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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
And Sometimes You Don't

Hello! And welcome to the newly returned Pwn'd profile. I've just recently started back up in the FF(net) scene so give me a little time to get my gears going again. Just as a sort of FYI all of my previous KH stories have been put on more-so-then-not permanent hiatus. I did love them dearly, but it's just been too long. It was my own fault for being seriously lazy and I do apologise to all of my readers but I really dont think I'll be going back to them any time soon. Sorry.

Anyways! Some about meZ:

Name: Jess
Age: 19
Location: Ur. Mom. (shot) California
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Nya? @.@

AIM: TeCosaNostra I'm always on. Unless I'm asleep. Then NO >:

Hobbies: Anime, Manga, Fanfictions nao, Drawing, Reading, Playing in the Rain, Listening to Music, Eating, Playing Videogames, Sleeping...

10 Random Facts:

1. My dream is to learn to play the violin like Chuanyun Li. He's my idol. I do know how to play the piano though.

2. I do not like cake, frosting, or vanilla ice-cream. Coconut is also out. And popcorn... And even though gummy bears are also made of carnuba wax you really shouldn't go around licking people's cars. I found this out far too late.

3. I can speak Japanese. I have trouble reading Kanji though. (English is my frist language)

4. I have an ifinity to bright colors. And shiny things. Like a magpie.

5. I am allergic to Vitamin K. (The sun)

6. I write for a living.

7. I often confuse my reality with made up places, such as things I've seen on TV, read in a book, or seen in a manga.

8. I like to make lists.

9. I often forget to sleep with my eyes closed and I fall asleep in public places. No sense of danger.

10. I am a very forgetful person. I have, more then once, left my limbs hanging in mid-air because I forget to put them down or forget what they were doing. I also have been known to lose my glasses on my face, try to wear more then one pair of pants, and choke on food I haven't realized was still in my mouth.


Favorite Music:

Really I have no preference for genres of music. If anyone says that they can tell a person by their music collections I would instantly have multiple personality disorder. The songs I listen to also depend on my mood and what I'm planning to do. I really have trouble writing without music playing, and the music that I'm playing greatly influences the undertone of what I'm writing. I enjoy writing dramatic pieces to crazy music like "My Sitar" by Dr. Bombay. It also helps me to write more fluffy things to listen to Schubert or Tchaikovsky. Rock music makes me write the mood of the song, and country music usually makes me write crap; rap is the same thing. I don't mind casually listening to rap or country but it's not inspirational at all. I also enjoy me some death metal sometimes. Like I said, it all depends on my mood. If I had to pick a favorite genre it would probably be classical, just because it's my favorite to play.

5 Most Played Songs On Itunes:

1. Banana Phone- Raffi

2. Astounded- Tantric

3. Must Have Done Something Right- Relient K

4. If I Never Knew You- Jon Secada

5. Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard

Favorite Genres/Tags:

Regular Books: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, Historical-Romance, Mystery-Romance, Romance.
Manga: Romance, Reverse Harem, Cross Dressing, School Based. (Josei, Shoujo, & Shonen-Ai/Yaoi)
Fanfictions: Humor/Romance, and some Drama/Romance, Yaoi, AU, Shonen-Ai.
Anime: Reverse Harem, Yaoi, Romance, Magical Girl, Mystery, Sport, Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy...(that one goes on forever...)(... I watch everything)

XD I sense a theme.

Really, I read/watch everything but I have to be in a seriously certain mood in order to read anything like Character Death, Mutilation, Rape...etc etc.
It's just too much for my happy little mind. And I refuse anything regarding MPreg. Really. It's not
because I have anything against males having kids but whenever I have went aganst my better judgement
and read something with some MPreg in it I have regretted it for the rest of my lyefs. If someone can manage to pull this off
in a story then I will give them a medal.

For books that I have written they have all fallen under the fantasy/romance category.

Favorite Pairings: UPDATED! Nya nya.


These are my favorite pairings, but that doesn't mean I have anything against any other pairings, or that I wont read them. I'm really against character/fan base/pairing bashing, and I think it's rather rude. Really, I just like reading things that are well written so most everything goes for me. Well.. I'm not a big fan of crack cross overs. Regular crack is good though. Really good.


So, KH is where my whole fangirl self first originated. Believe it or not I was pretty much pro Sora-Kairi when I first played the game. And then I stumbled upon "fanfiction" and there wen't my soul. So, if you can't already tell my OTP of OTPs is AkuRoku. I adore this pairing above all others. It's also my favorite to write, and to read. Another one is probably RiSo. It's another one that seems to find its way into all of my writings (or most).


Yeah... I'm really adapting to the Thrill pairing. It's a shame that there isn't a lot more written for this pairing. I contemplated Pillar for a while, but I just don't think it works all that much for me. It's probably because I'm not really a big fan of Tezuka, and I really like Fuuji. I actually adore Eiji, but I just can't see him in a relationship with Ryoma.


Hm... I think I like cannon best in this one. So...AbeMihashi. I really like Mihashi. He's seriously a cute uke. And who doesn't love a cute uke? It's like made of moe.


Ah, this is where things get a little tricky. Basically my preference for this one is Anyone-Tsuna. Another one of those unstoppable cute uke's. Who kicks ass. Of course. I also enjoy me some 80-59/1080-1059/1080-59/80-1059. (Yamamoto-Gokudera) and 18-D or D-18 (Hibari-Dino) I'm actually seriously open for all parings in this anime ('Cept Het) I really have nothing against Hetero pairings for this fandom, but I'm not a big fan of any of the female characters in this show/manga.


Haha, this one is like Reborn, my favorites basically include Anyone-Shibuya. Really, I'm quite open... as long as Shibuya is there.


Another seriously cannon pairing. How borring. To be honest I've never really read any crack for this one, or any other pairing then Doumeki-Watanuki. Perhaps I need to read around in this fandom a bit and then I'll adjust my views. For now though... I think they're cute together.

I was born on the day of Xemnas

In the month of Luxord

In the year of Xemnas, Demyx, Axel, Demyx

And I'm Demyx + Luxord year's old. You could also say that I'm Marluxia + Axel years old. Or Roxas + Zexion years old.

(Or Xion + Lexaeus Since I have to prop the new character)

My favorite number is Xigbar

If you get it, put your own on your profile

Um... Anything else will probably get added on later. I have no idea what else to write about myself.

If you have a question, feel free to ask.

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Kingdom Hearts - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 40,993 - Reviews: 116 - Favs: 149 - Follows: 30 - Updated: 5/12/2007 - Published: 4/23/2007 - Axel, Roxas - Complete
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