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Author has written 11 stories for Lord of the Rings, Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, Warcraft, Inuyasha, Berserk, Bleach, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and Dead Space.

I have had many ideas for fan fiction for a while, finally I've decided to write a few.

I have waaaaay too many ideas for OC's in my fav games/movies/anime, I'll have a few posted here, if you think any are worthy of a fan fic (I have ideas for waaaaay too many) Just write in and based upon popularity I shall write the highest rated ones. Though the names in the summaries say the characters name is Derek, thats just the template until I think of a better one depending upon the show.


Age: 12

Found on the doorstep of Konaha as an infant, Derek is taken in by order of the fourth hokage. He lived alone but was raised by everyone in the village, especially the four jounins. He is adept at my original idea of Weapon transformation Jutsu, this permits him to encase whatever weapon he is holding with chakra and "mold" it into any weapon he has previous knowledge of, his personal favorite weapons to change his own into are double bladed swords and a Zanbato. He aslo has a blood limit trait that permits him to know an opponent simply by looking at them, making it easy for him to make friends and face people in battle, since it was never seen before he was permitted to name it, calling it the Dragon's Eye. In times of emotional duress or anger he grows angelic wings made out of healing chakra, making him capable of healing almost any injury, though he cannot control this ability and due to this Akatsuki has taken a strange interest in him...

Yu Yu Hakusho

Age: 14

An old friend of Kuwabara, Derek is also drawn to Genkai's tournament, though more by Kuwabara's insisting rather than his spiritual senses. There he too unlocks his spirit power, manifesting as a spirit lance. At first he was lower D rank, only able to make a single lance but in time he learns how to not only create more, but use dozens of them at once by suspending them over his head until he is prepared to use them (Copying an old trick he learned from watching old Kung-fu movies). He eventually joins Yusuke and the others during their numerous adventures, becoming good friends with Kurama and having a silent understanding with Hiei.


Jinteki is Inuyasha's brother, born on the same day as him however as a pure human. His human blood is so strong that it suppresses his demonic half completely, only giving him minor enhanced strength and slightly slower aging. Not only that, but his blood is toxic to other demons, burning or weakening them should they come into contact with it. He traveled with Inuyasha when he first meets Kikyo, though is unable to forsee Naraku's insidious plot against the two. He often times feels useless, not possessing great speed or power like Inuyasha, nor can he wield any of his father's swords with his demonic blood suppressed. However unknown to him, his father did have plans for him after he passed away...


Age: 14

As a young boy Derek befriended Shinji Ikari when his father abandoned him, over the years they became good friends. He accompanies Shinji to Tokyo 3 whenever he is called in by Gendo. He does so out of friendship and loyalty towards shinji (and partly because of the photo that Misato gave Shinji lol). He demands to pilot unit one when Shinji refuses and he sees Rei's injured condition, but he is denied since unit one is not configured for him. However there is another Eva unit that Gendo and Ritsuko have been experimenting with, and they permit him to pilot it to test it's abilities...Unit-X. It is a green Eva that not only breaks open it's mouth when it goes berserk, but grows huge demonic horns on its head.


Age: 15

He is a firenation noble, being the son of the ultimate swordmaster of the nation. He is a powerful swordsman, and is betrothed to Azula due to his high stature, whom he accompanies when she is sent to track down Zuko and Uncle...and eventually the avatar. Even though it is an arranged marriage he truly loves Azula, and despite his upbringing he is a good person, always believing in doing the right and honorable thing, making him quite conflicted while alongside Azula for obvious reasons. When they face the avatar and his friends Derek often fights Sokka, being as he is the only non-bender of the group, however his skills with twin swords permit him to go up against strong benders such as Zuko and Toph, though he avoids fighitng Uncle Iroh since he had been his friend and mentor since childhood.

I am so sorry I haven't updated in a while, but rest assured I am not dead lol, though I might as well be with my college schedule.

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