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Heyo everyone!

I am a huge fan of Log Horizon, DanMachi, and stories that contain a variety of elements such as action, comedy, the occasional dark intensity and evil, adventure, and fantasy!

I am also writing SYOCs for Log Horizon, DanMachi, Digimon, my own idea, and more!

Here is a Blank Form for Digimon:





Age: (Keep it young, like how Digimon usually is)

Appearance: (Be descriptive)



Digivice Appearance:

Digi-Link: (What does your character get from the Digi-Link? What abilities and traits? Be reasonable, and remember they start weak and grow stronger)






Quotes: (Optional)


Personality Traits: (Just list them, like "Brave, Cunning, Adventurerous, Shy, ect")


Secrets: (Must have at least two, or one really good one)

Plot points: (Optional)

Other: (Optional)


Digivolution Path: In Training - Rookie - Champion - Ultimate - Mega






Quotes: (Optional)

Other: (Optional)

Here is a Blank Form for Log Horizon:

Basic Information





Personality Traits:

Character Information

Character Name:

Character Stats:

Character Race:

Race Traits: (These are mentioned on the wiki)

Character Appearance and Age:

Character Class:

Character Subclass:

Character Equipment:

Character Accomplishments:

Character Skills:

Build Notes:

And here is a form I made for Azato:

Basic Information

Name: Joshua Aeyn

Nickname: Aza

Age: 14

Background: Neglected by his parents and bullied a lot for his height at school, Azato ended up seeking refuge and friends in the game Elder Tales. At one point, he formed a famous party with five other boys known as "Jantos Six", though they never formally created a Guild.

Personality Traits: Left to his own devices, Azato shows high levels of intelligence, observation, and independence. At some points, he can even come off as a bit callous or unfriendly to those who do not know him.

Character Information

Character Name: Azato

Character Stats: Level 90, 8570 HP, 14200 MP

Character Race: Foxtail

Race Traits: An ability to alter appearance, mainly to appear as human, and an ability to trade a skill for a random skill of any class. Joshua heavily abused this by getting a high Luck skill first, resulting in him having a better chance to get better skills.

Character Appearance and Age: Although he looks young, about 11 or 12, that is what his actual height is in the real world. He also has Foxtail ears and a fox tail, though unlike others his a bit more slim, though could still be considered bushy. His hair is an amber-brown, and his eyes are blue. He wears a deep blue cloak with red trimming and a hood, a white T shirt, black shorts, brown sturdy boots, and a powerful rifle slung across his back. On his wrist was a light and comfortable bracelet that looks study and rare. His height is short, but he seems quite capable and high level. He also ties his long hair into a sort of ponytail, which somehow works. His casual clothes is just his boots, blue baggy shorts, and a white T shirt.

Character Class: Summoner

Character Subclass: Child Prodigy (Requirements: Have a child looking character help complete an entire raid from start to finish while under level, and having provided enough support to not be considered carried). Bonuses include an increase in skills you can upgrade, an ability to obtain rare skills easier, and an ability to have a chance for storyline bonuses. As a lot of it relies on chance, it is also considered a Gambler's subclass.

Character Equipment: Caster Gunbolt Rifle (Phantasmal Class), Ascendent Cloak of Warding (Phantasmal Class), Dragonhide Aeroburst-Boots (Phantasmal Class), Titantic Recovery Bracelet (Phantasmal Class), All Protect Swim Trunks (Artifact Class, Summer Event Reward for special Summertime Raid), All Protect Shorts (item created based on Summer Special Artifact), Other Assorted Items.

Character Accomplishments: Completed the Liberty's Fall Raid after completing the Dragon God's Return Epic Quest, resulting in his acquisition of the Summon Follower: Tempest Dragon spell. Completed the Long Haul Epic Quest of guarding a train through all the most dangerous routes without disembarking or stopping once from Big Apple to South Angel, received the Phantasmal Caster Gunbolt Rifle, a ridiculously large amount of Gold, and the Phantasmal Cloak of Warding. Participated as a Mercenary in the Second Guild War of the server, and successfully routed three allied guilds with his Squad and defeated all their members. Received the Phantasmal Aeroburst-Boots as a result. Fought against the Gargantua Titan at Kingsmore, and was the first to defeat it. Ended up getting the Titanic Recovery bracelet.

Character Skills: Magic Power (Secret)

Long Range Weapons (Intermediate)

Cooking (Hidden)

Heavy Weapons (Beginner)

Luck (Secret)

Castling (Beginner)

Death Scythe (Hidden)

Phantasmal Ride (Intermediate)

Phantasmal Heal (Intermediate)

Improved Summoning (Secret)

Triple Summoning (Secret)

Elemental Bolt (Intermediate)

Summon Follower: Sword Princess (Secret)

Silent Move (Beginner)

Attack Magic (Intermediate)

Critical Chance (Beginner)

Overcharge (Hidden)

Barrier (Secret)

Summon Follower: Phantom (Intermediate)

Summon Follower: Slime (Beginner)

Summon Follower: Unicorn (Intermediate)

Summon Follower: Undine (Beginner)

Summon Follower: Shield Maiden (Hidden)

Summon Follower: Golem (Intermediate)

Summon Follower: Tempest Dragon (Secret)

Summon Follower: Nine Tailed Fox (Hidden)

Summon Follower: Lucky Cat (Intermediate)

Summoner's Whim (Hidden)

Soul Fusion (Hidden)

Numerous others are at the basic level, but he doesn't use them much if ever.

Build Notes: He focused down on luck early on, realizing it would influence the system of the Foxtail that affects to skills. Because of that, he purposefully went after Luck and leveled it, and then used that to boost the great skills he would get from being a Foxtail. It was still a gamble, and he got some skills he had no use for, but he also possesses a large variety of skills as a result as well.

As an additional note, he was only able to get this much due to his choices and strategy, as well as intelligence. However, he also had to give a lot of things up, so he is not some all powerful being. Aside from his Summons, and some magic, he has little defensive ability, for example.

Because if a character is OP, then how am I supposed to write the epic intensity of close battles where you are not sure who will win? Its no good if a character can just clobber everything and always win one sidedly. Things need to be epicWithout epicness, the story would not be as good.

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