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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, and Bleach.

Uhh... okay, about me...

Well, I live in Maine, I'm 19 years old and I've been writing fanfiction for about two years now. I like writing Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fanfiction and I like making completely new plots because I'm very imaginative. I also like writing my own stories, mostly fantasy/romance. Besides writing, I like reading, again mostly fantasy and fantasy/romance. My favorite book, or books I should say, are Twilight and its sequels New Moon and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. If you like fantasy/romance and a good vampire story, I suggest that you read the books.

I may be a girl, but I'm a gamer and "geek" if you will. I love playing video games and I've shocked several guys when I told them this. I own all the Kingdom Hearts games, Final Fantasy X, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, and the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I also like playing Dance Dance Revolution, although I'm still at basic, but I'm working to get better, although I have a feeling that I won't get as good as one of my guy friends, who's insane on that game...

I have no problem with Yaoi fanfiction, as long as it's not way over the top. Two of my best friends are gay, so I have no problem with the whole thing. But I probably won't be writing yaoi fanfiction, so don't expect to see any from me.

I'm a CNA and will be going to college for Nursing to become an actual nurse. And that's about it on me personally.

Stories Completed

Mako Eyes: Final Fantasy VII- Part One of the Dragon Children Trilogy- It's a VincentXOC story and it's about a young woman who has been an orphan her entire life. Cloud finds her and she is welcomed into the "family" by him and the others. But they soon find out that she is part of an old project called The Dragon Children Project and that she has an ancient creature inside of her... making her and Vincent similar in more ways than one. It came out quite well and received a great deal of praise from Mediaminer.

Stories currently in progress

The Night and the Dawn- It's a RikuXOC story. A girl named Angel is having dreams and visions about Riku and she feels like she knows him and is connected to him in some way when she has never met him before. Her world is soon destroyed and she finds herself starting a journey and a wielder of a Keyblade call Way to the Night, which is a replica of Riku's Way to the Dawn. She finds Riku and the two of them set off on a journey together, facing against the darkness and knowing that if they are separated, it will doom them both. They also know that an old foe of Riku's is after both of their hearts, and they are the only ones who can stop him. It's doing quite well so far here, more than I thought it would, so I'm quite pleased with this story and I think it's my best one so far. It's going to end up being my longest fanfic and I'm hoping to hit at least 25 (was 50 before but I know that that's not gonna happen) chapters before it's done.

The Reiraku That Binds Us- It's a HitsugayaXOC story. Hitsugaya is sent to the real world three years after the Winter War, this time in search for a powerful reiatsu that could possibly be a danger to the real world and Soul Society. While there, he literally has a run-in with a young woman who he seems to have a strange connection with. As he finds himself becoming closer to Yuna, he discovers her powers, what they could lead up to and the secrets she holds... and also that a certain old enemy may still be alive. It's doing just as well as The Night and the Dawn so I'm happy that I have two big hits here that are still in progress. This will be another long fic, possibly longer than The Night and the Dawn, but I'm not sure yet.

Favorite Pairings






YuffieXCid (I know, it's weird, but hey, it could work)



RangikuXRenji (because those two together could raise hell, heehee)

I like using music in my stories, so I will put up disclaimers unless the music belongs to me. If I catch anyone using anything that belongs to me, that includes any of my characters that I create in my stories, without my permission, I will report you and possibly press charges for copyright. You have been warned. If you ask to use any of my characters or anything else that is my original work, I will gladly let you.

Sins can be forgiven; you just have to forgive yourself first ~ Aneilla from Mako Eyes: Final Fantasy VII

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Like night and day, one cannot go on without the other. Riku is the night, you are the day, and you cannot be complete without each other. RikuXOC Rating may change later on
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