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First off, we'd like to thank all of you awful writers out there who bring smiles to our faces when we see that you have 65 chapters and 4 reviews. Inspired by Flame Rising, we'd like to help him out and help flame the moron's out there who call themselves "writers".

If you get flamed... please, take it into consideration that there is a reason for us flaming you.

For all of you idiots out there who don't know how to spell/use grammer/can't understand what you've written, here is our personal favorite quote from a moron like all of you,

"...just because I suck at spelling, doesn't mean I'm smart". Thank you B Gal for that inspiring quote, it is going down in Brutal Embers history.

The main reason we have for flaming you is because you have no idea how awful you sound, and how pitifully horrible your attempts of "humor" are.

Thank you Flame Rising for opening our eyes into seeing that... yes, people are douchebags.