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Author has written 5 stories for Shakespeare, Neopets, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, and Twilight.

T3h Erilis...

--... is a girl.

--... is the big One-Six years of age.

--... is a Christian. (Baptist, to be specific.)

--... bleeds blue.

--... wonders why Billy Gillespie is still here.

--... lives in Kentucky.

--... can be stupid.

--... is trying to master the art of 'Shakespoofing'.

--... is probably a hopeless romantic at heart.

--... hearts Pride and Prejudice.

--... has become a psycho Twilight fan. Beware.

--... won't stop singing "While You Loved Me" by Rascal Flatts right now.

--... will avoid reading slashy fics if at all possible. She thinks they're blech.

--... is reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer... I was serious about the beware.

--... hearts YOU! -tacklehug-

So, new fic up. That one songfic I'd promised, the tobyMac "Atmosphere" one. Beware the Twitardation. And the Borat reference... you'll get it in the fic. Just read it, darnit.

Sorry I've been gone. Laptop's been on the fritz and such. I'll try to work on my, err.. neglected writings. I just had to get Atmosphere out of my system, y'know?

Favorite Pairings

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Vaughn x Josie, Marshall x Corrine


Koji x Zoe (oh yes.)

Pride and Prejudice

Darcy x Elizabeth (durr), Bingley x Jane


Josh x Beth (I still say Mick should fall down a well and stay there.)

New Amsterdam

John x Eva


Edward x Bella (Hey Jacob, Mick's throwing a party in the well, and you're invited!)

Random In-Joke Characters (seriously) That May Pop Up in Spoofs

These characters were made by me and my friends on random bouts of stupidity. Enjoy.

Stoopidfayce: A crudely drawn smiley face with buck teeth and his tongue sticking out, ears usually misplaced and sometimes not even attached to his body. Comes in many varieties.

A Fuzzie: A little puffball that follows people around when they have a crush on someone. (Erilis has a fuzzie, jsyk)

Flying Baby: When Erilis asked her friend, "Guess what?" her friend replied, "A baby grew wings and started flying around?" The baby has been named Flying Baby and often appears in random situations.

Hardcore Kid: Technically not a 'character', per se, more like a crude drawing of the guy in the 'How To Be Hardcore' Youtube video. For teh lulz.

Strange Wilderness Shark: The shark with the messed up teeth in the Strange Wilderness movie, as artistically rendered by Erilis (pictured above).

The Preschooler: A happy little preschooler that slid down on a slide with a pole at the end of it, severely hurt himself, and is now cursed to perpetually walk the earth with his legs sprawled out. He has always been unlucky on the playground.

The Slide with a Pole at the End: While having to draw a playground setting for a class project (don't ask) a slide was drawn. For some strange, unknown reason, a pole was drawn right at the end of the slide. The notorious and villainous slide has since been appearing in preschool playgrounds, and has already damaged one poor soul.

Al Gore: Erilis' impression of Al Gore that has critics in tears at her performance... "Sheer brillance" and "So much epic awsum win" has been used to describe it. By the way, Gore also says that you're the reason the earth is burning. AND ONLY JOO.

Posted Fics You Can Read Right Now. Seriously.

The Love of Humanity: A young girl, a senior in high school, returns from her first day to find a man nearly dead on her front step. The man, a Gelert that has been transformed into a human, wakes to find himself completely powerless. As he regains his health, strength, and body, using unwillful deceit to win her trust, he slowly begins to see who his allies and enemies in the human world are... as well as what his caretaker could really become to him. (Neopets fic)

The Parody of Romeo and Juliet: Juliet, a sufferer of ADD, and Romeo, inflicted with Tourettes, encounter one another in the midst of a chicken dance at a party. Instantly they fall in love, and do all in their power to reunite and marry, though their families feud, and had been feuding since the Super Bowl of '06. Csan the Bear-crazy Montagues and the Colt-loving Capulets overcome their differences and fantasy teams so that Friar Oprah may wed their children? Probably not. But you can read to find out anyway. (Shakespoof)

Orange Julius Caesar Salad: Julius Caesar thinks he's so great, he can refer to himself in third person. Marc Antony has a chain-smoking problem, which causes problems when he has to run races. Brutus and Cassius are busy dismissing rumors of their 'relationship'. Ah, Rome, back in the day of Julius Caesar. Let's just hope they don't mess with the Ides of March... (Shakespoof)

Dormant: Due to a certain 'incident' when he was much younger, Vaughn Pearson had become a werewolf. For unknown reasons, it suddenly stopped, and he went on with his normal life. Now, somehow, it's awakened again, and Vaughn's starting to struggle to control himself against the urges it's bringing. Can he keep his normal life, maybe even subdue the werewolf for good? I 'unno. Let's see. (Strange Days at Blake Holsey High fic)

Atmosphere: Songfic, using tobyMac's 'Atmosphere', that is set a little after New Moon. Why can Bella not accept that Edward won't leave? Just how can Edward convince her otherwise? (Twilight fic)

Pending Fics

Twelve P.O.'ed Peeps: A small spoof of Twelve Angry Men that will include a few characters from OJCS, Humanity and R&J. Imagine it: Jeremy and Mark on jury duty alongside Pimp Mercutio and Chuck Norris? Chaos, man, chaooooossss!

You Could Be the One: Songfic set at the end of Humanity. Using Bethany Dillon's song of the same title, 'You Could Be the One'. No spoilers. 8D

While You Loved Me: Another songfic, this time with Rascal Flatts' 'While You Loved Me'. It's set during New Moon (so yes, kids, it's another Twitard fic), before Edward's return, telling of Bella's angst about how he left her. Yeah, country song, so what would you expect, really?

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Dormant reviews
Like a virus in a human, is it possible a previously dormant werewolf can wake again? Can Vaughn control himself? Total JV, 'cuz I'm sappy like that.
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Set a little ways after New Moon. Bella can't seem to accept that Edward won't leave her. Just how can he prove otherwise? Songfic, using tobyMac's "Atmosphere".
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