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Name : I ain't telling.

Pen Name : RaitoL. Why RaitoL? Lol. Raito is actually Light. So that just means that Raito and Light Yagami are the same. As for L? Yea... its L. So basically my name comes from the show Death Note. Btw, am a girl aite?

Age : A teenager that swears and has friends that are sick in the head. Lol. Well not all my friends are sick. But my secondary pals are really sick in the head. Seriously.

I suck at writing... But then, its damn fun! Lol. I write when I'm bored and when I'm full of crappy ideas. Dahahah. So I won't gurantee a good fanfiction... from me. But still read and review! Don't be so kiam sap, spend a little time to write something! I don't mind flames! I.. at least I think so. x)


Nyeheheehhehehe. Anime&Manga babeh!! Woooohooo! Lol. That is all I'm gonna be talking about here aite? Yea... The shows I've watched and remember at the moment :

Fruits Basket : Oh damn! I am addicted to this series the most. No kidding! Lemme tell you then. After I finished watching the anime, I surfed the net just to find the manga. Coudln't get enough! Plus this is the 1st series where I have a fav couple. Kyo and Tohru. I hav no idea why! Its so damn sweet when they're together. Serious. This is the only couple I like out of all the shows I've watch in my life. Including reality shows, cartoons, video games and watevr crap. Mm-hmm, its true. My fav character is ... uhm ... Hmm... I don't actually have a fav. I like most of the peeps in the show. Nice. I wanna watch it again! I could, if only the FRIGGIN YouTube would STOP cancelling the episodes!! Geram sangat. xP

Yu Yu Hakusho : Kurama!! Lol. Yea, many ppl thinks he's sissy and friggin korea ACTUALLY thought he was a girl. Oh wut the hell man. He was obviously a boy la please. Look carefully dude, he has a flat chest. Ain't being sick here, just pointing out the truth! Bleh! I still like Kurama anyway. Hiei!! WHEEE~~ Lol. He is SOOO cute with his DUH face. I like Koenma too. So cute as a child, so gaya in disguise. Lol.

Gensomaden Saiyuki : Oooossh! Hakkai&Goku yeah! I like Hakkai 'cause he's so calm during intense situations most the time, and is always like the peacemaker of the group which makes him funny. Haha. Goku 'cause he's cute! Plus we resemble a lot too. Immature, hot-tempered, youngest, and last but not least : eats a lot. All Goku, all me!! xD Perasan-ted. No one can ever be like Goku=)

Slam Dunk : This anime is where it all started! Yesh! This was the 1st anime I've ever watch. ;) Rukawa!!!!!! Woot! So damn gaya, and so cute! Really! On court so serious and gaya, off court he just wants to sleep. xD

Rurouni Kenshin : Hmm... hmmm... Kenshin ler. Kenshin resembles Hakkai. The peacemaker. Lol. So cute la Kenshin! Serious! He is so blur blur with Kaoru they all. Lol.

Ranma 1/2 : Ngeh. I don't have any fav's except for P-chan I guess. Not Ryoga, P-chan. I repeat, not Ryoga, P-chan. Hmm, I don't really like the show all that much. Its kinda endless. And their everyday life is like so stoooooopid. But some episodes are funny ler.

Ayashi, No! Ceres : Hmm... A sick show? No fav's here either. Well it ain't that sick. But it kinda grosses me out when this spirit takes over the brother's body and the spirit IN the brothers body tried to rape the sister hu also had a spirit in HER body. Ahh... Confusing story... But I still watchit anyway. Mayb I have a prob. Lol.

The Law of Ueki : Woot woot!! The 1st show I fell in love with when I started watching Animax. A funny fighting show. Yep. Kobasen&Wanko! They r so farrrrnee when they were in the hell prison place. Haha. Oh oh oh. I like Tenko too! Because? Cute la... Nyahahahhaha.

Midori Days : Only 13 episodes for the anime. Humor/romance. I like Midori. Very sweet. But when I watched it on YouTube it was SICK. They did not censore, repeat did not censore. But still, its another humor/romance show, so yeah... I loved it anyway! x)

Fushigi Yuugi : Omg! I totally forgot abt this show. This is no question. My fav is Nuriko!! The he/she!! No doubt about it. Lol. He/she actions are very farnee and cute. And when it comes to being a good friend, Nuriko does the best job. It was such a pity he/she died so early in the DAMN show =( Oooh, I fancy Amiboshi too!! Why? Your asking ME, WHY?!?!?! I dunno also. I just fancy him. He is so... fine!!! Lol. I don't like Suboshi, thought he was a little desperate trying to get Yui's attention. (shrugs)

Full Moon wo Sagashite : I like Meroko to be honest. She's so CUTE!!!!! In bunny version la of course. Lol. And she's really a good friend! I want one like that! Lol. I finished the show d, its quite sad yet happy. And I'm not telling you what hapen aite? xD

Death Note : L!!!! No doubt about it... L!!! Woot woot! Haha. He's so CUTE!!!!! Light's ok la, but he is a bit full of himself. I've oni watched the anime a little bit, and never watched the movie. But I hav friends telling me : "Kira is so handsome!! (squeal)" Yea... I don't know anything about the movie, but if your talking about animation, its L babeh. xD L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gakuen Alice : Natsume! Natsume, Natsume, NATSUME!!! Lol. I xiao case already. Haha. Yea, I like Natsume, he's so cute! Haha. Which reminds me... Youichi! He's cute too! Nyahahahahahahahahhaaha.

Kyou Kara Maoh : Hmmm... I don't think I have a fav. Not because I dun like the show though, but because I don't know who to choose from! But it would most probably be Wolfram. He's so protective over Yuri. Its so sweet! But my friend's right, he is dumb and hot-tempered, but still thought the gay-ness between Yuri and him was sweet. Not that I support the relationship that is. Never really liked... uhm... same gender pairings. Sorry if your a yaoi fan! But I read yaoi sometimes, what am I to judge?? xD

Honey and Clover : Takemoto, Mayama&Hanamoto (sensei). They're dumb, so they're funny! They're funny, so I like them. LOL. I like Takemoto the best though, I don't know why, but it's the truth. And I was in disbelief when Hagu chose Hanamoto over Morita! (No offense to Takemoto, but I already knew Hagu won't end up wif him.) It looked as if Hagu was gonna accept Morita... But she did not. Oh well, I don't understand the show much anyway, its a show for painters. So to me, painters think in a different way, so I don't understand. But loved the show nonetheless. Because it was : humor/romance!

Rave : Thhank youuuu sister! I forgot abt this show! The whole thang! Anyway, my fav will definately have to be Plue!! So cute!! Eeee!!! Lol. I hate Griffin. Damn perverted. Some more so ugly looking. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Black Cat : Hmmm... Hmm... Hmmm... I guess it would beeeeeee... Train Heartnet! Hehe. He is soooooooo gaya. And cute!!! Eve's cute too. Hahha. Sven is funny, and I thought it was sweet that he's so protective over Eve. =D Ahahahahaahhahahaha.

Chobits : I like Hideki to be honest. So... clueless, which makes him cute. Though he's real perverted dude. Chii is cute too. Sumomo also la, but then, she's kinda loud. Makes her kinda annoying at times.

Ouran High School Host Club : Nyehehehehehheeh. This show rocks as much as Fruits Basket man. Damn funny! I like... uhm... uhm... I can't choose la! See? This show has got a lot of common ground with my dear dear Furuba. Both also 26 episodes, both also make me laugh like hell, and I LOVE both shows. Hehe. EEEEEE!! Did I mention that the show is cute??? xD Honey is CUTE!!!! I like the episode where Honey got a cavity. Episode 12 I think. I am re-watching it man!!!!!! Lol.

Dear Boys : WHEEE ~ ~ Another basketball show. Uh-huh. I like Kazuhiko Aikawa!! Hehe. So cute la wei!! And he's the less agressive one compared to Takumi. So yeah... I like Miura Ranmamru. Yay! He kinda reminds me of Kyouya. Not the fact that he is cool like Kyouya, but the fact that he's a really good friend to Takumi. =) Plus he is gaya too. :D

Fate/Stay Night : I don't have any favorites here. I have complaints fer all the characters, except for maybe the minor ones. ;) But I can't believe the whole "true identity" thingie. With the Saber being Arturia (King Arthur) and the Rider being Medusa and the Archer being adult version of Shiro with the Berserker being Hercules. (gasps for breathe) O.O x)

Colourcloud Palace : Hmm... Hmm... Mm-hmm... I think I think, mini Ryuki? x Er... I guess I pretty fancy Li Koyu. He's funny that he doesn't have good sense of direction like Ryoga from Ranma. Lol. But I won't say his my favorite. Its pretty annoying that the only girl in the show is Shuurei though... Its so typical... Its like Fushigi Yuugi for heaven sakes. If not, it'll be the other way around : all girls and one dude. And the dude will be drool-worthy. Sigh. But the show's okay I guess. =)

Air Gear : Bloody sick ass show ended without an explanation. Unless it has a 2nd season... Lol. I dunno why I watch it... Haha. I pretty fancy Kazu in the show. He's the only not-pervert. T.T

Ahhh... My mind is running blank rite now. I can't remember any more shows right now. I'll update agn when I'm not so sleepy. Chow.


P.S.: If you wanna know what handsome is, check for Wang Lee Hom. (drools) Haha. I'm not that big a fan, I have friends calling him their husband! I'm not that crazay over him. ;)

P.S.S. : I found a website to watch Furuba!! But only starts at epi 5. Watch it while you can!!!!! Highly recommended!!!! www.veoh.com

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