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I've finally decided to start posting things on here. Amazing, really. Also, I have an account over on now, if you want to check out any of my original works. A little bit about me:

Name: Nataka S.

Gender: Female

Age: 18 - born Feb 28, 1991

Bio: I'm a high school senior and trying to prepare for college. I have an evil/lovable killer bunny named Shippo, am an aunt to a chinchilla named Aizen and dog named Freya, all of whom mean more to me than most people. On that note I also have two sisters and a brother, who are all older than me. There's an original novel and webcomic underway on my website, although I generally miss the update schedule because I get so busy with things. Back in freshman year I founded an Anime Club with a friend in my high school, have been the club's Overlord ever since, and am also a member of my school's Key Club. I also play the violin and do various forms of art.

NOTE: Just for the record, everything I post here will most likely also be on my website, plus various things that aren't posted here.

Note: My avi is of my OC Nataka, artwork by Hawk from Multi-Artist eXchange.


NOTE: The first note I want to make is that there is a chance some of my things will be shounen-ai (yaoi, slash, m/m, male x male relationships, however you want to refer to it), so please check the summaries of the stories I post before you read them if that type of stuff isn't your thing. I'm not going to put up with flames just because some idiot doesn't know how to read a summary or warning.

Also, these are the pairing that come to mind first. If a story is well written and plausible, than there's a good chance I'll read just about anything. There are very few pairings I absolutely despise and will refuse to read no matter how well written the story is, but they do exist.

Final Fantasy (all): CloudxAerith, ZackxAerith, ZackxCloud, SquallxZell, ZindanexDagger(Garnet), VivixEiko, TidusxYuna, WakkaxLulu,

Kingdom Hearts: Any of the FF pairings above, CloudxLeon, RikuxSora, SoraxKairi, RoxasxAxel, DemyxxZexion (I blame Dualism's: Surgeon General’s Warning for this),

Other Games: Chrono Cross- SergexKid; Legend of Legaia- VahnxNoa,

Rurouni Kenshin: KenshinxSanosuke, MisoaxAoshi, ShishioxYumi, KenshinxTomeo, KenshinxAoshi, YahikoxTsubame

Yu Yu Hakusho: KuramaxHiei, YusukexKeiko

Sailor Moon: SerenaxDarien, RinixHotaru, MichellexAmara, RayexSerena, RinixHelios

Other Anime/Manga: FAKE- DeexRyo; Chrono Crusade- ChronoxRosette, AzmariaxJashua; Naruto- NarutoxHinata; Pretear- HimenoxHayate; Buso Renkin- KazukixTokio; Pokemon (back before it failed)- AshxMisty; Demon Diary- EclipsexRaenef; Card Captors- SakuraxLi, SakuraxMadison,

Harry Potter: HarryxHermione, HarryxLuna, HarryxDraco, JamesxLily, SiriusxRemus, HarryxTom, NevillexLuna,

The Bartimaeus Trilogy: NathanielxKitty,

Artemis Fowl: ArtemisxMinerva,

Other Books: Broken Sky- RyushixAurin, ElanixGerdi, KiaxTy; Deltora Quest- LiefxJasmine; The Theif Lord- ProsperxHornet; The Circle of Magic - BriarxSandry

Stories in Progress-

Vicis Vulnus

Series: Harry Potter; Pairings: Harry x Hermione

Summary: Unsatisfied with the way the war is turning out and determined to fix everything that has gone wrong, Harry creates a portal back to his tenth birthday, a year before he'd leave for Hogwarts. Upon returning to the past he finds his experience will set many things off of their original course- some things that weren't quite counted for.

Status: In Progress, Chapter Seven posted, up to chapter eleven written.

Shattered Memories

Preview available on my website, it will be posted here once I have more done.

Series: Kingdom Hearts; Pairings: (eventual) Cloud x Leon (that means SLASH people)

Summary: The worlds have been fixed and Kingdom Hearts closed for the second time, now it's time for everyone to enjoy the peace they have earned. Unfortunately, forgotten memories have begun haunting Leon, and he is determined to find out what they are, and what really happened when the worlds were beginning to be destroyed all those years ago.

Status: In Progress, working on turning it into a multi-chapter fic. Feel free to go to my site and e-mail me your thoughts on the beginning.


A work in progress, but already about half done. It will be posted once I finish it. This will be a one-shot.

Series: Harry Potter; Pairings: James x Lily

Summary: Lily wanted to earn some money over the summer. The Marauders were simply bored. Meeting up at Lily's dinner-and-a-show job wasn't something any of them expected. The unforeseen consequences of that night carry over, and James is set on proving his love to Lily, more than ever before.

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