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Some of the reviews I got:

~MionePotter1592 for Colorful Bottles chapter 8 : WOW this is a great story! I look forward to more chapters, I only have the suggesting of using some sort of spell check or getting someone to beta read it and that would significantly improve the story. Great job!

stellie. for Colorful Bottles chapter 9: OMG!I LOVE IT!SO BEAUTIFUL!UPDATE SOON PLEASE!

Newsiesluver218 () for Colorful Bottles chapter 9: Ah! This is a great story! Please update really soon!

Annonomis -sorry if this is spelled wrong- for Colorful Bottles chapter 9: Aw, this is cute!

UgoHale0413 for Colorful Bottles chapter 9: This is really good! Keep writing!

mylifeismine for Colorful Bottles chapter 8: Go!

Production of Punk for Colorful Bottles chapter 4: This is very cute! You spelled a couple of things wrong though. Do you need a Beta reader?! Can I be it??! Huh?! Pick me!!Pick me!!

booklover1207 for Colorful Bottles chapter 11: OMG I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING THAT! LOL GOOD JOB!

MyLittleB for Colorful Bottles chapter 10: update sooN!

booklover1207 for Colorful Bottles chapter 12: Ha!ha!ha! LOL i luv the emmett make-up thing!

dimesofthenile for Colorful Bottles chapter 12: i like how this story turned out...great job!

Yes I am currently fixing this.. that is why I had to change the story Turning into colorful bottles, that and I had a new Idea for that book. Thank you very much, sorry for the inconvienience.

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I am currently working on a new fan-fiction called Colorful Bottles.. yes I am new but fan-fiction was sugested by one of my closest friends so I am going to give it a try. Also, I am sorry for the misspellings. I have a really great beta reader, she is my friend in real life. Her name on fanfiction is Feed The Foxes! Yay!! Thanks Feed The Foxes!

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