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Er...hello, and welcome, I suppose is a proper and acceptable greeting. I suppose the first thing I should tell you, is that I am something of a goober, as well as a cartoonist. Not that I make cartoons (well, I have made one or two, but they were terrible, so I shan't mention them again), I make comics! Random, ridiculous comics that edge on the bizzare. At least that's what I tell myself. In fact, I've never written a fan fiction in my life...only made fan comics. But I was told I ought to join up, and being the push-over that I am; tahdah! I can't say what I produce will be worth your time or attention, but I can almost certainly promise it will be ridiculous, rambely, and perhaps a little macabre.

When it comes to writing, my favorite author is William Thackary (the Vanity Fair guy...the book, not the bras, you silly people). The man could get away with ranting, hell, the man was the god of ranting! Which makes me beleive that run-on sentences, loose sentence structure, and pointless tirade aren't as bad as those ninny teachers in grade school made them out to be. So if you want something quick, concise, and to the point...well, I'm sorry to say, you're going to have to look somewhere else.

Any who, my name isn't Jane, it's Sarah. I just like the anonymous nature that Jane suggests (Jane Doe). The Strange is partly for poetic devise (sorry, I forget the name of it) and partley descriptive...me being slightly odd and all. Oh, right, so obviously, I am a girl. I am also prude and uptight, so if your looking for that sort of story, I am sorry to dissapoint you. While I appreciate and even admire romance, there are some things I draw the line at, feeling they invade a characters privacy...and also I think that kissing sounds like my sister eating mashed potatoes.

My favorite anime is One Piece, I am more than a little addicted. I find it charming, silly, adorable, and...and...well, I can't properly describe just how awesome I think it is. It's probably the very first show where I love each and every character...with the possible exception of Spandam and Dragon (I don't really know much about Dragon, and Spandam is a fathead.) Anyway, just giving out fair warning that the majority of writings I do will, in all likelihood, be One Piece based. I will try my best to stay true to character's personalities and ideals, and er...huh, that sounded like I was taking a girl scout pledge, huh? What the hell; I pledge, that when caught by the inexplicaple urge to write a fan fiction, that I will stay true to the personalites, ideals, and behavioral traits that we as fans have come to love and respect. ...Now seems like the time Id prick my finger with a pen and sign my name in blood, but I don't want to get my computer screen all...plateletey.