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Author has written 34 stories for Trinity Blood, Inuyasha, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Peter Pan, Nodame Cantabile, Daa! Daa! Daa!, Clannad, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, High School Debut, Howl's Moving Castle, Itazura na Kiss, Detective Conan/Case Closed, and Hadashi de Bara wo Fume/裸足でバラを踏め.

A little about Sapphire:

Sapphire Rose E. is a seventeen-year-old blonde who loves to write. She has been writing and coming up with stories all her life and wishes to become a famous author (only using her real name instead of her pen-name which all of you know her as.) She is currently a junior at her Christian school in New Jersey. At school, she participates in Soccer (Defense), Basketball (guard), Softball (3rd basemen), Choir (lead soprano), Band (plays the violin), Art, MSG Varsity, and Home Ec. Her favorite classes are English and (as weird as it is) Chemistry. Her favorite sport is basketball. She is in love with her childhood friend, who is the point guard for their school basketball team, and wishes to marry him one day and have lots of kids, while juggling writing and teaching English at their Christian school. She would love to name her first daughter Sapphire Rose and her first son Caleb.

But most importantly, she loves God with all her heart and wishes to serve Him in every way.

Just as a side note to all of you, Sapphire Rose E. is not really doing much Fanfiction work right now. Maybe an occasional, oneshot or small series, but nothing more. Fanfiction was a thing in the past for her. It was really more of a learning tool than anything. Right now, she's concentrating on finishing high school and getting into college to earn a degree so that she can write professionally and earn money for her writings, and working on her oringal stories. She's sorry to all you fans out there, but maybe she can work on a few short fandoms over the summer or spring break or something? She can't promise anything, but she'll try to get some out there.

Sapphire's favorite anime pairings:

Naoki Irie & Kotoko Aihara (Irie) (Itazura na Kiss) (THE CUTEST COUPLE ON EARTH!! besides me and the guy i love of course)

Kanata & Miyu (Daa! Daa! Daa! or UFO Baby)

Fumino & Kazuma (Faster Than A Kiss)

Sawako & Kazehaya (Kimi no Todoke)

Souichirou & Sumi (Hadashi de bara wo Fume)

Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey (Ace Attorney)

Howl Jenkins/Pendragon & Sophie Hatter (Jenkins/Pendragon) (Howl's Moving Castle)

William Jones & Emma (Emma)

Tomoya & Nagiasa (Clannad)

Yoh & Haruna (Koukou Debt)

Shinichi Kudo & Ran Mouri (Detective Conan)

Lydia & Edgar (Earl and Fairy)

Inuyasha & Kagome! (InuYasha)

Sango & Miroku (InuYasha)

Nodame & Chiaki Shinichi (Nodame Canatible)

Aikawa & Mai (Hoop Days!)

Fujiwara & Mu-chan (Hoop Days!)

Abel & Esther! (Trinity Blood)


1. Itazura na Kiss

2. Daa! Daa! Daa!

3. Emma

4. Detective Conan

5. Kimi no Todoke

6. Clannad

7. Earl and Fairy

8. Howl's Moving Castle

9. Nodame Canatible

10. Dear Boys (Hoop Days)

11. Rurouni Kenshin

12. Kindaichi Case Files

13. Trinity Blood

14. Shonen Onmyouji

15. InuYasha

note: I based these animes off the (1) romance and (2) the awesomeness. Of course however the romance came first in judging these. But i have read/watched many more managa and anime besides these so this is just the top fifteen of the many anime's that i have watched.


THE BEST (one of the best) QUOTES FROM TRINITY BLOOD: "Maple syrup runs through my veins!!" ~Abel Nightroad

THE BEST (one of the best) QUOTES FROM HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE: "Here's another curse. May all your bacon burn!" ~Calicfer

THE BEST (one of the best) QUOTES FROM DETECTIVE CONAN/CASE CLOSED MOVIE 1: "Wow. Uncle is unusually sharp today...maybe not." ~ Conan Edogawa (a.k.a. Shinichi Kudo)

THE BEST (one of the best) QUOTES FROM PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 1: "Not you. We've named the monkey Jack." ~Barbosa

THE BEST (one of the best) QUOTES FROM PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3: "BARBOSA!!Marry us!" ~ Elizabeth Swan

THE BEST (one of the best) QUOTES FROM WINNING LONDON: "Great thinking, Mr. Holmes." ~ Miss Watson

"Elementray, my dear Watson." ~ Mr. Holmes

THE BEST (one of the best) QUOTES FROM 27 DRESSES: "I feel like I just found out that my favorite love song was written about a sandwich." ~Jane

Some of Sapphire's original stories:

99 Wishes(finished)

The Secret Garden(discontinued :'( )

Reach to the Sky (discontinued:'( )

Touched By An Angel (sequel to 99 Wishes!) (not finished! discontinued)

Hiroki Matsuura's Case Files Book One: The Wax Museum Mayhem (finished)

Hiroki Matsuura's Case Files Book Two: The Masked Thief (in progress)

Until the New Moon (discontinued) (was like InuYasha just with a hanyou wolf instead of dog and instead of a scared tree there was a sacred silver rose bush w/ silver roses! and ya get the picture)

Nightly Rain (FINISHED!!) I WANT YOUR BLOOD about a vampire and a girl whose best friend was just murderer by a vampire! dark secrets, romantic atmosphere, heartstopping action, evil and good. what more can you ask for? The sun has set. Twilight has begun. Darkness is coming. (hopefully i can get this published and out in the bookstores. so if any of you know a publisher hook me up with them!!)

Winter Storm (discontinued) (sequel to Nightly Rain; part of the Chronicles of the Everlasting Roses) I KNOW YOUR SECRET continuing with Sapphire and Night. After celebrating Christmas together, Sapphire gets a new roomate. What's this? Her roomate knows her secret?! The sun has set. Twilight has begun. Darkness is coming.

Last Rose (to be yet started) I WILL MAKE YOU MINE(sequeal to Winter Storm; final book of the Chronicles of the Everlasting Roses)

Tell Him That I Loved Him (discontinued TT-TT)

Memories That Were Once Lost... (discontinued..."-_-) it's a romance novel, set with some humor and drama. But let me warn you all, it's not your average romance novel!! However, my friends, who are both very honest, tell me that it's one of the best things that i have written. So if you see this book on the bookshelves at Barns & Nobles or Borders or something, try it out!!

When Life Gets You Down(idiscontinued): What happens when your mother decides that she wants to foster a boy for a while and a up-to-no-good new boy comes to your school with tons of horrible rumors about him? CHAOS!! Well, that is the life of Jenna Stevens––your ordinary junior girl. Seth Connors is your typical bad boy––or is he really? And what's with those mysterious scars of his on his back? Romance/Comedy/Drama

Amazing Grace; Amazing Love (??): My life was perfect. Or so it would seem: A fresh college graduate out into the real world and partied to dawn––and then there was that terrible motorcycle accident. They said that I could never see again. That was the day my life was turned upside down. That was the day I met Sarah.

The Twelve Dates of Christmas (on hold until next Christmas):

Two offices workers, Lexy and Aaron whom seem to have nothing in common…

“Really, can you just leave me alone?” Lexy says.

“No. Bugging you makes my dreary day in the office a little bit better.” Aaron replies.

Lexy moans and with the roll of her eyes marches away from the copier room.

One day…

“Aaron just makes me so mad! Man! Why can he just leave me alone?”

“Maybe he finds you interesting?” Kate, Lexy’s best friend suggests.

Lexy looks at Kate as if she has two heads. “No, he does not.”

… the two of them settle on a bet.

“All right, let’s make a bet.” Aaron declares.

Lexy raises an eyebrow. “A bet?”

“Yes. A bet. If you win, I’ll leave you alone.”

If Lexy wins, Aaron promises to leave her alone at work.


But if Aaron wins…

“But I win… you’ll have to go on fifteen dates with me.”

“What? No way.”

“Come on. It’s just fifteen.”

Lexy pauses. “Ten.”


Another pause. “Fine. Twelve. But only twelve.”

…she’ll have to go with him on twelve dates.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Lexy says with a moan.

And with this little bet…

“Do you have any idea how cold it is out here?” Aaron asks, looking up at her window as he blows some warm air into his cupped hands.

“No and I plan to stay in here. Where it’s warm. Away from you.” Lexy declares, slamming her window shut.

“Oh, come on! Lexy!”

Lexy will learn to love like never before.

“I just don’t understand him!” Lexy fumes to Kate. “He just keeps popping up into my mind like some little… gofer!”

“Honey, you’re in love.”

But no one ever said that the road to love would be easy.

“I hate Aaron!”

“Come on, Lexy! Don’t be so mad.” Aaron tries to soothe.

Aaron and Lexy laugh a heart-filled laugh together as they lay together on the ice after falling together.

“He just so funny; so kind. He just makes my day, you know. And then those hands… so big and warm.” Lexy tells her friend with a dreamy look on her face.

“Girl, you got it bad.” Kate told Lexy.

Lexy looks back at Kate with a confused look on her face. “Got what bad?”

Kate raises her eyebrow at Lexy silently asking if she was serious.

And all it took was twelve little dates…




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