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Hello there, reader. I mostly read and write video game fanfiction because I like to see things fleshed out that are left incomplete, as often happens in games when the story is based around gameplay. In anime, manga, and other media, this doesn't happen as much, and when it does it's different when it's just due to an author's mistake in not writing it well. Right now, I'm working on a Super Smash Brothers fanfiction that rewrites the World of Light story in Smash Ultimate. I've written over 70'000 words on it so far, and while i've yet to publish any of it, i'm hoping it'll turn out to be a very good story.

But before i actually start publishing that, there's a story i'm actually working on right now. It's Claus, a hurt/comfort, family, and friendship fic centering around Christmas set in the Smash universe. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I am also a member of the Super Smash Prose discord, a discord for Smash players, Smash fanfic writers and readers, and generally, anyone who likes Smash. The discord code is gDK48ua.

2/16:The next chapter of Claus is out, and i hope you enjoy it. I am so sorry that this one took two months. However, I've already prewritten 80% of one of the remaining chapters, and the story is already almost half done. If you want a guess on my update schedule for the remaining chapters, it'll all be done in four to five weeks if i'm optimistic, 7 weeks otherwise.

10/28/22:Yeah, sorry guys. It's probably never happening until christmas this year. I'm not good with deadlines or honestly writing in general.

I have 42 stories on my profile also called Faron21. Please read them.

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