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Author has written 12 stories for Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Blair Witch Project.

Updated: 25/3/14 - Xoxomtmodnarxoxo's Writing Schedule (subject to change)

May 2014 (Subject To Change)

"Learn as much by writing as by reading..." - Lord Acton.


From an early age, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo loved to read. When she turned eight years old, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo received three books, all written by Jacqueline Wilson, and from then on her love for literature grew. As years passed, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo's love for literature expanded as she showed enthusiasm towards other highly-acclaimed authors: Alice Walker, Stephen King, Gaston Leroux, Kitty Neale... however, at the age of ten, considered the idea of writing her own fictional stories. Xoxomtmodnarxoxo revealed this enthusiasm through her creative writing skills within the classroom, and from then on moved onto small jotters and notebooks and random pieces of scrap paper - basically anything she could write on! Before she knew it, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo owned several jotters and well-used notebooks that were filled with different fictional stories.

The most annoying thing about writing fictional stories in notebooks, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo revealed, is that no matter how brilliant your current plan may be for the story you are writing, within a week or two you come up with a much better idea and therefore abandon the idea you have to write a new story... and soon you would abandon that story, too! Therefore, the many notebooks Xoxomtmodnarxoxo had scribbled remained abandoned and unfinished and well hidden in her bedroom - what a burden!

When Xoxomtmodnarxoxo turned 17 years old, she received a laptop for her birthday. Around March 2009, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo wrote her first fic 'Batman Meets The Bee' - inspired by the film 'The Dark Knight' and several humorous sketches on the popular TV show 'Family Guy'. A few months later, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo wrote her second fic 'Batman Meets Dr. P'. However Xoxomtmodnarxoxo still longed to write a proper story, so in late June 2009, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo had published her first 'proper' fic 'Running From The Enemy' inspired by the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise and her own fictional characters. In August 2009, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo had written the sequel of 'Running From The Enemy', 'Hide And Seek'. However, due to continuous studying and other commitments, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo had to postpone her writing for the majority of the year. However, in late April 2010, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo returned to her work in 'Hide And Seek' and was not content over the plot or the characters within the story. As a result, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo deleted 'Hide And Seek' and began to revise the entire story and published the revised version of 'Hide And Seek' in May 2010. Xoxomtmodnarxoxo completed her fic 'Hide And Seek' by November 2010. Xoxomtmodnarxoxo had also published two fics based on the film 'The Blair Witch Project': 'One Day In Hell' and 'Midnight Visitors' during the summer of 2010, after watching the film itself. In Mid-September/Early October 2010, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo began to write 'The Memoirs Of Amy Rose', and is enjoying herself as she writes the fic. Xoxomtmodnarxoxo also published the fic 'Imogen' in early February 2011. The fic 'She Saw The Future' followed shortly after in March 2011.

Needless to say, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo's laptop is crammed with fics and stories. Xoxomtmodnarxoxo loves to keep copies of her stories on her laptop to read again and again at her own leisure. She also has alternative versions of several chapters for 'Running From The Enemy' which have never been viewed by other readers besides herself. Xoxomtmodnarxoxo also has her own large, personal collection of books. In addition, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo also keeps copies of her favourite fics on her iPod Touch in which she is able to read them as eBooks whilst she is on the go through 'iBooks', as well as typing notes for future chapters whenever she is bored or suddenly inspired.

Whilst writing her fics, Xoxomtmodnarxoxo likes to listen to her music loudly and look at pictures of her close friends, celebrities, beautiful landscapes, and her favourite film posters. She particularly receives inspirational ideas for her fics whilst with her friends or travelling. Xoxomtmodnarxoxo is a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Hans Zimmer, Pino Donaggio, James Horner, Clint Mansell (Black Swan), and Michael Crawford and LOVES to listen to their music whilst writing.

Xoxomtmodnarxoxo is currently working on 'The Memoirs Of Amy Rose', and has plans for other fics such as 'Paranormal Activity: The Chickensaur', 'Little Gretel', and 'Whenever The Wind Blows' in the near future.

Xoxomtmodnarxoxo enjoys writing as well as reading to a great extent and would like to thank the readers in FanFiction.net who view and read her work.


Xoxomtmodnarxoxo recommends reading...

'Sold' - Zana Muhsen - A very powerful book which gives the reader a chance to visualise the terrible ordeals of an illegal marraige where there is very little help from the Government, and the differences between societes in many parts of the world nowadays. Not for sale in the USA. Nadia is still in the Yemen, and Zana has published two books and is still fighting to get her sister out of the Yemen.

'Please Stop Laughing At Me' - Jodee Blanco - A moving autobiography in which readers witness the horrific ordeals of bullying through the eyes of a bullying victim, in which that was Jodee Blanco during her childhood. Jodee Blanco educates us in what to do if we should ever be bullied in our lives. Blanco now works for the New York Times and has published many books

'A Nightmare On Elm Street Series: Suffer The Children' - David Bishop - An action-packed book in which Alex Corwin has to fight Freddy Krueger because she not only lives in 1428 Elm Street, but Freddy wants her sexually... As dodgy as it may seem, this book is very addictive! There's more thrills than dodgy, pervy stuff - I promise!

'The Color Purple' - Alice Walker - A very powerful novel which shows the life of Celie Johnson, who was raped and had given birth to two children from her father, and put into an ugly marraige with a man she refers to as Mr-. Then, Celie meets the cheeky, bright, happy Shug Avery, who shows her there is more to life than being sad... This book is beautifully written, highly addictive, and was created into a film by Steven Spielberg which is a masterpiece - don't miss it!

'Push' - Sapphire - This is the novel the film 'Precious' is based on. I've only read a couple of chapters, but it's very emotional. It's about an African-American who dreams of becoming famous, but is raped by her step-father twice at a young age and gives birth to two of his children. As a result, she is very poorly educated and can't even get into college! In addition, she has a very abusive mother. The part when she attempts to write to her teacher is very emotional. It's a modern version of 'The Color Purple', if you like, but I recommend reading it!

'The Phantom Of The Opera' - Gaston Leroux - The original stories are always the best! An opera singer, Christine Daée, is torn between her strong love for her childhood friend, Raoul De Vicomte, and her unusual infatuation for 'the opera ghost' who lurks in the cellars of the Opera Populaire who falls in love with Christine. But when she becomes engaged to Raoul, the Phantom is crushed and is determined to win Christine's heart... including kidnapping her and forcing her to marry him! An old-fashioned but very addictive love story. If you love romances, I recommend this! :D

'Carrie' - Stephen King - Carrie White is a school outcast where everybody shuns her. Carrie is desperate to be like everybody else, but when her brutal classmates and her psychopathic mother go too far, she unleashes an unknown and horrific surprise on them all. A very powerful and motivating novel - it was absolutely brilliant!

'Misery' - Stephen King - Paul Sheldon realises to his horror that after his fatal car crash in a deserted area resulted to him being saved and looked after by his self-possessed number one fan, Annie Wilkes. Crippled in a wheelchair, Paul has to endure his fan's provocative behaviour until eventually Annie demands that as payment for her 'tender and loving' care, Paul must write a brand new novel from his franchise dedicated to her and her favourite fictional character. Paul has a decision to make: should he write this novel? Well, either that or his life...

'Love Lessons' - Jacqueline Wilson - Prudence King dreams of becoming an ordinary teenage girl but due to her old-fashioned, straight-laced, strict father her freedom is very limited in life, resulting in Prue and her younger sister Grace being home-schooled rather than socialising with others. But when Prue's father has a sudden stroke, the two sisters have to face going to High School where Prue is tormented because of her manners, unintended encounters with boys and other mishaps. Yet, during this difficult period of time Prue grows smitten of her Art teacher, Mr Raxberry, and before she knows it, their friendship grows into something more... A breath-taking novel by the highly-acclaimed author who gives us insight into the dangers of relationships between naive teenagers and teachers and the consequences behind love.

'Sins Of The Father' - Kitty Neale - *Only available in the UK* - Emma is torn apart because of her mother's death and due to living in working-class poverty, Emma has no other choice but to marry Horace Bell in order to drag her drunken father and siblings out of poverty. However, alongside her horrific and unbearable marraige with Horace other dire circumstances affect her life which allows Emma to see the harsh reality of life but also encourages her to question her own respectability. A very moving novel and very addictive! Worth a read!

'The Diary Of A Young Girl' - Anne Frank - Considered one of the most important books of the 21st Century where it is the second most popular and well known book next to the Bible, this diary belonged to a Jewish girl who went into hiding from the Nazis during the Second World War in a 'secret annexe' in Amsterdam. Anne kept records of how her family and the Van Pels survived two years of isolation from the outside world whilst hiding in the annexe during the German occupation of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, only months before the war ended, Anne Frank and her family were found and arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Jewish Concentration Camps. Anne, along with her mother and her sister, Margot, died due to illness and lack of nutrition. Months later, Otto Frank (Anne's father) left the Concentration Camps and returned to Amsterdam only to discover he was the only member of the Frank family to have survived the Holocaust. Miep Gies, Otto's work colleague, had secretly kept Anne's diary (unread) in a drawer until Otto had unexpectedly returned from the Camps. Otto had read Anne's diary and had decided to publish his daughter's diary, for she wished to be a writer. The diary was dedicated to Anne and the Frank family. The diary has proven to be very popular, as it has been translated into 60 different languages, there has been film adaptions based on the story behind Anne Frank, and the 'secret annexe' has been renovated into a museum in Amsterdam to this very day. The diary is breath-taking and highlights the unknown longing in a world filled with cruelty. Definitely worth buying and reading again and again.

'Secrets' - Jacqueline Wilson - India and Treasure are two very different girls who form a strong friendship. India comes from a wealthy family who don't understand her and therefore she feels isolated, and Treasure comes from a broken family where she desperately tries to hide from her current step-father, who whipped her with a belt on her forehead, leaving her with a big, ugly scar. However, their livestyles do not get in the way of their friendships. Until one day, Treasure is desperately on the run from her step-father tries to find her and India helps Treasure by hiding Treasure in her attic, inspired by Anne Frank. At first, it's fun but before they both know it, the two girls face different dangers each day that can badly affect their friendship, for example, will India be able to hide Treasure forever without her family knowing? And how will Treasure be able to cope being all alone and hidden whilst suffering from asthma? A gripping tale written in the form of diaries and the references to Anne Frank throughout the entire story was superbly used.

'My Sister's Keeper' - Jodi Picoult - Meet Anna Fitzgerald. Anna was not conceived by accident, for example, a result of a one-night stand or misuse of contraception. Anna was genetically designed to save her sister, Kate, from dying of Leukaemia by donating certain body features when required. After many operations against Anna's will, Anna contacts a lawyer in order to have herself medically emancipated, despite only being 13 years old. This only makes things worse when her family expect her to donate a kidney for Kate at the same time. Will Anna win the case? Will Kate die? A heart-breaking novel that reveals the realities of living with a cancer-stricken family member, and questions the moral status of being a parent. Please please please read the book before watching the film!

'Slam' - Nick Hornby - Teenager Sam Jones has it all: Adequate grades, plans to become a professional skate-boarder, a great mum, a beautiful girlfriend, and Tony Hawk as a role model... until his life screeches to a halt when his girlfriend, Alicia, reveals she is pregnant with his child. Sam must come to terms with becoming a father, but is he fully prepared to face reality? Will Tony Hawk still be there for Sam as he watches Alicia's stomach grow? A gripping tale that exposes the realities of teenage pregnancy; don't expect easy solutions.

'Rosemary's Baby' - Ira Levin - Rosemary Woodhouse and her husband, Guy, are thrilled to move into their new apartment. Whilst Guy dreams of becoming the next famous actor in show business, Rosemary dreams of having their first-born child in the near future. Their future seems bright and happy, with their lovely apartment and loving, welcoming neighbours. After an incident with strange-tasting chocolate mousse and hallucinations, Rosemary discovers that she's pregnant. However, instead of being overjoyed, Rosemary fears for her own life as well as her baby's as she experiences abnormal pains, strange incidents, hallucinations, nosy neighbours offering strange 'protein' snacks, and dismissive doctors who refuse to examine her. Is Rosemary right to feel suspicious, and why are her neighbours so over-protective over her unborn child...? Brilliantly written and very eerie. This was adapted into a film in 1968 starring Mia Farrow which was also brilliantly made, but I recommend reading the book first!

'Jumping To Confusions' - Liz Rettig - Cat is your typical Glaswegian teenager who - unlike her 'perfect' sister Tessa who is blonde, popular, and ever so pretty - thinks she is very plain and that no boy will ever be interested in her. Therefore, she attempts to show no interest to the new boy in town - Josh - who shows a keen interest towards her. Will Cat ever come to terms with Josh's 'strange' behaviour? A hilarious story which emphasises the ordeal of being a teenager suffering from infatuation, and the complexity of relationships - a perfect book for teenagers of all ages!

'The Illustrated Mum' - Jacqueline Wilson - Dolphin loves her bright and eventful life. She loves and dotes on her older sister - Star - and loves her mother - Marigold - even more. Especially Marigold, with her enchanting tattooes that cover her entire body. However, although Dolphin loves life, it is nowhere near perfect. Before she knows it, Dolphin has to face difficulties such as Star running away, her nosey neighbours, suspicious teachers, Marigold's old boyfriend, and having to look after Marigold who suffers from Bipolar Disorder. Will Dolphin be able to manage until Star comes back? What if Star doesn't come back...? A gripping story for older readers that is sometimes touching, sometimes humorous, and at most times very, very scary. Definitely worth a read.

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