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A little About Me--

Ok. Hi guys, I'm Ellen and in my stories, --or right now story--, i go by Em3. I have a reason i promise, but you probably don't care, so i am not going to tell you. I am sure you don't care about random information about me, so i am not going to tell you it... I don't really know about anything that i can put here, with out stealing some one elses idea, so if you want to know something about me, post it in a review, or private message me, and i will put it on my profile... Now onto my borefest story the Curse of Curves... Read it. Lol.

How I Got my Name--

I have just chosen my name permanently. I will probably think it is stupid in a few days, but i am going to try it like this for now. The Daft Rebel is kind of a joke for me, but it means the crazy rebel, and if you don't know what that means, you probably should not be on fanfiction. Just kidding. It is some one who does not follow the rules. In the past you may have known me as xXJust the girl next doorXx (my most used name), il Dalie Nero (the black dalia in itallion), Twilight Lover98775 (just random numbers), and other names i forgot. Haha, anyways I know it is stupid for me to keep changing my names, but i can't decide on one name. So bare with me for a little bit, until i decide on the ultimate name, and then you can criticize me all you want. L8r. "D

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