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I think you all deserve to know a little about me, so, here it goes:

Name: Alison

Place of residence: USA

Age: 17

That's all I know about myself. Yup.

Fav. quotes: "I want more chocolate milk, damnit!" -Me

"Why are did not mmm!" Amanda

Let's go to CrunchyTown and get some live bugs! But Gramps and Gran can't stomach them because they're dry-heaving and peeing in an oven! XD

You know what would be funny? If two immortals had a baby today that could only live for half of eternity and the end of eternity was tomorrow. So after all of those months of pregnancy and annoying PMS and hours of labor the baby would be dead by the end of the day. XD It would go a little something like this:

Male Immortal: Congratulations, honey! We have a beautiful baby!

Female Immortal: He looks just like you, sweetie. Want to hold him for a while?

M I: Heck yes! -Takes Baby-

Baby: -Goes limp-

F I: YOU KILLED MEH BEHBEH! -Attacks with abnormal strength for a woman who just went through immense pain-

Guess what guys? I'VE MADE XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN VIDEO'S ON YOUTUBE! Check 'em out sometime! Just search SlytherinSistahs in the search box and BAM! you'll find my vids.

Note to The Evil in Our Hearts readers:

Alrighty, I have some good news, and some bad news. The Good news is that the originally really long story that was split into two stories is now a trilogy!

Now for the bad news: It's really, really sad, guys. The story has turned into a horror type thing- and there are so many plot bunnies that are running around in my head that I might explode.

Anywho, I love you guys!

I'm updating my profile, just in case you couldn't tell. It's partially due to boredom and partially due to a need to type. Ugh.

He holds the key.

His hand holds the key,

The key to my heart.

His voice makes me quiver,

Makes me smile.

His smile is amazing,

Like the sunshine that flitters

Through his hair and onto his face.

He is so serious, almost too serious,

But I like that.

I love how everyone loves him.

It just proves that I'm not the only one

Who thinks he's intoxicating.

He was new here, new in our lives.

He still had that new man smell,

But we're ruining him,

Subjecting him to our evil ways.

It makes me sad to think of it.

But I still like it.

Watch him falling under,

See how he's human?

No one can avoid imperfection.

Not even him, that lovely boy.

How the hell can we get out

Of this harmful world?

Heh. You think that I'm the source of her problems?

Think again. Just look at her,

She's too short to be on this grown-up ride,

Go back to preschool and learn how to rhyme.

Don't forget her little crush on teacher,

Did I forget to mention her one on the preacher? (Mistah B!)

Not everyone's cut out to mature early,

Huh, just look at her, she's a prime example.

Not everyone's cut out for love,

Some people are just there to be shoved

Outta the way while we just play the game

Don'tcha know that people need practice?

That's what she's there for so put her to good use!

His name was on my lips. I don’t know why, but I was ready to say his name even though the question wasn’t about him. I knew it wasn’t going to be, but still I said his name. I’m beginning to feel as if my affection is misplaced. I want to get over him so badly, yet, at the same time, I enjoy feeling attracted to him. It’s odd, but when I’m not near him I feel normal. Sure, I think of him more then I should, but it’s not things like, “I wonder what he’s doing?” or, “I wonder if he’s thinking about me?” It’s just innocent thoughts like “I hope he doesn’t sit with me tomorrow.”

I want to talk to him. I want to tell him everything. I want to give him the moon, the stars, whatever the hell he wants. I just want him to love me. I want someone I can call my own again. I want to feel like I’m all that matters in the world. I can clearly picture my gushing; I can see him standing there, as stoic as ever, listening to me as I ramble on about all of my wild little fantasies, watching in a mixture of shock, confusion, and amusement as I spill my cracked heart out to him, telling him all of my silly little worries and all of my never ending hopes.

I can see him frown when I finish my tirade of thoughts. I can see the meticulous workings of his mind through his countenance as he tries to sort through everything he’d heard me say. I can see, all too clearly, him turning his back and leaving me to stand alone.

I know how the story ends because it’s all too like the stories I write. I only add happy endings to fool myself. In the true world, nothing ends happily.

I realize now that some things do end happily. Happiness isn’t necessarily a joyful feeling. It’s more of a twisted sense of hope and comfort. Joy is momentary. Happiness isn’t.

How many times can I count in my head times when I’ve felt happy? Once? Twice perhaps? Nary a time? Certainly not all the time? Perhaps all I’ve felt is joy.

Maybe I can only feel happy if I love myself. Maybe I can only love myself when I’m happy. Either way, that’ll be a difficult circle to break into. Perhaps I’m a fool for not feeling happy. Perhaps I’m facing reality.

Moonless Midnight

With eyes as dark as a moonless midnight sky,

I can feel you watching over my sleep,

I see you standing there, my heart leaps high,

Rushing over, in your arms we now meet.

Can you hear my breath catch and my heart race?

Can you see it in my loving brown eyes?

A soft, gentle hand caresses my face,

Words too sweet to be true, they must be lies.

The world comes crashing down around my room,

And all I can do is watch it fall down.

Only your touch can save me from this tomb,

It intoxicates me, making me drown.

Now that I'm surrounded by this darkness,

Will you save me, or am I left helpless?

Small steps. Meager progress.

Nowhere running.

Finish line steps back.

Flowers holding people.

Behind falling, but he’s gaining.

Just because you love me

Doesn’t mean that you’re a God.

Just because I love you

Doesn’t mean we’re meant to be.

Hold me closer to you,

I’m addicted to this feeling.

I am complete in this circle,

All I need is you.

Hold me closer

Don’t ever let me go

Hold me tighter

I don’t wanna take it slow

Hold me longer

I wanna take you home.

I can still feel you

Even when you’re not there you’re not there

‘Cause you got something in your skin

That leaves permanent stains on my skin

Hold me closer to you,

I’m addicted to this feeling.

I am complete in this circle,

All I need is you.

Hold me closer

Don’t ever let me go

Hold me tighter

I don’t wanna take it slow

Hold me longer

I wanna take you home.

Too bad you lied to me

You really had me goin’ for a while,

Saying things you didn’t mean,

Trying to get me to shut up and smile

Hold me closer to you,

I’m addicted to this feeling.

I am complete in this circle,

All I need is you.

Hold me closer

Don’t ever let me go

Hold me tighter

I don’t wanna take it slow

Hold me longer

I wanna take you home. (X2)

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