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5.6.07 - I'm currently working on Kurama'sFoxyMiko's challenge #10. Ouran High School Host Club/InuYasha crossover with Kagome/anyone-in-the-Host-Club-except-Honey. I have two sentences done so far and I'm trying to get a little straight to the point in the first chapter. Maybe I'll slow down a little once this chapter's finished. I'm not sure. I finished two poems and, as you can see, I uploaded the best one. The other one's about getting drunk and crap like that. I'm extremely happy right now, too!

Around one or two months ago, I submitted a poem called "Contradiction" to Poetry.com's International Poetry Contest. I got my results back yesterday and I made it to the semi-finals! WooT! I'm so happy right now, I can't take! Moreover, they also said that "Contradiction" was selected for publishing in the book coming out either this summer or the next, "Immortal Verses." Since it's a Sunday, I can't mail back the edited version of that poem, even though I didn't actually change anything, until tomorrow. I hope I make it to the finals but I probably won't I don't think it's that good. Still, it would be fun. I think "Contradiction" is on Fatal Shadows' profile. We share our poems a lot. If it's not on her profile, then it's on Slightly Annoyed Psycho's. We also share our poems with that account-type-person.

4.22.07 - My grandma nagged me about not going to church today, too. I'm not Christian, like some of my other friends. I'm Buddhist/Spiritualist along with someone else I know. My grandma keeps on telling me I'm going to go to Hell when I die. Well, she'll either say that or that I'll be reincarnated into a toilet seat. She, my sister, and my sister's boyfriend are so close-minded about every religion other than Christianity. I've given up reasoning with her but I wish they'd stop making fun of it. It's annoying after a while.

Well, I'm helping Fatal Shadows write her third chapter to Momo and am in the middle of starting/finishing a challenge from Slightly Annoyed Psycho. It's called "The Divine Move." A Hikaru no Go/InuYasha crossover with a HikaruKagome pairing. All those stories she had under "Stories Yet To Come" are mostly challenges but she doesn't say that up there because she wants to have a chance to try to write them. Haha. She's going to be mad at me. Teehee...

3.18.07 - I just uploaded my first story! That means that I have to upload more and more... Fun... Well, I hope you would read it and I'm sorry that it's not full of fluff, b ut I haven't had any fluff ideas in a while and I'm working on two or three ideas at the same time right now. Unfortunately, I have a great idea--Alas!--but I'm not good enough to right it. If anyone wants a good Miroku/Kagome or Sesshomaru/Kagome idea, please e-mail me at factoryfag@aim.com.


Muah! Hello, all! I am a very weird person and, yes, I do tell that to everyone whom I meet. If I ever get to write a story on here, I would like some help and some ideas along the way, if it's not too much trouble. I know that that particular day will be very fall off, unfortunately. I'm happy to say that I have one friend (or two, depending on how you count) on here: SAP-DD Co. I fear that I have rubbed off on them, if only a little.


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