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My avatar is a picture that i drew...i was bored

Well, i finally got my lazy butt off the couch long enough to upload a story even if it is only one. Anyways, I love wrestling (wwe), i've only been watching a year though, and i regret not giving it a chance sooner because i know I've missed some of the best years from back in the day.

Favorite Wrestlers:

Undertaker- I love this man (cuz, yes, i am a girl the user kinda throws ppl off) i don't care what anyone else says about him (unless it's good things, then i'll listen _) but ya, he deserves all the praise we can give him. He's been in the business longer than practically half the roster in the wwe and even to his colleagues he's known as their leader. Besides, just look at him, what other reason do i need to love him lol, but seriously, i really think he is the greatest and is my all time fav.

Kane- ah, the little brother. He was really funny, although now he's kinda freaking me out, but he's still cool.

Stone Cold Steve Austin- he just cracks me up (although i wasn't laughing when he was feuding with Taker, i didn't like him then, or anyone who messes with UT, but i guess that's where all the great feuds come from...fights).

Shawn Michaels- ya gotta love shawn...that and one of my friends would kill me if i didn't put him on my list.

Triple H- He's cool, makes me laugh a lot, but like Austin, i didn't like him when he was feuding w/ Taker.

Jeff Hardy- I swear this boy is gonna give me a heart attack one day with all the high flying he does, but ya gotta love him anyways.

John Cena- he's ok, not really a fav, but i like watching some of his matches.

(there are more, i just can't think of em)

Least Favorite Wrestlers (I'm too lazy to describe them all so I'm just going to list some of them)

Edge- do i even need to state why -_-

Santino Marella- he's funny, but he's not a fav, kinda annoys me too

Chris Jericho- as of right now, used to be a fav. but he's annoying me

Chuck Pulambo- ...-_-

Umaga- i can't understand a word he says...but i'm sad to know that he has now passed (R.I.P)

The Great Khlai- if he's so great he should at least be able to do a decent drop kick (srry for those who like him, but I don't and that's my opinion)

Big Daddy V- ...

William Regal- I think he talks funny...lol (srry i kinda got that from Taker during his American Badass gimmick when he gave regal the last ride cuz he wouldn't shut up)

Cody Rhodes- he thinks he's cool...key word: thinks

Ted DiBiase- same as Rhodes

Mark Henry- puts a shame to the name Mark

Shelton Benjamin- he talks too much

(there's more, but im too lazy to name em all)

2/22/10- OMG Shawn and Taker are being soo...argh!!

this would be a great match no doubt, but i don't want the streak to end and i don't want shawn to leave. These are the guys who hold up what's apparently left of the WWE, without them vince has nothing. Though i'm biased when it comes to Taker (rooting for him), this is soo nervewracking ARGH!!

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