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Yes, I have finally updated my bio! Rejoice! Thought I'd make it a little easier to sort out what my favorite fandoms are and the like so here we go. I'm a big fan of 80s cartoons and anime so I hope you enjoy the stories I weave with these great characters. back with cartoons were GOOD, I say!


THUNDERCATS: One of the first fandoms I wrote fanfiction for; very interesting plot outline I thought and I loved the characters. Plus, a lot of the villians were just awesome! You'll find all my stories from these genre focus on the Thunderkittens, they were my abolsute favorite characters.

Favorite Characters: (In Order)

WilyKit and WilyKat: Loved that rambunctious energy of theirs! I'm also a big fan of bonds and these two had a very strong bond. very creative and clever; they could go far if given half the chance. Futuristic stories with these two discovering their worth and strength intrigue me.

Tygra: A very sensitive character which was odd to see in a male character. Very smart and creative plus he was good with children and I love that in a character. Calm and collected most of the time but you can bet he would be frightening if angered for the correct reason.

Lion-O A intriguing situation at first; a child literally in the body of an adult. I loved seeing him mature into a cpaable leader who truly cared deeply for his people, demonstrated on several circumstances. Especially liked his ability to understand the twins on their level a little bit.

Favorite Couples: (In Order)

Tygra-Cheetara I see these two as very compatible. Tygra is sensitive enough but is also not the type that would be overly "gentleman" like which I think would annoy Cheetara. That, plus the fact they've known each other for years adds believability and I see them work together quite well as team.

Pumyra-Bengali I can't really say why I like this couple so much but I do. Bengali and Pumyra work together very well and balance one another out with Bengali's impulsiveness and Pumyra's patience. If anyone can talk sense into Bengali, it would be Pumyra which is good news for the others.

WilyKit/OC (usually a Mutant) Now, this one I admit is a bit weird. I've seen it done once and it was believable. Both of the twins seemed capable of looking past the prejudices of their race and the idea that the children would clear the way for the future of peace between the two races is interesting.

Least Favorite Couples (In Order)

Now, I don't really dislike any couple as I believe a good author can make almost anything work. I love readng all types but these couples are ones that I really don't think work well and are ones that I personally don't support. But kudos to those that do!

Tygra/Bengali Now, if it's written well, I don't mind yaoi, to use an anime term, but these two characters often refer to one another as teammates or perhaps "brothers" in the sense of being from the same clan but Tygra many times is seen to be far more attracted to Cheetara as Bengali is to Pumyra so I reject this couple namely because I feel it makes little sense.

Lion O/Cheetara Same deal as above with some variation. Cheetara seemed to show some interest in Tygra as well as Lion O but it is my belief that sicne Lion O was a child when the series started that she most likely will always see him as a child which would make a relationship hard if not impossible.

WilyKit/WilyKat Now, this couple just bothers me. Very few couples do with this type of exception. I do NOT like incest in the least. Not only are these two siblings but they're twins! I have only seen this couple done credibly once and that was because it was for survival of the race and even that was stretching it.

DISNEY'S ADVENTURES OF THE GUMMI BEARS: Easily my most favorite show of all time! Loved the characters to death, the messages, the culture embedded...pretty much every thing about it. You'll find most of my stories are Barbic-centered, despite them being in very few episodes. I loved them to death.

Favorite Characters: (In Order)

Buddi Barbic My absolute favorite character, possibly of cartoons period. I loved his sensitive nature but he was not so sensitive to be a wimp. Raised among a warrior clan, he could probably kick ass if he wanted to. It's his mixture of traits that give him a somewhat unsure personality, making him fun to play with in stories

Ursa Barbic Now, this girl just kicks! Says what she thinks and doesn't apologize for it. Leader and quite good at it, she resembles Gruffi in many ways but in my version is a bit more logical than he is, more willing to cooperate with her clan members than to just bark orders. Then, there's her adoptive son Buddi, who is her life, plain and simple.

Gritti Barbic Another awesome character who doesn't apolgize for being who he is. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty but tends to not think things through as much as some others which makes him fun to fiddle with, especially emotionally. He and Ursa possibly share some hidden feelings

Cubbi Gummi Hyperactivity best desribes Cubbi. Always full of energy and ready to fight any battle no matter what the risk, he's loyal to the core. will even put his friends and family above his own wants and desires, despite how strong they may be (i.e. His dream to be a knight) I love that in a child.

Sir Plucki Only appeared once but I fell in love with his character. A noble Knight Captain but not above letting his mind be open to new ideas and thoughts. He learned from his teammates no matter what their age and used what they knew to improve what he knew and vice versa. Would have loved to learn more on him.

Cavin/Calla Loyalty is the one thing that sticks out for these two. Never tell a secret these two which makes them some awesome allies to have. Plus, so much room to work with, given their friendships with Cubbi and Sunni. Lots of potential for some good stories there.

Favorite Couples: (In Order)

I could go on forever about these couples so I'll just leave it at, these are couples that I use the most in my stories and prefer to read about. Not to say, I won't read other couples but these are my absolute favorites!

Buddi Barbic/ Sunni Gummi LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this couple! Disney alluded to it in an episode, Return to Ursalia, and Buddi and Sunni each seem to balance one another out, with Buddi and Sunni both being sensitive but logical thinkers, Buddi being more mature than her but she knowing more how to "live". Plus, there;s the whole Romeo-Juliet angle...

Ursa Barbic/ Gritti Barbic Another of my favorite couples, mainly because it makes logical sense. Ursa and Gritti work together constantly and play off of one another very well. Given they are both Barbics, it makes their emotions difficult to judge so that leaves the way open for fanfiction authors.

Grammi Gummi/ Zummi Gummi Lots of background information on these two, on how they grew up together and their understanding of one another's weaknesses and strengths. Not much said verbally because not much needed to be said. One of those unspoken love kinda things...very cute

Cavin/ Princess Calla Lots of potential with this one. Lots of hints throughout the series of them eventually going together and I like the idea. Intersting to see what comes of it and how it would come about, given their massive difference in status although Cavin, since he is a page/squire, is at least a Noble. No one touches on that...

Least Favorite Couples:

I don't really dislike any couple. However, two come to mind that I won't write simply because I don't see them as plausible or working. I HAVE seen them written well by some of my friends however and kudos to them! But these are couples that I personally don't support.

Sunni Gummi/Gusto Gummi: I see Sunni as liking Gusto as a teenager admires an idol. Gusto, likewise, tends to regard her as a little sister and Gusto is pretty much married to his art. So, my apologies Sunni-Gusto fans but I just can't see it happening.

Ursa Barbic/ Gruffi Gummi Now, this one I have seen done well once. You can interpret these two's arguing in various different ways and I personally saw it as rivals and never anything else. They, to me, are too much alike to accomplish anything beyond friendship.

RAINBOW BRITE: I grew up watching this and it shows. It was one of my most memorable childhood shows because I thought the idea was very cool. If they had gone a little further, I think it could have really done some interesting things. Oh well, that's what fanfiction is for, yes?

Favorite Characters: (In Order)

Patty O Green A very perky and spunky character and one with a lot of life in her without being annoying. Loved the jokes on her clumsiness but that spunk never seemed to die, regardless of it. Made her very creative and probably a very dangerous fighter, if need be.

Red Butler Arrogant much? But that's one thing that made his character so fascinating to me! While he was prideful and arrogant, he also had a loyalty about him that I loved. You knew he'd risk anything for his friends which makes for a powerful warrior in his own right.

Stormy Now, THAT'S a useful power and personality to match. Very stubborn and take charge and without a doubt, a warrior at heart. Not one that I would care to tangle with and if ever invovled in a heated skirmish, I believe she would be the key of that team's firepower.

Favorite Couples: (In Order)

Rainbow/Brian Love this couple because there was a ton of hinting towards it! Rainbow mainly but in the later episodes, from Brian as well. The idea of a human and whatever species Rainbow is, intrigues me because it gives it an odd "star crossed lovers" angle that is always fun to play with.

Patty/Buddy Not really sure where the idea started but even as a child, I thought these two should go together because of their personalities. One shy, one rambunctious, one daring, one cautious, one shy and one outgoing...yep, lots of balance in this relationship!

Least Favorite Couples:

These couples are couples I don't support but I do read stories on them if they're written well. I personally don't see them as plausible but that is merely my opinion. You are of course, welcome to your own. But here are mine!

Rainbow/Krys Now, I like Krys as a character, I do. He's really funny and he has a very brave attitude about him. Rainbow is brave in her own right and they work together pretty well after a while but their bickering is a sibling's. They clash because they are too much alike. I see them as friends and nothing else.



Favorite Characters: (In Order)

Son Gohan Love this one! So much heart, power and stubbornness all woven into one package. Loved how he had to conquer his own self doubt to get stronger and he and Goku's relationship is one of my favorites in any anime. So much genieune love there...very rare to see a child of the orignal hero become his own hero too...

Son Goku Come on, how can you NOT love this guy? So much love and forgivness in his character and I love how protective he is of people he cares about. A great father and despite what happened with the battles, a good husband who seemed to care about his wife and family. And what anime or anything for that matetr has the hero have children and a family?

Bulma I love Bulma. She cracks me up and I love her true friendship. Yes, she's vain and a damsel in distress but she makes up for it in any way she knows how. Her concern for everyone that's made her a friend is really inspiring. Not to mention, anyone who can melt Vegeta wins a crown in heaven...

Krillin Love krillin! His friendship and guidance is one of my favorite traits about him. He's got experience and he knows how to think. He isn't a coward but he knows when he's outmatched. I also love the fact that he's both Goku and Goku's son best friend. That's a neat little twist.

Favorite Couples: (In Order)

Bulma/Vegeta I don't think anyone saw this coming. The simple WTF-ness makes it one I love anyway and seeing how Vegeta evolved as a person with Bulma, Trunks and then Bra was awesome. Bulma's pure emotion for him is great, namely whenever she thinks he's been lost or is gone...very sweet

Gohan/Videl or Gohan/Lime Now, I personally prefer Lime to Videl but I can write either. Videl and Gohan have a very honest relationship after a bit though I think Videl is a tad too much like ChiChi. Lime I see as more probable, mainly because she, like Gohan, is a country child. I think Gohan's too much a country boy to ever really fit in entirely in a city type of personality.

Bulma/Goku The only non canon relationship I can support. I can see this happening but only if something happened to both Vegeta and ChiChi because neither are the cheating type. Bulma shows several times that she has some feelings for Goku after he grew up so it's possible.

ChiChi/Goku Now, this is amazing because I used to hate ChiChi's guts. But as I watch it over and over again, I can see a true love between these two. They argue too much and probably could do with settling out some differences but when it comes down to it, good intentions are always there, never malice.

Least Favorite Couples:

Basically, for DBZ, I can't stand yaoi because I don't think it fits or is plausibvle. Pretty much every character is either taken, shown to be a player or not interested. Goku-Vegeta just doesn't work for me...they're rivals, pure and simple amd I really doubt that translates into "interest."


Favorite Characters: (In Order)

Inuyasha He's got such a lovable childlike in some ways but this hardened warrior in others. He has a pride about him but you know if it came down to it, he'd give his life for anyone he cared about, whether he's actually admitted it or not. I love he abd Sesshoumaru's relationship as the series goes. It becomes less enemies, and more allies and in some ways...more brotherly.

Sesshoumaru Complex character alert! Lots of development here and I loved it. A little girl turned him from a cold hearted bastard to a lukewarm one. And I noticed, so many times he could have killed Inuyasha, quite easily yet he never does. In fact, many times, he protects him. Feh...I really doubt there's real hate there...

Kagome I love this girl. She's so loyal and has such undying love for Inuyasha. She would and has done so many selfless things for him and doesn't show any signs of stopping. Such love is really so rare and she didn't even plan for it to go that way. Loyalty and love are a rare combo to find...

Inu no Tashio This guy thought of everything, didn't he? Left the right swords, left the right instructions, planned for so much and he's dead. The little bit we did see of him in Movie 3 shows me that he is truly a mix of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. In a way, that's scary. But I wonder many times...what would have happened if he had lived...

Favorite Couples: (In Order)

Inuyasha/Kagome Such love in this couple and so true emotion. They fight and make up, fight and make up. yet if the going is truly dire, no more masking feelings. Each one would die for the other and they know it. Trust is a true indicator of an enduring relationship and these two have the best kind.

Least Favorite Couples:

Inuyasha/Kikyo Apologies but I do not see this. I don't think there was much of a relationship in the first place. Lust perhaps and maybe friendship but Kagome has been tricked by Naraku as Kikyo was and yet she never attacked Inuyasha. Sorry, I don't think there was love.

My Only HATED Character


Now, I try very hard not to HATE any character but with this one, I can't help it...I cannot stand Kikyo. I see her as someone who used Inuyasha to make sure she didn't have to guard the jewel anymore. I'm sorry, you don't use people like that, nor do you keep trying to kill or drag to Hell one you say you love. When I write her, I go by the anime and do NOT character bash, it's hard so she is not in much of mine...

Well, that's about it. Off to write some more now...ciao!


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