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-eyes you suspisciously-


It's not like I'm a NERD, or anything? I don't write these things! Fanfiction is so LAME and I totally don't read it! Fanfiction is lame! Nerds are lame! Totally, totally lame! And...


Okay, fine. I'm the biggest nerd in this hemisphere. I've even got glasses. And braces. But I've got really big boobs, so it kinda evens itself out.

Anyways! Welcome to my little corner of the subculture (you know I'm right) known as Fanfiction. I'm pretty bad at keeping to the "fan"-part... I guess I just like inventing original characters too much. But hey, maybe it's time to start a new life!

Latest fic: upcoming, in a sort of fairy-setting. I'm not really sure how to handle it because I suspect I'll drag in some modern versions of LOTR-characters. It's more than likely that it'll be crap, but what the hell, crap makes the world go round.

Last song I listened to: "Running up that hill" with Placebo. 25 times. (No, I'm not kidding. It's not my fault it's pure musical genious.)

Last time I cried: Yesterday, when I noted to a girl I sort of know that both of our parents had magically disappeared. "Twilight zone-y" I commented, and she squealed: "Edward Cullen is so dreamy!" Cue tears of frustration. If the Armageddon arrives in 2012, please, let it absorb Mrs Meyer and her fanatic followers first. In that case I will be perfectly happy and content with the end of the world.

General description: I'm four meters tall, I've got purple skin and a third eye in the middle of my forehead. You should see the looks I get from people walking down the street. (No, okay, I'm 1,75 meters tall and built like a frickin amazon, due to me being addicted to adrenaline and my relatives all being busty beauty queens. All the genes except for the T&A ones got lost somewhere along the way. I've got thick messy dark hair and lightblue eyes, a combination that doesn't look nearly as exotic as it sounds. Most people suspect I'm Russian or French. When I say I'm swedish, they laugh mockingly, and go "Swedish? Very funny. You're not even a blonde." Stupid prejudices.)

Books: Stephen King, Stephen King, Stephen King, Stephen Ki- wait, whaddaya mean other authors? Oh, fine. J K Rowlings, Libba Bray, C S Lewis, Michael Crichton, Derek Landy, F X Toole, Stieg Larsson, Isaac Asimov, and lots of swedish authors none of you have ever heard of. Tolkien isn't in there for a reason. Sorry, old pal, I love you, but your language is just... HEAVY.

Likelihood of me getting on your nerves: oh, so very, very high. I pride myself on being highly annoying, whether it's my taste in books, my somewhat liberal views on sex and religion, or my general attitude concerning Edward Cullen (see, girls, I've had a real stalker. It's not as much fun as it sounds. I promise. And getting proposed to at the age of 17? Not very romantic either. Mostly weird, actually.), I promise you, there's always something that will bother you about me. I'm very, very sorry in advance.

...okay, no I'm not.

Let's all have a blast! Because, let's face it, God is a bisexual Jack Sparrow, wearing eyeliner, smoking a cigarett with a mouthpiece, with his feet up on a chair and his boots off, wishing us all a hell of a good time.

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