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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Loonatics Unleashed.

hey I'm sugerlandrox and really they do.

See my Avatar he is sooo smexy. His name is Wheeljack he is sooo smexy!!

real name: Savannah

I live in Sugarland, Texas a town that is close to Houston, Texas

shows i like: Loonatics Unleashed, Spiderriders,Transformers(G1, Armada, and Cybertron I would like to see Beast Wars), Tremors, Sonic the Hedgehog, Fruits Basket, and Pokemon there are more ok

my type of music: rock, hard rock, country, rap


Arguments between fuzzball and me

1."tech is my man not yours""Tech is mine I all ready called him""you wish"

2."fuzzy you are so blonde""NO I'M NOT""right there you were just now acting it""no I wasn't""I'm confused""me to"

3."Evil Kat needs a boyfriend""no she dosen't suger""what is she going to do be single her whole life""no she's going to marry Rai's brother after she kill's his current girlfriend""ooooohhhhhh"

4."can i listen to your ipod fuzzy""noway""please""no""give it""no""GIVE IT""NO"

Fav. pairings:




Spider riders








IronhidexFuzzy( my friend)


AshxMisty (FOREVER)

There's more ok

I love watching tv it is so refreshing

Favorite key chain sayings (Not in order)

1. I hear vocies and they don't like you

2.Stop talking I'm out of aspirin

3.I smile because i have no idea whats going on

4. I'm smart and hot your not

5. I like you, when I rule the world your death shall be quick and painless

6. I'm 16, I have a car, so stay on the sidewalk

Some football jokes( I'm an Aggie so no offense to you longhorns)

1. How many longhorns does it take to screw a light bulb: one but he gets three credits

2. There's OU and a UT (Oklahoma and Texas University) driving in oppisite directons and they hit each other and they both live. They get out of the cars and the OU guys says "This is a sign that we should stop fighting each other and be friends" the UT guy agrees gets a jack danieal from his car and the OU guy chugs it half way. He hands it to the UT guy and the UT guy says "No thanks I'll wait tell the cops get here"

My oc's





looks:long black hair, brown eyes, Brown fur, and has scars all over here back

Personality: shy, responsible, trustworthy, and can kick butt, and she's a good singer.

powers: control all plants and control water

Family: Kyle (brother)





looks:brown fur, green eyes, and has a scar over his left eye

Personality: Outgoing, brave, smart, and can kick butt

powers: turn his fur into steel(and still walk/run around) and has super strength and speed

Family: Kara (sister)

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