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welcome to my profile! (what kind of gay greeting was that jk) any ways a little bit about me

my name: ummmm forgot hehe sorry

my age: 14

gender: girl

uhhhhhh...can't think right now.

my myspace is ' rawr-chan ' (dont highlight the little quotation thingys)

sorry cant put up a hyperlink cuz THE STUPID BUTTON ISN'T WOKING!!!!!! XD

so if you want to see my myspace then click display name and type in rawr-chan

favorite parrings are only a few right now but they areNARUTO-- kakashi and sakura, neji and tenten, ONE PEICE-- zoro\zolo and sanji, sanji and OC

i guess thats it so bye (that was gay also hehe_)

( )_( ) (")_(")
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