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...Hi. Unless you're Zahariu then you probably don't know me... which is a good thing...for you. But if you want to know me (yeah, right) then take 2 minutes out of your day (or night) to read this:

Random stuff about me. woohoo.

Name: Gaara-Loves-Plywood. Duh.
Age: old enough to know how to light things on fire
Current Residence: Your closet
Occupation: College student at Harvard University. Right...
Day or Night: Night. Without a doubt.
Coke or Pepsi: ... Red Bull
Llamas or Whales: wth?

Well that was random. Whatever... onward!

Loves: wolves, fire, drawing, writing, music, Ramen and pocky, being weird, and my dog. That's it. Oh, and plywood. Can't forget that.

Dislikes with a strong, burning passion: Commercials, Barney and Dora, small children who won't shutup, people in general... the list could go on forever.

My Fav People on Zahariu Uzumaki and Symorene. Go see them.

Favorite Anime/Manga: Naruto, FullMetal Alchemist, and Hellsing. Yay Alucard!

Fav Character: Gaara! He's so cute- I mean, deadly! Envy, he... well I don't really know what to say about him. He's just automatically awesome. He has cool hair. Hidan is pretty awesome too.

Well it's been random, and I'm gonna leave now. Good luck in life. You're gonna need it.

Update: You wanna know something sad? I have over 90+ hits on my fanfic Midnight Snack yet I only have 6 reviews... how dissapointing.


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