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Oh God

Oh Almighty God.

I henceforth warn you that I've never written fanfiction. Maybe a couple Original Stories, but I've never, EVER written with someone else's characters. So I hope it's understandable that I am more than a bit nervous with the prospect.

Huh, I guess this is the part where I tell you about myself... and that other crap. *Shrug*

Alrighty. I hope some of you recognize my penname. Yush, that annon that reviewed every few weeks, lurking around, Somebody-chan, has cleared out her old account (Full of SHAME), and has decided to plague the community with her useless garbage. And boy does she have a lot of crap to post.

I guess any variation of my penname will work. Or you can just call me Wendy, which I guess also works too.

I'm not very good with critique, so while I would never discourage it, I do ask that you're gentle with me... it is my first time. (Lulz, that sounds so wrong)

I'm a major covert pervert, who spends most of the day in her bedroom writing smutfics that will never get posted, because, while writing smut is not a sin, I'm pretty sure flaunting the stuff for all the Internet to see is. (This however DOES NOT mean you guys should stop! Mmm, smut... >;3)

I'm too into Yaoi for my own good.

I'm actually not too religious, which gives way to my way too tolerant side. I guess you can say I'm one of those New Age Hippies, the typpe that hears something extremely outrageous to the normal folk and goes "Hnnn, I think I read an article about that once... *Shrug*"

The only type of fanfiction I'm not too tolerant about is the AngstFic. I guess it's because I'm already way too angsty myself. I don't need my favorite characters to suffer too.

Oh, OHHH, YEAHH. English is my second language but I take pride in my grammar and spelling prowess, and I'm completely fluent in Spanish, it being my native language (so if anybody ever needs help, don't hesitate to ask~!), and I even speak a little bit of French. I mean, not enough to live in a fully French-speaking country, but just enough to carry myself on a conversation. So long as you don't talk too fast. Lulz.

Hn... what else?

I draw, I listen to ALL types of music, even stuff in languages I don't speak (Nanne Gronvall is AWESOME), and I have this thing about one day travelling the world, spreading awesomeness, and helping people, and soaking up on history and culture, and finally learning all those languages on my list, because damn it, I might as well, right?

Oh, I'm a huge nerd too. History is by far my best subject, math and anything number related (Except dates for historical events~!) being my worst. I don't do many sports, though football (Soccer, for you Americans, lol) and swimming are quite fun. I don't do organized soccer, because that's just getting way too serious with the stuff, but I have won two swimming medals. They're really shiny. :3

Ahh, well, I'll leave it at that. I hate long profiles anyway.

BYEEE~!!!! :D


I'M BAAACK!!! :DDDDD Before you ask where did I vanish to, don't because omg if I knew I'd tell you. D: I've been swamped with school-work, (Senior, omg so OLD) and I have to work now, I have a job at this book store. (Life's dream #23: Work at a book store, check). I'm also applying for college, and typing them admissions essays is getting just ridiculous. Every school wants a different one, and I am not in the state to type all that much. Plus, because of all the typing, writing, and over-all over-working my hands lately, I've developed a mild case of carpal tunnel's syndrome, also know as hell for a writer, pain for an artist, and eternity for a student. But, I'm working on it. Srsly. As a few notices go, my first orders of business are THE GAME, for which I plan to upload the first chapter of sometime next week, and any other projects shall be announced just as I get my head around the things I'm doing right now. Yay? Yay!

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