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My name is Torie, or just Monkeysrcomintogetu (or some people know me as my other username, Aloha6292). I'm a tight American Dragon fan, that is addicted to this show and many others! I'm a real nice person to talk to, so drop a message at me:)

(If I'm not here, you can always find me on the forums of American Dragon:Jake Long xD) Imma have to give a shot out to all my friends from there!! xD

Update 10/12/10- My plan was to finish up my current unfinished stories, and began on a few couple more stories. However, I have been caught up in random events this summer, and now I am hooked onto the novel I am currently working. I might post it up for my fans to read it before I publish it... :D But I am into my novels, as my plan is to write all four of my installments by the end of next year, this first one to be done by the end of this year.

I recently made a fictionpress account, same username, to post up some of my poetry and the novel I am currently writing. Check it out if you like (Wait until 10/14 to see, my account still needs to be activated :( )

Name: You call me Torie :)

Age: 17 years of age!

Gender: Imma girl

Home: Las Vegas. LV REPRESENT!!

Hobbies: Watching tv, and playing on the pc (I know I'm boring x( ) TWILIGHT NOW XD

Favorite Types of Songs: I like some rap, but mostly Hip-hop and R&B. Also I like some rock, and other types of songs.

Favorite TV Shows: American Dragon, Hamtaro (though it's canceled x( ), Fairy Odd Parents, couple things on MTV... reality shows (Big Brother, Surivor, Amazing Race).. and I've recently started getting into Avatar...

Favorite Movies: I LOVE ALL DISNEY MOVIES :) And others I can't recount.

More stuff About me:

I APOLOGIZE FOR ALL THE SPELLING MISTAKES IN MY STORY AHEAD OF TIME! :P I'm not the best speller or best at typing and I often have a lot of mistakes in my writing. :P But I'm too lazy to get myself a beta reader :(.

(if you haven't notice, I use a lot smilies in my stories. It's a habit, I can't break xD)

Biggest place of Inspiration: The shower :P

If you are wondering why my username is Monkeysrcomingtogetu, I have an answer. See, I was being stupid, as usual. When I get bored, I write stupid songs that my friends laugh at. About... five or six years ago, I made up a song called, Monkeys are coming to get you. So I know use that as my usernames. :)

I am very competitive. One of my mottoes, is to always win at life, or else your just a loser. I don't know why, just losing always makes me so mad xDDD. At times, I can be a bit funny. And sometimes my jokes, are so funny to people. But I try to keep my jokes to a minimum, so no one gets their feelings hurt.

I will never judge anyone on appearance. I feel that everyone should get a chance, before you can just judge them like that. If I do think of someone with a problem, I will never tell them to their face. I feel to be that honest, is just rude. On that note, I always try to help anyone in need. Sometimes I might complain about it, but most of the time I will be wiling to help.

I have a very addicting personality. By that, I mean I get addicted to things very easily (American Dragon for ex.). When I set my heart to something, I always to for fill it, even if people disagree with me.

And just for your information, none of my stories will ever have any drinking, sex, smoking (okay, there was one scene in Exposed, but I had to portray the troubled businessman.), or any other bad acts. The only thing that might be for older adults, is cussing. Other than that, my stories are clean :) I believe in nice, kid-friendly stories (I'm a kid at heart). However, that will not keep me from reading your stories. xD

I really do like to here peoples opinions on my stories (even bad ones) because I was thinking of an career as a writer or maybe an animator, though I have many career paths I not sure which to choose. So people's put into anything will help them for better or worse. But I do love when people review my stories, or when people read it. Sometimes I feel no one is reading my stories, so when someone does comment about them, at least I know they read it. :)

If you want to chat with me, I do have aim/msn/yahoo all that good stuff. I always love discussing ideas and stuff! If you want my sn's, feel free to ask :)

Favorite quotes from my stories:

Last Week

"So I grabbed that last skull

And made a wish I would regret.

Because everything we’ve been through

Very soon you will forget."

The New Amdrag in Town

"Well, let’s state the fact that it’s the middle of SPRING! Who wears a jacket in the middle of spring! And those pants; ok I know I don’t want to see your knees, I think the rest of the world agrees with me!"-Charinady, ch.3


“I told you already, I’m fine. I was Huntsgirl you know, I am stronger than I look.”-Rose, ch.1

“Hey, don’t ask me. I might be Chinese, but I don’t know anything about my heritage…”-Jake, ch.5

“Please, with this face? How can anyone this fine, get into trouble.” -Jake, ch.5


“So let me get this straight. That was a talking dog, and we are going to Central to beat down a magical creature? Maybe it’s because I’m new, but something here doesn’t seem normal…” -Roxanne, ch. 3

“Oh my god daddy it was amazing! First, we went to the skate park. I fell but whatever. Then we went to Central Park, and Rose and Jake beat down some goblins!! It was so cool!!” -Roxanne, ch. 4

'Okay, even Jake couldn’t believe that. It was impossible; they killed him in the last story!! We all saw it!!'-Narrator referring to Huntsman, ch.8

“So, what did you two do all night?”


“Really. It doesn’t seem like that to me.”-Roxanne to Jake and Rose, ch.14

“What’s a ‘gramps’.”-Roxanne, ch.2

“Did anyone notice the talking dog, besides me!?”-Roxanne, ch.2

“So do they do this, type of thing, everyday?”

“Everyday. See Jake is the American Dragon. It’s his job, to protect the magical world, and all.”

“Oh. I just thought he was just weird and had dragon powers.”-Roxanne & Trixie, ch.2

Dragon Fever

“Mommy, normally I wouldn’t argue about your nutritional and delicious meals, but I’m gonna have to pass on this one.”-Haley, ch.7

“Dragon Fever? That sounds like some made up disease.”-Trixie, ch.6

"This chapter has been brought to you by Lysol."-Narrator, ch.6

“Is my face really that bad?”-Haley, ch.8

You Would Know

"One thing you do know,

Is my gift to thank you:

By erasing your life,

And everything we knew."

The Present, Past, and Future

“What about your name. Jake Long! What’s a Long!?”-Opal Hope, ch.2

“Dang, Chang’s only friend was the Dark Dragon?”-Jake, ch.6

Pranks and Mischief

“Rawr, I’m a big scary…Ahh…hey Gramps,”-Jake

“…Is…your refrigerator running…?”

'I hope it is…'

“Well then you better go catch it!!” “Awww come on, that was classic!!”-Spud

“Old lady twelve o’ clock!”-Spud


“This for sure will get me on the newscaster position! TAKE THAT TOD PERRY!!” -James Paulwell, ch. 3

“Do you know what this means? Think of what we could expose, think of the fame! This video is for sure going to get our ratings higher than channel 8!!”-Daniel Sands, ch.4

“Uhh…I’m not really into the news,”-Jake, ch. 5

Diaries from a Lost Soul

'Normally, I have this thing called “personal space”. But right now, I didn’t feel like telling her to get off of me.'-Morocca, ch.1

'Because ever since I discovered them, my life has shifted downward. And now, the most possible thing has happened; my parents and my baby brother are dead!!'-Morocca, ch.2

'But I couldn’t tell my new friend that I couldn’t skateboard. What if she decides to not be my friend? Maybe, she only hangs out with skaters? So I decided to lie instead.'-Morocca, ch.4

'But like I was really going to get my cell phone out, and go, hey Auntie I’m going out! LOVE YOU! Please…'-Morocca, ch.8

'How can people, actually be dragons? What, do they terrorize the whole city, scaring people?'-Morocca, ch.8

“Hey Morocca, eat some of dad’s tatoes!”-Sammie, ch.3

Huntsclan History 101

“My name is Huntsmaster Manual. You shall address me as Huntsmaster Manual, or Huntsmaster, but nothing else.” -Huntsmaster Manual, ch.1

“I was a commanding officer back when I was in the field. But I retired, to teach you little brats. So don’t make me regret it.”-Huntsmaster Manual, ch.1

A Broken Family

“Jake, it’s time to get your lazy ASS up. Your kids need your help!”-Haley, ch.12

'She is very pretty, and doesn’t look a day over 35 (actually, I don’t know her real age).'-Written by Natalie, ch.2

The Baby Born Dragon

“Well you’re a girl right? Don’t you know how to take care of a baby?”

“I will disregard that you said that.”-Jake & Haley, ch.4

“Jake, are you stupid or something!?”


“She’s an infant. She can’t even fit that burger in her mouth. She needs smaller food!”-Haley & Jake, ch.5

“Haley, remind me to, never have kids.”

“Me too.”-Jake & Haley, ch.5

The Dragon of the Elements

"This Chapter has been brought to you by...Corn Flakes! Nothing says corn, unless they are in flakes!!"-Narrator, ch.6

"Once again, life sucks. Today Jason picked on me today, but I settled it out my own way. I hope and pray tomorrow will be a better day, but it never does."-Journal Entry from Bianca, ch.3

"Well tomorrow I have dragon training with Master Kulde, great! I wonder when this old dude is going to die, I mean really how long has he been on the council? Forever!? Oh well, let’s hope I survive him…"-Journal Entry from Bianca, ch.3

“Hey I know you. You’re that brat me and Jake watched a long time ago.”

“Yeah I remember you. You were about 6 months old. And this is the thanks we get!?”

“Yeah basically!”-Haley, Jake & Bianca, ch.9

“I’m not sure if we should help her? What do you think Enfermis?”

“I don’t know Lumidel. I think we should show her whose boss.”


“Sorry honey…"-Lumidel & Enfermis, ch.10

“Hey, whatever you guys feel like doin’. It’s okay with me.”-Verlice, ch.10

“Look, all my life I just wanted people to respect me, and treat me right. If it means enslaving the whole world, then so be it.”-Bianca, ch.10

"A seed may follow the wind, and there are many currents in the wind. But the seed must choose its own way, to sprout into something beautiful…”-Lumidel, with reference to Councilor Andam, ch.10

“Hmm… seems like you’re on the wrong path kid.”-Lumidel, ch.10

You can Chat with me on:

Aim: Aloha6292 (Don't talk much on there though)


Though recently I haven't been talking that much :( sorry.

Email me at the address above to probably get the fastest response

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