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Good Evening

I guess it is about time I make a proper profile. My name is Anja and I live in a suburban town in Norway with my husband to be and our pet cat Maude and pet tarantula Blair. I am a housewife but my passion is as an occultist, I hope to one day be able to make a living of this interest. I am Pagan and my faith mixes into everything I do. The reason I joined this site is that I love writing stories. I am a huge fan of science fiction, fantasy and horror and when I watch a movie or read a book my mind begin to fill with ideas, usually there are so many scenes, stories and encounters a given franchise never show that my mind still fantasize about so I write about them.

I have always love fanfiction, I think this hobby is a great way to keep a favored setting alive. A given TV series, movie, book, comic, game and so on can only be so long but when fans keep making stories about it, keep thinking about it and keep reading what others have written about it then such a setting, such a fictional universe will never die.

As a storyteller I prefer to write short stories. I am not saying I will never create a long running, several chapters mammoth of a story, however personally I think I am just better at short pieces. Now if any of you that read this profile have looked at any of my stories you will find spelling and grammar errors. I am sorry about this but first of all English is not my first language but more importantly I have dyslexia. Now I know about the beta author thing this site offers however usually the stories I write are written for me, they are written to give me an evening of amusement in writing them and as training to get better at writing, and when done I post what I write up here unless the story I have just been playing with violate any of's rules. I generally do not try to make something perfect, I just try to get better at writing. If someone want to beta my stories then I would be thankful for that, but chances are that I will not go out of my way to look for one.

Let me see, what more should I say in this profile? Perhaps what kind of settings I like to write fanfictions in. Well like I said I have a passion for science fiction, fantasy and horror, and by passion I mean obsession. I have Aspergers syndrome, a form of light autism, one of the symptoms of this disorder is a overpowering passion for one interest to the exclusion of everything else. Have you ever seen those kids on TV that act somewhat strange but just know everything about a topic, well yes those kids very often have Aspergers. My special interest is the supernatural in both fact and in fiction, so yes if something have anything supernatural or paranormal in it then I am all over it. I do however have a few favorite settings though and these include but are not limited to. Stargate, Farscape, Dune, Wheel of Time, Legacy of Kain, World of Darkness both old and new, Castlevania, Transformers, Dragon Age, Warhammer 40 000 and many many more.

Other than writing some of my interests include, occultism, paranormal investigation, RPG, Goth lifestyle, yoga, pilates, belly dance, alternative medicine, religion, spirituality, fantasy, science fiction, horror, paranormal, life extension, transhumanism, Tarot, robotics, Gorean lifestyle, spiritualism, Paganism. Now I might seam like a sort of strange person, and I guess I am at that, and proud of it to. I do not know what else to say right now. I hope I have managed to tell you a little about who I am. Also if you read any of my stories then I hope you will enjoy it, grammar and spelling error and all.

Blessed Be and must your days be filled with joy.

Anja Rebekka Schultze

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