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This is my sad excuse of a profile.
It would mean a lot of many of you stop by.
You may even want to PM about anything.
Seriously, anything...
About your cat, your dead goldfish, that itch on your back that you can't reach.
Here I go with my contradictions.
It's just rude and RUDE.

My anger has been vented and now, I am in zen mode...
Sorry, dudes, fell asleep on ya.

About Me

I'm a human of the femal variety.
I was born in Manila, Philippines; St. Luke's Hospital. Philippine time: 3:30pm, January 1st 1992, afternoon. Canada time: 2:30am, January 1st 1992, night.
I still consider my birth time 3:30pm because I was born in the Philippines, not Canada.
I moved to Canada when I was 4 on August 10th or 11th. I don't really remember.
I'm now 16 years old, a sophmore in an All Girls Catholic Highschool. Name shall not be revealed.
Name's Angeline, you may and only refer to me as Angeline or anything similar to that. No more further details.
I wear glasses and have replacement glasses of the Harry Potter Gene...
I'm Asian... If that didn't cross your mind in the above statements... X)
I enjoy writing fanfiction and just writing in general.
However, art is my passion and will always be my passion.
Anime/manga drawing ROCKS.


Sushi, no soy sauce please.
My cat Sushi, again no soy sauce X)
Anime/manga but not to the extreme when I have a crush on a character XD
Chocolates are girl's best friend, screw diamonds.
My silver plated necklace with Cherries on it.
My computer, oh my lovely computer.
Spice Girls, BITE ME.
Jonas Brother, especially Joe Jonas.
JOE JONAS, did I mention that? Soo cute...
My iPod, my precious (Gollum voice, LOL)
Lord of the Rings.
Brian Jacques , Redwall, Mattimeo of Redwall, Mossflower, Martin the Warrior, shall I continue?
Tennis, Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, Novak Djokovic, Andre Agassi, Venus and Serena Williams... I think that's it.
Jell-O and pudding X)



Most of the people from Disney, with few expections.
The Goody-goody, canon pairings.
Some fanon pairings.
Soy Sauce (so not asian of me)
Harry Potter, especially after the last book.
My Harry Potter inspired glasses, thanks dad...
My sad and sorry excuse of a brother.
My fish, who are shockingly name after Harry Potter Characters... I only hate them because they all left me for Fishy Heaven.
Racism, but who doesn't dislike this anyway?
Celebrities who are famous for being famous, meaning talentless bimbos.

Top Anime/Manga

Ouran High School Host Club
The anime was good for me since I did start with the anime first. In do think the style of the anime is better drawn than the style of the manga. But I do love her art. I, however, prefer the manga of course. It's longer and more better. The anime skipped and added many things especially the finale. The manga goes onto to see Kaoru's confession and Tamaki's feelings and Hikaru's feelings. And most surprisingly, Haruhi's love for Tamaki. Yes, she's fallen for the King. And I adore Hunny-senpai. So cute and CUTE XD. This is first because for me it's like perfect. We have drama, love triangles, romance, cuteness beyong belief, action but not too much and it's extremely amusing!

Sailor Moon
Did it shock you that this is second? I was going to put it first but I wasn't a fan of everything on it. It gets to the point, for me, where it got so romantic and blah. And did it seem that Darian was way older than Serena? It did to me! I loved Sailor Venus though! So funny and annoying. She was awesome! And I guess because it was always about Sailor Moon, I started not to like it. It was always about her, well, it is her show, LOL. Anyhoo, I've always been a fan of GIRL POWER and this is the original Magical Girl and the best.

Fruits Baskets
I guess the reason why this was third was because the ending really did it in for me. I was a Yuki X Tohru fan and when she ended with Kyo, I didn't mind, surprisingly. But at the ending when all they did was a handshake goodbye, I was mad. WTF!? They are like best friends! Not even a hug. But we can't overreact too much because through the years they could've hugged. Their children did MARRY each other. Didn't know that? I know, it shocked me too when I heard. Just search on Yahoo or Google about that. Also the artwork seemed to get worse was the series progressed. Momiji and Ayame are my love X)

Beauty Pop
I know this doesn't have an anime but it's a cute manga that also ended short. I do like the ending. Naru-Naru (hehe) X Kiri is my love and joy of this series. I just wish she went more into depth with their relatioship because we didn't really get any besides an accidental kiss, a hug goodbye and two kids, LOL. I wish she expanded like how Ouran was, considering each characters feelings. Because for Kiri I felt that she didn't like Narumi that much yet, especially compared to his feelings for her however, this is Kiri I'm talking about. X) KEI!

Vampire Knight
Love this manga! It's hot, with a capital 'ha'. The drawings are absolutely fantastic and even the anime drawings are wonderful. Looks just like the manga. I like the Yuuki X Zero pairing but it isn't my most favourite couple because they aren't really my favourite characters. I like Ichijo Takuma, he's so funny. Like a tall version of those cute childish characters I like so much. Kaname X Yuuki are okay, I guess, but they are siblings and I'm finding Kaname really scary at this moment.

The anime is also brilliant.

Gundam Seed/ Destiny

So Seed was better for me because it disappointed me the least. I liked Fllay for some weird reason but her death didn't really shock me, I saw it coming. I wish she and kira were able to make-up properly though. I don't like Lacus because I hate her English voice. I really do. My favourite pairing was and still is Athrun X Cagalli. Stupid stupid Cagalli. Mey-rin is okay with me but she's a Fllay look-a-like and she doesn't belong with Athrun! Also, the English version, for me, ruined the show. But the Japanese version is way awesome XD

Code Geass

This has been my latest fetish, heh. Lelouch vi Britannia, has got to be one of the best anti-heroes, seriously. He is such a good thinker and a kind person. Technically, he ruined his life for his sisters. For Nunally, who he loved with all his soul and sacrificed himself for. For Euphiemia, to clear her awful name of 'Massacre Princess' which he caused. So, Lelouch died not as a great hero, like he should've, he died as Demon Emperor Lelouch. Such a damn shame. C.C. also rocks and I love the two of them together. They share a damn bed, why aren't they officially canon. But I'm glad Sunrise and CLAMP draw them together, alot. Hehe.

Favourite Couples: Anime

Kokoro X Kippei (Aishiteruze Baby)
Haruhi X Tamaki (Host Club)
Yuki X Tohru (Furuba)
Tai X Sora (Digimon)
Sango X Miroku (Inuyasha)
Naru-Naru X Kiri (BP)
Mai X Yaezou (Atasha Wa Bambi)
Ayame X Shigure X Hatori (Furuba.. as friends...)
L x Light (Death Note - Don't ask me, they rock, kay.)
C.C. x Lelouch (Code Geass - Clamp and Sunrise love them - they should Canon them, already!)
Suzaku x Euphiemia (Code Geass - Too bad Zero killed her - such a bad move.)
Gino x Kallen (Code Geass - Dork-love)
Suzaku x Kallen (Code Geass)
Suzaku x Nunally (Code Geass - Can I say it's some-what implied?)
Suzaku x Shirley (Code Geass - Shrugs.)
Xing-ke x Tianzi (Code Geass - I know but she's so cute and he's HOTT)
Sakura x Li (Cardcaptors - Tsubasa)
Len x Kahoko (La Corda D'oro - damn her male harem. LOL)
Kaoru x Mei (Host Club - their cute, for me)
Yuri x Haruka (Honey Hunt - Damn that Q-ta)
Zero x Yuuki (Vampire Knight)
Kaname x Yuuki (Vampire Knight - he cares.)
Edgar x Lydia (Earl and Fairy - he gets annoying though)

Favourite Couples: Other

Brucas (One Tree Hill)
Nate X Serena (Gossip Girl)
Chuck X Blair (Gossip Girl)
Clois (Smallville)
Jiley (Hannah Montana, not a huge fan)
Jay X Theresa (Class of the Titans)
Tonks X Remus (HP)
Harry X Hermione (HP)
Lily X Severus (HP)

Favourite Shows

Ellen Degeneres
America's Next Top Model
CSI: Miami
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Jon and Kate Plus 8
Little People, Big World
Extreme Makover: Home Edition
That's 70s Show
That's so Raven
Ned's Declassified School Survivor Guide
Wizards of Waverly Place
Cory in the House
Zory 101
Code Geass
Gundam 00
Chii's Sweet Home
Vampire Knight
Earl and Fairy
Death Note
Grey's Anatomy
Cold Case
So You Think You Can Dance
American Idol
Cartoon KAT-TUN

Favourite Movies

Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Advent Children
Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
Harry Potter (I'm a huge contradiction)
Cheaper By the Dozen 1-2
Finding Nemo
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Mean Girls
The Lizzie Mcguire Movie
Tropic Thunder
Picture This

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