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Hello there! I am a Swedish writer/artist/wtf. I studied creative writing for a year before I switched uni and got a BA in sociology with a whole lot of gender research and some history in it. I am not totally sure what I am going to do with my degree, since I believe that I mostly loved studying social science and humanities because of the way I can apply theory on almost anything and analyze it. I just love analyzing!


My main fandom is the Elder Scrolls universe, with Morrowind as the absolute favorite and focus. I haven't been able to play Arena or Daggerfall (I gave them both a try but I can't stand the interface), but I have tried to read through their storylines at least.

The Morrowind character I have come to love the most is strangely enough Archmagister Gothren, whom I have "improved" a lot with some imagination. I also used to fangirl Eno Hlaalu, and I still am fond of him. I think I love the game world itself the most, though, since it is so detailed and still full of lore waiting to be discovered through hours of research ;)

I don't know if I feel very strongly for anyone in Oblivion, but three characters from Skyrim have so far managed to get my attention at least. These are Hadvar, General Tullius and Skjor. Yes, I suppose this means I side with the Imperials and a lot of teens who think the civil war of Skyrim is real and Ulfric is sooo oppressed with throw rotten tomatoes on me. As far as I'm concerned, my characters make up their minds on their own which side to pick and I'm fine with both or neither. Anyway, Hadvar was first because I just found him adorable the second time I started a character and realized that you cold follow TWO dudes. I got all the way into the keep before realizing that I had followed Ralof the first time. General Tullius caught the attention of my female Imperial character, but no character before her and so not me either. Yes, it is strange how it works sometimes. As for Skjor, I had just finished the Legion questline and decided to throw in my already battle hardened character in the Companions and went "Hey, Tullius number 2 and even more badass!" at Skjor. The rest is history U_U

So, leaving The Elder Scrolls behind, I have some other fandoms as well.


I was there when Pokemon Red/Blue came out, and I played Red, Gold, Ruby and Fire Red. After that, sorry, I haven't played any newer Pokemon games at all. I'm not really a die hard fan anymore and mostly think of it with fondness. A character who got too stuck in my brain to ever fade away is Lance the Dragon Master, though, and a few years ago I decided that he needs to be slashed with Will from Elite Four so that they will become the dynamic duo (Batman/Robin). Just look at their outfits and you'll see what I'm talking about. Ah, and that pairing is called Masqueradeshipping (again, look at their outfits).


Eagle. What a guy.


I have not played the newest Golden Sun game, and I doubt I will anytime soon. As for the first two games, I have supported Flameshipping (hah, what a letdown the new game was there!) and in general like Garet's personality.


I have very few romantic pairings that I like in the Star Trek universe. Here I mostly just love individual characters for who they are and because they are awesome. Picard and Worf really stand out there. The only pairing that I used to support but now have sort of lost interest in would be Hoshi Sato/Malcolm Reed. I know that it is a popular pairing among fans and I totally felt tricked by the show when they started to develop them but just dropped it in the end!


I am not really a fan of the 2004 movie, because Gerik's "terrible face" is simply not believable. I know plenty of people with worse disfigurements who walk the streets freely. Other movie versions I have watched and like are the old silent movie with Lon Chaney and the 1990 version (maybe it was a miniseries?) and the cartoon. The cartoon wins in that it is most faithful to the book. It is the book I love! The Persian was my favorite character first, but I came to pity and feel sympathy with Erik as well and over the years he has grown on me. I seem to have a thing for creeps!


Ah, yes. Creeps. I haven't read the books yet, but while watching the movies I totally fell for Gríma Wormtongue. As a friend in class put it while I was googling him "don't girls usually check out Aragorn and Legolas?". Not this one, apparently!


In the Belgariad and the Malloreon I support Durnik/Polgara, and anyone who does not... uh doesn't know them? Which is perfectly fine. Tamazin and Oskatat are a similar couple, and I love them too even though they aren't really shown together that much, or individually. Very minor characters. I really like Sadi too, and he neither wants to or needs to be paired with anyone.

I read The Elenium much later in life, and found most characters likeable enough, but I especially loved Kalten. Oh god, Kalten is so full of win.

In The Redemption of Althalus I liked Bheid/Leitha. Not a lot happening there, but I guess they got hitched in the end anyway so everything is fine. How boring, though.


I used to be a big fan of Siuan Sanche/Gareth Bryne, but I kind of lost interest when the characters just didn't seem right to me after Brandon Sanderson took over the writing. Suddenly Bryne was rubbing his chin all too much, which he had never done before, and talking in personality types he used to be an awesome INTJ and now has become an ISTJ. I actually like ISTJ characters most of the time (Red Forman forever, for his butt kicking badassness) but I did not approve of Bryne changing personality overnight. Or the military camp randomly moving. OR Siuan suddenly getting severe amnesia, thinking she usually slept in Bryne's tent... the tension just disappeared between them.

To get over my disappointment with the former pairing I got my hopes up for Berelain/Galad and got my prediction confirmed (yay!) but they turned out to be somewhat boring together. I guess an interesting meeting between every freaking minor character was sacrificed in order to successfully FINISH that goddamn series. I respect that, but it's a bit sad too that so many things had to connect near the end and be rushed like that.

And now, the only pairing left is... dun dun dun: Uno/Birgitte. You know they'd totally jump each other if they met again. Also, these two are suspiciously like Aela and Skjor. I must like one-eyed veterans hooking up with sexy archers.

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