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Hello People,

My name is Mizzy Lue (not really...lol). I am pretty new to fanfiction.net but I think it's totally cool. I have already started my own fic and so far I've gotten great reviews from all of them. So of course I plan to keep going. I do have some things in mind at the moment that will take a while to come into play but please Hold on. If you want to know some more about my fic you can message me I don't mind at all.

What out for another fanfic that I already have a few chapters written about. I'm excited because I haven't seen this idea around anywhere yet. For more info just scroll down to the bottom and read to see if you are interested. If you have read of this idea or similar to this idea then email me because I've wanted to read something along this line for awhile already. Besides I think it's a refreshing idea.


So this are some facts about me myself and I (Sorry couldn't hold back from adding that in)

Age: 17 YRS OLD

Grade: Senior

Height: 5'4 (I think?)

Ethnic Background: Hispanic

Languages: English, Spanish, French (Just a little bit)

Sibilings: 3 sisters and I brother


Volleyball, basketball, chocolate, strawberries, mango, peaches, milk, orange juice.


KIKYO!!!! Strawberry Milk, fish, messy room, stinky socks, etc...

Favorite Couples: (Will use most if not ALL in my fics)

Inuyasha - Kagome

Miroku - Sango

Kouga - Ayame

Sesshy - Kagura

Kohaku - Rin

Souta - Kanna

Shippo - Satsuki


Well as some of you might know I have one work in progress at the moment. It's called Tokyo Underground and it another High School Story which are my favorite. I mean just imagine Inuyasha all feral in the modern era. MAJOR SEXYNESS RIGHT LADIES. If you want to know more about this then you should go read it. I only have four chapters but the average page number is 12 I think. ALSO CHAPTER 4 IS UP TODAY, RIGHT NOW, just updated a few minutes ago. I love all the props it gives me an accomplished feeling for some reason too.

Title: Tokyo Underground

Summary: Kagome is going to start her Sen:ior year at Shikon High and isn’t in good terms with her mother at the moment because of it. Will she learn to like it when she meets the K-9 city gang?

Genre: Romantic, Adventure

Setting: High School

Rated: Mature

Progress: Chapter 4 UP!!!

I also have this other story I'm working at the same time. I am already as far as chapter 4 or something but I might break it up into smaller segments maybe not. Not Sure yet. It has no title at the moment but I'll think of it soon I promise. I just got this random idea one day and couldn't just let it go to waist so I started writing it down in my comp book where it curently still resides. If you want to know more about this the n just hit me up and I'll answer any questions you have.

Title: Untitled (at the moment)

Summary: Inuyasha is the Prince of the Western Lands of Demos (the world he lives in). Kagome is a normal girl from planet Earth but her world makes a complete turn when she is kidnapped and taken to this new world were the male dominate in every way. Will she become passive or will she fight for her freedom?

Genre: Romantic, Time travel

Setting: Demos Planet

Progress: Chapter 4 (not sure needs A LOT OF REVISION) Resides in my comp book.

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