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Profile, bah, who needs a profile?

Kidding. Kidding. Sheesh, you guys take everything so very seriously.

Hello, all. The pen name here is Lithium Delusions, but stories are also archived on MM under Kita and Subu-chan.

What? You want to know about us? Sheesh. Don't say you weren't warned.

There are two of us here. Two actual people. Sorry, just had to get that out. A lot of people seem to think since we post stories together, we're actually one person with a personality disorder. This is incorrect. Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Kita (Akita) -- Heh, what do I say, Subu-chan? (Whatever you like, dear. This is your free space. I won't even edit.) Oooh, okay. Hi, My name is Kita. I'm an anime fan-girl from way back... I have ADD, the real deal, and not the thing everyone says their kids have nowadays. So if I seem kind of hyper and easily distractable, that's cause I am. I try though. I do take Ritalin. Chocolate makes me hyper and reeeeeaallly goofy and chances are I won't remember it in the morning. Subu-chan tries to keep me in line, but sometimes it's hard, I know. I love anime of all sorts and I confess to being a not-so-closeted Yaoi fan. I can't help it. Bishie boys with other bishies is a real turn-on. I think They're so cute!!! Lessee, I'm five-three and a half with red hair and a wardrobe that consists of a lot of t-shirts with funny sayings on them or ones with anime characters on them. I like chocolate, even if Subu-chan tries to keep it away from me. I think that's everything.

Subu-chan (J) - And yes, that's all you're getting of my real name. There is a reason I identify with JJ from Fake, but I won't tell you anymore than that. I'm a writer by choice, but a member of the working public by trade. I'm the researcher and the main person behind the stories. Akita and I have been working together for a long time so her ideas and insane moments of Yaoi fangirl-lishness have become part of my writing stye, and even if she does drive me batty, I wouldn't trade her for the world. We tend to hold whole conversations in our authors notes because we share the keyboard. Oh, okay, make that shove each other over to reach the keys. It's something we've been doing since the day we met. Pay it no mind. We've been partners for a long time and it doesn't even phase me when she takes over to edit or re-write a Yaoi scene. Uhm, I'm taller than Kita with brown hair and a penchant for button-up shirts and comfortable slacks.

Favorite animes are far too many to mention for both of us, but we do tend to write a lot in Fake and PSOH. Also Inuyasha, though we don't post many of those. We disagree on Harry Potter and both like animated movies (even some Disney ones). I love broadway musicals and Evanescence. Akita is a country and eighties rock fan.

That's all for now. We'll update as circumstances permit.

UPDATE 5/2/07

We're working on several more fics in the 'Wicked' series. Stay tuned for more craziness in the pet shop. And for those of you who like the original characters in the "No Good Deed" fic, please read and review "Predator and Prey" by Sesshy81. She has been working with us on that story and it's shaping up to be a wild ride. Don't know where she's going with it, but it's bound to be worth the trouble. Tell her Subu & Kita sent you.

Paradiso will be updated as circumstances permit. That one kind of has a mind of it's own.

Misery will be updated regularly. It's a finished fic with a half written sequel. You won't find any real Yaoi in Misery but in the sequel... Ohhhh, yeah. Enjoy.

Also... taking suggestions for future chapters on "What is This Feeling?" There are at least four more in the planning, but if there's a favorite pet or character you want to see, please feel free to send a message. We'll entertain as many as we can...

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