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Benino-Chun-Sa's Bio:

meaning: Benino in Japanese means "red" or "crimson," while Chun-Sa is Korean for "angel" - "Red Angel"
real(?) name: Classified G-14 information.
age: Ha, ha, ha... -shifty eyes-
gender: If it was necessary to let someone know, f for female.
traits: Not enough to list or too many to list - it's hard to know.
likes: anything KH related; fluffy Riku/Sora and Axel/Roxas spoofs; Code Geass and its sheer craziness (...pfft); All Star shoes/Chucks; Crimson Hero; texting randomly; the drama "Devil Beside You"; reviews; Ouran High School Host Club; XXXHolic. 'Nuff said; the 90s; abusing the heroine/hero in a series for plot.
dislikes: Deadlines. Boredom. School. The Twilight series in its entirety. The end.
current writer's obession(s): Angst-driven romances. Comedies. KH parings. Donuts (Doumeki/Watanuki). Axel. Grimmjow. ;D

Make sure to check out my LJ; it usually has "what's up with the updates" kind of notes that I'm too lazy to put in each new chapter in the author notes, so, I suggest going there. And that's probably where I'll put more of my adult themed-stories/chapters in because I really don't see the point of putting it on since it the site bothers me enough... Formats are very lacking in this.

Friend me! Or just hit me up on this site's PM. I don't bite...really, I DON'T.

It's tragic.

Stories Completed (?):

You and I - M, Romance, Sasuke/Naruto, AU - I'm leaving it as a oneshot. Yeah. Take it or leave it.
Finished Chapters: one

Stories In Progress:

Infinity on High - M, Romance/Angst, Riku/Sora, AU - This is a project that finally decided to make its appearance after nagging at me incessantly in my mind to come out. It's a story about loss, and the vanishing hope that goes along with it. It's a story of a boy learning to cope after the traumatic suicide of his closest friend that he now believes he never truly knew, and the only person who seemed to notice the mask of lies he hides himself behind. It's a story about a boy who once overcame abuse and triumphed, only to fall back to square one in the end. It's a love story about broken dreams, crippled innocence, mind-blowing confortations of one's fear, and the recovering process to heal.
Finished Chapters: four, fifth in brainstorming/typing mode (it decided to be a monster, so I had to cut it up in parts. Damn chapter...).

Sun in an Empty Room - M, Romance/Humor/Drama, Riku/Sora, AU - There was a slight mishap that my mind made up when this dialogue popped into the KHII game:

"Hey, Sora...?"
"Yeah, Riku?"
(long pause) "You lead."

Or something along those lines (thinking off the top of my head and too lazy to look for accuracy). And I just went asjkls;adfsas and squeed my heart out. (Because we all knew inside that that was The Almost-Confession Scene)... Or I'm just a sucker that has no life. Yeah.

Anyways, this story is set in 2006, because I find that year to be a pretty sight to see on paper. Does that make any sense? No, but I stopped caring once Riku's voice invaded the whole story, saw and conquered the plot to his own liking (meaning he's going to make himself suffer because he's the biggest masochist on the face of KH-verse) and eventually hopes to win the heart of some upbeat Japanese-American kid he crashed into on the bustling streets of Hokkaido. Romance at its best... Right, until the appearance of a baby comes into the picture.

Finished Chapters: one, second in typing mode, third in brainstorming mode

NOTE: Updates will come shortly. Once college becomes non-tragic...and life stops throwing laziness at me. Yeah. Tragic. D:

Upcoming Stories:

A Fox In The Garden - T, Romance/Humor, Axel/Roxas, Riku/Sora on the side, AU - A comedy story? From moi? What the hell? First attempt to write something genuinely entertaining in the funny department. (May or may not be published any time soon...I need to find the file first. UGH.)

Untitled - T or M, Romance/Action/Adventure, AU - Because AU might as well have been my birthname (maybe...hmmm...-ponders-), I think I'll take a stab at a fantasy-driven plot. Centers around the concept of creatures needing to consume the "heart" of a geis, the epitome of chaos, in order to survive for a thousand years. There exists a barrier between the world of these creatures and our world. However, this barrier has been broken by the presence of a geis finding its way into our world - and more creatures will become relentless when hunting for food.

The Realm of Possibilities - T, Romance/Action/Adventure, Doumeki/Watanuki, Watanuki/Himawari, maybe some Clow/Yuuko on the side, AU - XXXHolic, heh-heh... I think this will be a challenge because it's hard to write Yuuko's voice in fanfic without having her be OOC, so I'm probably going to have to look up my favorite XXXHolic fics and try to emulate how those writers write her. And Doumeki... God, he's going to be difficult, what with his role in this story. I believe it's set in a world where there are small demon syndicates that are controlled by High Mages such as Yuuko and Clow, however, they are the two top-dogs. They're rivals (der) and each syndicate holds special individuals (?) with special powers, however, they both lack in one thing - a person with the Sight.

It started in a pub...

Untitled - M, Romance/Drama, AU - Because I can. No, probably not, but seriously? I had a dream about a vegetarian/activist Sora and an apathetic (why is he always apathetic?!) workaholic Riku. And Sora's having an affair with a friend and his blond of a cousin. Yeah. G'damn, my stories always give KH characters loads of issues...
Format: Three-shot

Works I would like to write about:
- A oneshot containing (gasp!) no teen angst.
- A challenge writing prompt.
- A chain of unrelated stories inspired by shuffled playlists or by an album of choice. No time limits of any sort present.

It's short, sweet, and to the point. End.

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Fox in the Garden reviews
AU, AkuRoku, RiSo - "Calming this boner is by far the hardest thing to accomplish." And so, that is how Axel fell. Hard.
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Sun in an Empty Room reviews
Divorce isn't easy. So Riku's life sucks - until the appearance of a baby that was a product of a college-one-night-stand from years ago and a bubbly Japanese-American kid comes crashing into Riku's not-anymore-perfect world. -RiSo-
Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,891 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 7 - Published: 6/17/2009 - Riku, Sora
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Uchiha Sasuke wants unrequainted and unavailable Uzumaki Naruto since the ripe age of puberty, and one thing leads to another, along with a crazy, backfiring proposition that may bring some misfortune. Let the madness begin.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,207 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 21 - Published: 7/19/2007 - Sasuke U., Naruto U. - Complete