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Author has written 8 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Inuyasha, Harry Potter, and Supernatural.

Hello! My Name's Capt. Blue-Eyed Jane and this is my profile...obviously.

I can't recall how long I've been on Fanfiction, but i'm loving it as always. I'm twenty two now and I'm sorry to say that writing has been put on the back burner for a while-with being in college and whatnot, for those of you who take time out of what i'm sure is a time table closely resembling my own i applaud you as i am not that organized. I don't get on here as much as I would love to. ANYWAYS!!! glad you had time to take a peek and I hope you enjoy what I have written!

Goals in life: I'm going to be a director in theatre and screen/scriptwriter. I would also LOVE to publish something (a novel, hopefully) and perhaps (depending on how ambitious I'm feeling) I'd like to design my own bridal/ gown line. Unsure of that right now. but I've been doodling!

Sign: Libra


I deem that All stories are on hiatus sadly, i don't know when i'll find the time to write but i'll make some when i feel like i have a secure jobe! Sorry about that guys but adly that's how my life is right now :)

DVD Malfunctions: (this is the one i'm re-writing) This is basically what would happen if me and my two best friends were thrown into the Pirates movie, and since they both claimed the cool guys i had to make up my own which is based off of Daniel Radcliffe, incase no-one got that... OC/WT, OC/OC, OC/ Capt.JS

PC Malfunctions: (Currently Working on)The sequel to the previous malfunction mentioned, in which instead of being thrown in to POTC we are thrown into the world of harry potter. this is my first time actually trying to come up with a magical plot gentle. i have no idea as to pairings yet or if there will even be main character pairings.

Seven For A Secret Never To be Told: (currently working on) This is my first Supernatural attempt. i really didn't like the first episode of the third season which was titled The Magnificent Seven and i just expected a lot more from The seven deadly sins-i mean come on they're the seven deadly sins. so here i am going to make it a little bit more of a joyride and it's probably going to be about 20 or so chapters. but it's a whole new take on the SDS. However there are going to be two new people helping: Blaire Sparrow and Joan Butler.

Stories on Hiatus

Dimeirah Black: I am looking at Snape in a more Fatherly perspective. This is about Dimeirah who is the daughter of Sirius Black. I know what you're thinking "he hates Sirius, why in god's name would he like his kid?" aye there's the rub isn't? Now Dimeirah has always been an amazing brewer-she loves potions! she wishes to be a mistress one day, however when she finds out who her father is it isn't enough she wants to find him, starting at Hogwarts. Maybe it's not just the Dark Arts job that's cursed. Forced into the Death Eater's circle, and her family dying around her she's got no-where to turn...except to someone who has known her since she was a babe. Both her and Severus' unknown past colide, maybe he'll get the little girl he's always wanted.

This one I actually will not continue on although i'm leaving it on here because I always liked the idea and maybe I'll dabble in it in May.

The Aquatine Ring: (currently writing) this is my responce to the Pirate Challange, where Hermione gets hurled back in time only to discover what she wants in the future. With the Black family's treausre at risk, and a snarky Admaral following her every step hopefully her feelings will not get in the way of her returning to her present time. SS/HG

I totally forgot about this. I need to stop making promises.

Savvy? (writing with help from gerardlover123) Janaley is trapped in a marriage with a childhood friend is a bit of a stir, what's worse is when you're head over heals for a pirate Captain who's in love with rum. Jack Sparrow comes into Janaley’s life and whisks her away, there's two more months until the marriage, and Jack's trapped at Sea!! Will Jack make it in time to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life? Cake anyone?

I would love to get back into this. gerardlover123 we need to get drunk and write this.


Favorite Quotes: Expect the unexpected, , Artists paint thier pictures on a canvus-musicians paint thier picture on scilence,

Music: Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, everything else i'm not picky with music, except for most rap, the only rap song i can stand are the ones form Take the Lead with Antonio Bandareas. yes that means i love Classical music, Bach, Motzart, Vivaldi, John Williams, Klaus Badlet, JamesNewton Howard and many other movie soundtracks. i've also recently taken a shinning to Broadway musicals like Wicked, Rent, Chicago and others.

Books: Sundays at Tiffany's, Maximum Ride, Night, World, City of Bones (and its series), Harry Potter, POTC, Darren Shan: Cirque du Freak, Confessions of a Teenage Nanny series, Manga: honey mustard, inuyasha, gacha gacha, fall in love like a manga, and many others.

anyway, here's the las bit to warp it all up.

Top Ten:

1.Ninjas are supposed to be silent, not endlessly witty and charming, savvy?

Calico Anne, Columbia, SC

2.Ninjas go where they're told, but a Pirate follows nothing but his heart.

Kiel Morgan, Jacksonville, NC

3.Being friends with a Pirate means you'll always head home with a little extra cash.

Cutty Flam, Cuba, NY

4. Pirates may not be the best friends you have, but at least they're honest about being dishonest.

Isaiah Fireskull, West Springfield, PA

5. Pirates come in all different shapes and sizes, so there is a Pirate out there for everyone!

Fish Bait, Brooklyn, NY

6. Singing romantic sea shanties is part and parcel of being a Pirate. Ever see a ninja sing? I don't think so.

Kres Farsailer, Georgetown, TX

7. What's more lovable than the stench of a Pirate who hasn't bathed in a month?!

Lord Kearn, Kingsburg, CA

8. Ninjas always have to be in their black tights crawling around and stalking people. That's just creepy!

Mary, Bethlehem, PA

9. Pirates wear clothes when they go out, while ninjas wear pajamas. Who wants to go on a date with someone wearing pajamas?

Buffles De La Puffles, Oceanside, CA

10. Ninjas rudely sneak up on people. Who likes to be snuck up on? Pirates are very polite in the way that they notify you when they are about to attack you.

Charlotte O'hara, Raymond, ME

If you think Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann--Disney's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN-- are made for each other and that, no matter how awesomely awesome Captain Jack Sparrow may be, he should never, under any circumstances, be with Elizabeth, COPY AND PASTE THIS INTO YOUR PROFILE!

The majority of POTC fangirls squee over only Jack or Will. If you squee over James Norrington or Hector Barbossa in any way, copy and paste this to your profile.

If your iPod has all three POTC soundtracks on it and you can name them by listening to them for less than ten seconds copy and paste this into your profile.

If you sometimes wonder if you were born in the wrong era, copy and paste this into your profile.

If, following the results of the 2008 Oscars, you feel like shooting Daniel Day-Lewis in the head, or at least kicking him where it hurts, for beating Johnny Depp to Best Actor, copy this into your profile.

If, at the point in AWE when Elizabeth says, "You thought I loved him" about Jack, you screamed out "YOU DO!" at the top of your lungs, causing everyone in the immediate vicinity to look at you, copy this into your profile.

If your heart broke for Sweeney Todd when he cried out, "No! Did no-one have mercy on her?", copy this into your profile.

If you don't like Toby anymore, copy this into your profile.

If you randomly sing Sweeney Todd songs during the day, causing your friends to sing it too, copy this into your profile.

If you think the best line in Epiphany has gotta be, "WE ALL DESERVE TO DIE!", copy this into your profile.

If every time you hear the word rum, you automatically think of Captain Jack Sparrow, copy and paste this into your profile!!

If you are a procrastinator, copy and paste this into your profile. Tomorrow.

Till the next time then, Savvy?

Capt. Blue-Eyed Jane

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