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Guess what, I've actually begun my rewrite of Blood in the Moonlight! I was reading it again after a couple years and wow, is all I can say. It's a good story over all, but my goodness, the writing is terrible! The plot holes are big enough to fly a star ship through. I was only going to rewrite a few plot holes at first and polish the writing but it's so terrible that I've decided a complete rewrite is in order. Some of the story elements will stay the same, but it's going to be a different story and one that will be much better written and also, with Vamdemon and Angel swearing less. I agree with the one review, it's out of place now that I'm reading it after all this time.

I just don't have as much time to commit to this as I did when I wrote it originally but I will try and keep at this. I just love this story and refuse to abandon it!

Here's my update for April 2013.

I'm currently awaiting being diagnosed formally with Multiple Sclerosis. I've also had a rough decade, I won't go into it because it's personal but it's why it's taken so frigging long to write. I'm actually almost done chapter 1 of my rewrite and it is MUCHHHHHHHHHHH better. Not perfect because my neurological difficulties are a drag but the story is getting there. To the people following my story, I will post chapter "5" as a redirect to the rewritten version and leave the original crap-fic in all it's glory. Oh, I also ordered myself a Chromebook and now I can work on my story while I'm watching tv and stuff!

I just turned 31 today, god I feel old.

Another update a few days later:

Got my chromebook, it's full of awesome and I have finished the rough draft of chapter one. Phew, only took about 3 years.

Early May 2013:

I'm done chapter 1 and half way into chapter 2. I will release chapter 1 first but I'm just fine tuning a few details and smoothing over some rough points. I'm also going to make some illustrations of the characters. I have one done of Myotismon, he's easy compared to drawing Devimon who is a lot more detailed. I've also decided on a mega level for Devimon's digivolution line. It's not VenomMyotismon or MaloMyotismon and that's all I'll say. You won't see him until much later in the story though. :P

One more update for mid June 2013:

I've blown past chapter 3 and am over half way done chapter 4. I've decided to finish chapter 4 and then do a huge edit on all 4 chapters. I'm glad I waited because I did end up changing some stuff. It's turned out to be much different than the original story and Devimon is a lot more... fleshed out this time. I'm having a blast writing it!

End of July update 2013:

Okay, I'm posting chapter 1. I wrote all the way to chapter 5, went back to edit chapter 1 and realized that this, still, was not the story I intended all along. It just lacked the emotional depth, so I wrote it in. More detail to the emotional experiences both Angel and Devimon had when confronted with difficult situations. Then I realized I had written them both (unintentionally) with mental illnesses and further realized that THIS was finally, FINALLY the story I'd intended all along.

A story about digimon that reflects the real human condition. Way more people suffer mental illnesses than is generally realized or accepted. Furthermore, the stigma that surrounds mental illness is devastating to those that are diagnosed with one. I know because I have one (ADHD) and I also have significant brain damage as the result of Multiple Sclerosis. Also, mental illness is a subject that's close to my heart as I know so many people that suffer from one.

As a result of my discovery that they both suffer from mental illness, I scrapped the rest of the chapters I had written after chapter 1 and am starting those ones over again because this reveal alters their actions and the story line. In the interest of going forward I have gone over and edited chapter 1 to my satisfaction for now. There will still be grammar mistakes, it's inevitable (especially with the MS) but I think it's passable. Enjoy.

Update mid October:

Okay, check out my art on Deviant Art for my fanfic. I've got 2 up so far. My username is the same there: LadyVamdemon. Also, I'm nearly done with chapter 3 and will post chapters 2 and 3 together. Have fun trying to figure out who Tony is. lol

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