gin/ Matsumoto

Sana/ Akito, Aya/ Tsuyoshi, Fuka/ Naozumi(Ha ha he has purple hair -giggles-)

Kyo/ Tohru, Machi/Yuki, Hatori/ Kana, Kisa/ Hiro, Hatsuharu/ Rin

Miki/ Yuu, Miki/ Kei (I don't know why :P), Kei/ Suzu, Arimi/ Ginta, Meiko/ Nachan

Ichigo/ Masaya, Lettuce/ Ryou, Ichigo/ Ryou (sometimes), Pudding/ Tart

Arima/ Yukino, Tsubasa/ Kazuma, Sakura/ Tonami, Rika/ Kyo, Maho/ Yusuke

Mahiru/ Matsuru

Hinata/ Naruto, Sasuke/ Sakura, Ino/Shikamaru, Shikamaru/Temari, TenTen/ Neji


Ahiru/ Fakir, Mytho/ Rue, though I also do like Mytho/ Ahiru somewhat in the beginning of course

Takahashi/ Yano (Bokura Ga Ita is so sad and romantic at the end of it, I fall in love with all the animes I watch. Though why do I alwasy pick the really depressing ones wierd? Wierd lol. 0.0)

I have a hint. I'm such a young author. I didn't even know that I would get a story with 100 reviews! Maybe my age doesn't take much away from my writing ability. Hmm very intriguing.

OMG! Dane Cook is hilarious! His jokes are so true. He's pretty cute, but that's off topic. I love comedy, action, romance, and any movie type. I'm not really a fan of horror, I know that boys only take girls to that kind of movie to have you crushing them with hugs. OH YA! Sometimes I believe men are such pigs! Yuck, they gross me out sometimes. I hate the people who are always so bragging. Ooo I'm so good, I can beat anyone who comes in my way, geez reminds me of Sasuke somewhat. Not to be rude at Sasuke lovers, but I prefer Naurto! (Naruto-kun!) but I know Hinata is his other part, the thing that can complete him. Like a puzzle piece. So cute, n.n.

Shikamaru is my passion, well not really. He's just so funny and cute!

That's right I'm Polish and I can speak it as well, well somewhat. I'm still learning from my parents and my two older brothers. Wahh! I'm the youngest in my family and the only girl, besides my mom. Well my mom and dad came here from Poland and they took the test to fully become an American citizen, so they are like immigrants, but so what! I love my life and guess what everyone! On Christmas, my parents promised me tha I'll recieve my very own lap top!Ooo I can't wait to try it out.

I have a confession to make! takes a breath I love the couple of...of...of...Naruto and Sasuke! There I said it, I'm sorry parents. I thank you for caring for me all this time and brothers...well...I still think you should shut up and go to hell. Stop stealing my chips Greg! Rafal you better give me that computer! Fine I'm going on the phone. Wait! What? What do you mean Greg is talking to his girlfriend on it 24/7? Awww! Grrr, WHY ME!

Well yes I'm a yaoi fan, but only to this couple! (Flashing: SasukeXNaruto!) Hey shut up! I can't help, but squeal at my new profile picture.

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Accidental Confession reviews
Sasuke Uchiha has returned to Konoha and Sakura with Ino have been pestering the blonde all week if he loved the Uchiha. At his wits end he blurts out his confession, only to realize that Sasuke was listening around the corner. Now he is avoiding him RnR
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Inuyasha is seen with Kikyo again kissing, and Kagome's heart is broken. She throws the jewel shards at him and says she will never return. But litte do they know she still had one shard left with her.Will the two ever meet again amd confess their love 15
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