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Hello! I am Prince Fire and Music, previously known as Celestial Seraphim, Oblivious Seraph, Venusian Seraph, or just plain Seraph. You can call me Seraph if you want or Prince. Whatevs.

Who am I?

Just your average English Writing major, out to save the world from churned out trashy fiction and boring textbooks. I'm into music, you know, being a former Music Composition Writer and all. Also into French, old movies, good dramas, happily ever afters, Once Upon a Time, manga/anime (Fruits Basket, WOOT!), Death Note, psychology, singing... you know, all that jazz.

About My Novels:

Mira, Mira: ARG, I'VE LOST MY NOTES! So even I am going to have a difficult time remember what goes on - especially with the various different narrators and literary forms going on in it. I may just have to come up with something new altogether. But more on that later.

The Glass Rose: Some of you may remember this one. What happened? Oh, it's very much still in the works; I'm just working on the skeletal system right now. It's going pretty well; I've got a few plot twists that I have yet to figure out (I know, right?), but other than that the outline is very plump. I doubt I'm ever going to repost it, cause I'm doctoring it up to be published (WOOT!).

Across the Frozen Wasteland: This is essentially a story about sweets, secrets, courage, loneliness, and unconditional love. Our restauranteur Gerda has a lot to face to save a the man she loves who might not love her in return. What would you be willing to give up if the one you loved suddenly disappeared? Currently polishing off chapter twenty-three! Yeah, Nanowrimo!

Favorite Movies:

The Letter, All About Eve, Now, Voyager; Vertigo, The Parent Trap (Hayley Mills version), Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Singn' in the Rain, The Sound of Music, The King and I, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Dial M for Murder, You've Got Mail, Murder by Death, Tea and Sympathy, North by Northwest, almost everything by Alfred Hitchcock

Favorite Books

The Great Gatsby, Ella Enchanted, Tender is the Night, Jane Erye, The Awakening, Count of Monte Cristo, A Streetcar Named Desire, Others again, too hard to think


I love Chopin, Debussy, Richard Rodgers, Stephen Sondheim, Alan Menken, and a lot of the older musicals!

Why I love Fairy Tales:

A lot of people think Fairy Tale retellings are really unoriginal and uncreative. They wonder why anyone would ever want to write one and what possible purpose it would serve - especially why would a male want to write them?! (Although, let's face it: Once Upon a Time is [CORRECTION: was] amazing and it's written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz). But here's the deal folks: fairy tales are incredibly relevant stories especially when done right. Beauty and the Beast is the story of a girl who keeps friend-zoning a guy she thinks is hideous and eventually falls in love with him - all the while tackling the complex issues of what beauty is in general and what lasting human beauty is. The Little Mermaid tackles the tragedy of unrequited love at the expense of everything a person holds dear. Red Riding Hood addresses evil and the importance of skepticism and doubt when learning to trust someone. The Twelve Dancing Princesses offers the dangers of peer-pressure and group-think and the pressing necessity for people to learn how to be brave and stand up to the group. The Snow Queen is all about bravery and selfless love; East of the Sun, West of the Moon discusses the tenuous nature of trust, remorse, courage, and redemption. Cinderella indulges our basic desire for an underdog who manages to withstand long-term emotional abuse and rise from the ashes to the crown. Snow White teaches us about the price of beauty, the complex relationship between women, and the desire to be wanted and rescued. These are incredibly important tales that need to be discussed and explored, that possess the power to take us back to a far away place and time when beauty is poignant and powerful and good triumphs over evil in order to teach us important moral lessons.

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