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I love, love, love, love snow.
Why? Because it's pretty white fluffy stuff from da sky!
And I'll be damned before I grow up and find it annoying.
K-A-W-A-I-I x3

Anyways, now that we've moved on from my rather strange, childish, life-long obsession of snow.

I'm Sam! Or more commonly known as Sammii. Why double i's at the end? Cause I can.I'm a "slightly" OCD Kingdom Hearts ((cough,coughSoracough,cough)) fan girlwho often takes awhile to update Fan Fictions and Storys of any sort because she's a general lazy ass. xD Which is my fault, but hey, we can't all be perfect. However, I do try to update as much as possible.

Also, if you see a one-shot below that you want to read, but you don't want to check for it constantly(one-shots do normally get done slower for me because I only do them when I don't want to write the stories) just PM and tell me which you want to read when it comes out and I'll message you with a link whenever it finally does come out.

(also; I do have some detication/request fics, but I only do requests for friends. So if you're not my friend and you really want one, you're kind of out of luck.)

For more information on my fanfics, go here:

In Progress Fan Fictions;;
"Face Down"
"You Promised"
-- Collab w/ InfinityFantasy;; "Three"
"The Chimes"
"Hidden Truths"

In Progress One-Shots;;
"Operation: SoraXKairi"
"Hear Me, Roxas"
"Eternal Snow"

~Trust me, I'm not as crazy as I make myself seem. I'm just a bit out there. Wherever there happens to be.~

Favorite Kingdom Hearts Pairings;;
RoxasXKairi (feat. in two one-shots and four stories/story ideas)
SoraXKairi (feat. two stories/ideas and one one-shot)
SoraXNamine (feat. one story)

"Hidden Truths:" Riku kills Sora after being possessed, again. Determined to keep his friendship with his long-time friend Kairi he turns to Namine to erase the truth, or rather, Sora's existence. How? With his nobody, of course. Can Kairi break Namine's spell and save Sora before it's too late? Mild SoraXKairi ~Coming Soon~

"Operation: SoraXKairi:" An oblivious Kairi is about to get a major wake up call. . .to Sora's feelings. See what happens when your friends put Yuffie in charge of getting a girl to notice you. ~Romantic Comedy One-Shot~ SoraXKairi

"Hear Me, Roxas:" Roxas? Can you hear me? You always promised to come back. Where are you? Are you listening? You've gotta be out there. . .Wherever you are, I'm waiting. ~RoxasXKairi Angst~ One-Shot;; Song Fic

"Face Down:" Kairi lives with her long-time boyfriend Sora in Radiant Garden. Enter Riku, Kairi's former high school class mate who still happens to be pining over her, but what happens when he takes his admiration a bit too far?

"Eternal Snow:" -Roxiri Fluff One-Shot- It all ended in the soft, white blanket of snow.

"Three:" One game made from boredom. Three random guys. One choice, and no picking one guy after you've passed him off. With the added rule of having to go on a date with the guy you "choose", how can you win a game when the person is a complete stranger?

~News Updates~

June 29th, 2009;; OK, so I just deleted "Perfect" and "Friend, or Foe?" And considering that "Perfect" was my most popular story (as sad as that is) I'm sort of expecting complaints. xD If not that's good, but pretty much they got deleted for one reason, I simply did not want to write them anymore. Which yes, sounds like BS, but when I don't know where the story's going, how can you?
June 5th, 2009;; Squee! New chapter of "Three" OUT TODAY, this one by Kyla of course. Which means I can get started on mine and I'm surprisingly excited. I've been working on "You Promised" alot and have a FF/Video project coming out soon that's called "Hope" so that should be coming within the month, and finally, I will get working on all else later on. Thanks for all the reviews, alerts and favorites; you guys rock. ;D
May 23rd, 2009;; AW-MI-GAWD; I updated THREE (the number, not the fan fic, xD) FAN FICTIONS TODAY. Granted, they're all small chapters, but hey, I really can't write them big without getting bored and quitting half way. So I hope you all accept my new policy of wrting small chapters so they get out faster. Which is good, right? I don't know. Sorry for making everyone wait so long though! I promise, I'll try my hardest to not do that again. And thank you to everyone. Really, "Popular" as like four hundred some views with 8 favorites, 7 alerts and 11 reviews, while "Three" is following shortly behind with 245 views, 7 alerts and favorite and nine reviews. Which may not seem like alot, but when I originally came to this site I figured everyone would hate my stories. So keep in mind, I really do care a lot. AND O-M-G; "You Promised" before I posted up the new chpater had 68 views and now it's at 96 an hour and a half later. I'm still gasping. You guys never cease to amaze me. Less than three all of you. :D EternalSnowxXx (also known as Sam) OUT!
April 19th, 2009;; Ahh! I'm so sorry everyone! I'm such a spaz half the time. I'm trying to write as fas as I can, but right now it's just not working for me at all! I'll get them up ASAP. I'm not going to give anymore dates anymore seeing as I just break them anyways. But I promise, the second I finish a chapter it will be up. Just updated my collab with Kyla (InfinityFantasy) a few minutes ago! Read that in the meantime of my utter fail. Again, I'm so, so SORRY. ;-;
December 14th, 2008;; Sorry for my lack of updates! I've just suddenly become obsessed with video editing. I don't know why, but yeah, sorry! I'll try to have new chapters up ASAP. Promise.
October 19th, 2008;; I actually managed to finish "Perfect!" Yaaay! There were so many errors to fix this time around in the second chapter though! It was funny, 'cause I was going back and forth re-writing and changing the document every five seconds. Seriously, but now it's done and I'm almost done with the first chapter to "The Mediator - Friend, or Foe?" too! I'm extremely happy right now. Even though I'm neglecting massive loads of Geometry homework. Hehe.
--Edit;;Finished "The Mediator" today too! Squee. :D
October 11th, 2008;;Ack. No time to write with school taking up 98 percent of free time, and then JJ taking the other 1.8 percent. "Perfect" is going to take forever to finish . Q_Q The next chappie is funny too(at least, I think so).
August 26th, 2008;; School's starting September 2nd so prepare for slower updates. Sorry! I know I'm slow with the updates as is, but please be patient, thanks. I swear I'm trying to finish "Popular" Chapter Two and "The Mediator - Friend, or Foe?" Chapter One before school starts.
August 24th, 2008;; 100+ views, 5 story alerts, six reviews and one fav for just the first chapter to "Perfect." This may not seem like alot for the rest of you, but it pretty much amazes me. xD

~Fan Fiction Chapter Progress~

Chapter Three;; "You Promised" - 5 percent
Chapter Five;; "Three" - 48 percent
Chapter One;; "Face Down" - 0 percent (Heh, heh.)
Prologue;; "Hidden Truths" - 18 percent
One-Shot;; "Operation: SoraXKairi" - 35 percent
One-Shot;; "Hear Me, Roxas" - 30 percent
One-Shot;; "Eternal Snow" - 15 percent

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