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Author has written 6 stories for Nightmare Before Christmas, Junjō Romantica, Teen Titans, and Homestuck.

Wow, I haven't changed this thing in FOREVER. And, reading what it used to be, I'm ashamed I'd posted that on the internet. Pride demands I also take down the shit from my novice years, but nostalgia demands it stays. Guess which won out? But I'm happy to let my internet footprint fossilize in these archives.

So, here we go...

About Me: I adore romance, more so than my real life reflects. I am an aspiring erotica author and psychologist (potentially opera singer or actress as well?), struggling my way through a writing degree at one of the top fifteen colleges in the good ol' U.S. of A. (Between you and me, I'm only a mediocre student compared to the geniuses traipsing around campus). On that note, I am in fact a sorority girl, so I always find it funny when, particularly in those sordid, predictable college plots, Greek Life princesses play the villain. If anyone is curious about college or Greek Life, feel free to PM me!

Fandoms: AKA the history of my interests.

Ever since I was thirteen, I've been a fangirl (which was an embarrassingly long time ago). And not just any fangirl, but a yaoi fangirl (KAWAII DESUUUUU w!!! yeah that was me) Given that I've been around awhile, I've had the time to dabble in many a fandom. I used to be heavily involved in The Nightmare Before Christmas, but not so much anymore. Although I still love the movie, I find I'm not really reading any fanfics from it. Same thing with Junjo Romantica; the show and manga are still freaking awesome, but I just don't have any interest in it anymore. I actually had a few requests from this fandom, and to those who had asked, I'm SO SORRY I copped out. But you know how it is. The drive is gone, as is the inkwell.

I then adopted Teen Titans. I one supported Beast Boy/Raven, though currently I support Sladin (those of you in the know will understand, and I won't taint those who are confused). Yes, I recognize how utterly wrong and absurd that pairing is. I mean, come on, there were a few possible moments from the show that really only originated from a few episodes...not a lot of fodder for this pairing. HOWEVER, I love the unique dynamic writers tend to come up with. So I suppose I love the fanfics more than the actual pairing, but eh. I'm only half-assedly involved in this one now, and it's all because I ADORE Wynja for her writing.

Nowadays, I've boarded SS Homestuck, sailing the JohnKat, PB&J, and DirkJake ships. Recently, I went through what might be called a quarter-life crisis, and reconnected with my childhood through the cartoons I used to watch. Through this, I rekindled my love for Hey Arnold! I'm still archive-binging, seeing as how I've got over ten years worth of literature to get through, and for the first time in a long time, I'm rooting for a straight couple, Arnold and Helga.

If I forgot to mention anything, just check what I've written. It usually reflects where I am with my fantasies.

Story Types: Yeah, I know I haven't written a lot. But, what I do write is fluff! For the most part, at least. Given that I was a YAOI fangirl, majority of my older stuff was gay and/or involved gay guys. Sometimes I'd throw in a heterosexual couple just so it wouldn't be a sausage fest, and even rarer I'd dabble in the lesbian department. Don't hold your breath for anything all that new, but I've matured, and so have my tastes in couples. Now I'll write all cute fluffiness, be it straight, gay, furry, transsexual, blah blah blah equality for all in my writing you get the gist.

FictionPress: WHY YES, I AM ON IT! As an aspiring professional writer, I thought it important to put a sample of some of my stuff up. There's a lot of bullcrap on it: some of me and my friend dicking around, some of my ill-fated attempts at "serious literature," but all of it is a part of my literary past. My screenname's Il Mio Amore if you're interested, but FAIR WARNING, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. As of right now a lot of the stuff up there is weird short stories that don't reflect my inner romantic at all. Check it out, ya?

Reviews: I recognize that I'm not the best writer. But part of becoming better is welcoming critique, accepting your mistakes, and collaborating with your readers and their feedback. I encourage constructive criticism (note: constructive, not "dis shit wuz lame") and even if you sound like a little bitch, I'll gladly take your notes. And for those of you who read and don't feel like reviewing, I respect that too. I myself have done that most of my life and won't hypocritically criticize you for it. I'm just as happy seeing that I got a few hits as I am hearing someone say "awesome job!"

Showing Appreciation: I don't write as much as I read, and I don't review as much as a fraction of that. If I liked a story, I'll favorite it. If I feel like a story was a beautiful masterpiece, I'll favorite it and write a review. If I feel that an author has written many good stories, rather than favorite them all, I'll just cut out the middle man and favorite the author. If the author is still active, I'll subscribe. I'll only flame an author if I'm unhappy with their stories/writing, which usually only happens if there's too much unneeded angst, or I feel their rendition of a character is complete and utter crap (i.e. WAY off base). But to be fair I try and avoid these stories, so you'll probably only get flamed if your summary was misleading.

Sweet baby jesus, that's verbose. I hope you enjoyed my words. That said, let's wrap this up:

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and have fun perusing my equally as verbose stories! Happy reading!

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