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If you are reading my profile, I'll have to assume that you want to know a bit about me.

Name: Rmiller, but you can call me Miller or Mills.

Gender: Female, I'm positive. No need to check.

Location: The country up north where it snows year round and we ride polar bears to school. There's a caribou ranch out behind my igloo home and my pet beaver warms my toes at night. Zero degrees Celcius is not too cold and I say 'eh' all the time, eh?

Languages: I know English, obviously. I also know French and Chinese (though I've basically forgotten how to read and write it)

Hobbies: Figure skating. Reading. Writing. Drawing. Painting. Role playing. Watching movies. Hanging out with friends.

Fandoms: Alex Rider, Beyblade, Digimon, Harry Potter, D.Gray-Man, Kyo Kara Maoh, Sword of Truth, Artemis Fowl, Junjou Romantica, Hikaru no Go, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Torchwood

Potentially helpful stuff (and things that annoy me/things that I really feel the need to point out):

1) I think this link may help a lot of people to de-sue there OC's. Take the quiz to see how sue-ish your OC is.

2) A good summary helps gain readers. The summary itself doesn't have to be perfect. Obviously, writing summaries is not everyone's forte, but the effort of putting in punctuation, capatalizing letters and having warnings up helps a lot. If you can show you at the very least have good grammar, I can almost guarantee that a few more people would read it. You cannot believe how off turning a summary with bad grammar can be. Also, saying that you can't write summaries in your summary can be a turn off for potential readers. It's a waste of character space. If it's really that terrible, someone will let you know. Let the readers judge if you can write a summary or not. If you really can't, you can always ask for help. (That came off a bit harsh, didn't it?)

3) Format makes a difference between gaining readers and turning away readers. If it's hard to read, no one will want to read it. This means text that is all in bold or italics and giant ass paragraphs. Seriously, if it's hard on the eyes, it's not enjoyable reading.

4) Editing is not hard. It is not hard to reread your writing once or twice through to look for grammar mistakes. If you can't be bothered, get a beta. If you don't want someone else's input (though I don't understand why since the beta can only help you grow as a writer) use spell check. You won't believe how many people put up fics that have a dozen spelling mistakes in it, and I'm not talking about things like 'there' and 'their', I mean typos and double spaces (or no space at all).

5) Flames are silly things. They do not help, only hinder and at best, ignored. If you feel the need to say how badly written a fic is, say why and give suggestions on ways to improve. It is not mandatory to leave a review either, so if the fic is really that upsetting, clicking the back button is also an option. Seriously, writing flames make youself look like a jackass and a bad writer since good writers give thoughtful comments.

6) A drabble is exactly 100 words long. A 500-word drabble is not technically a drabble. It's more like a flashfic, shortfic or a ficlet. And while we're at it, a vignette is a short piece of poetry or theatre script of a scene, idea, setting or character. I know that in fanfiction, people are loose about this kind of thing, but this just bugs me.

7) Reviewers be courteous. Authors have lives outside of writing sans profit. There is no need to hound them rudely about unupdated fics. If it bothers you that much, I suggest you get a life.

I'm always up for co-writing something or beta-ing fics for people. If you want to contact me, chances are, I'll get back to you within 48 hours. I check my email way too often. Just make sure that you tell me who you are. Or else I'm just gonna ignore you and think you're a creepy stalker.

Skype: cheesycrust05



Email: rmiller92@yahoo.ca

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