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As we all know, Rob is the new Batman. We’ve followed him for years, and celebrated his success, so, in honor of this milestone, let’s have fun and don our capes along with him.

Twilight Fanfiction Crime Crusaders

Brought to you by Pay it Forward

Your villains can be Covert, Cryptic, Complicated, Challenging.

Batty, Bratty, create Bedlam, or Mayhem.

Your story should contain a mystery

No Dead giveaways, Inklings, or Tip-offs.

Give us the Skinny, the Low Down, the Bum Steer.

Give us All the Deets.

Chapter and Verse, What’s What, the Whole Story.

Someone can even Cut a Deal.

It can be a Sting. There can be an Eye Witness, a Squealer, and someone can Sing Like a Bird.

Make us think.

Our Crusaders can be brave or shy, wear a mask, a cape, tights, sport jacket, tie, jeans, button-down, or nothing at all. A made up Superhero or a real-life Superhuman, we don’t mind.

Surprise us.

Lock them up for Antisocial Behavior, Malfeasance, or a Felony Misdemeanor.

We want you to write it.

It can have elements of humor and misunderstanding, be a comedy or a drama. It can be silly and make us laugh.

Give it to us.

Show us how Bruce Wayne or any other law-abiding citizen would handle the situation.

As a token of our appreciation, each entry must contain a Batman reference. Either a word, phrase, character, etc. from the series.

There will also be a banner portion of the contest, for the non-writers who might want to participate.

Submission July 1st - 15th

Public Voting July 21-31

Results August 10th

No more than 10,000 words.

The entry must be a stand-alone one-shot, which you can embellish at a later date.

Betas required, please

Authors may submit up to two entries (whether their own or a collaboration, no more than two entries total).

No offensive content (no incest, bestiality, pedophilia, or graphic/gratuitous rape).

Entries must be original.

This is an anonymous contest. Violations of author anonymity will result in disqualification at hosts' discretion. This means that you may not announce that you've entered.

Please feel free to promote the contest on (Facebook, Twitter, etc., wherever you choose).

Once received, your entry will be validated to make sure all of the requirements have been met. When your submission is cleared, it will be posted. This may take a few days. Entries will remain anon until the winners are revealed.

Any entries with sensitive subject matter should include a disclaimer in the summary.

Submit entries (and questions) to: twilightcrimecrusaders@


Facebook name:

Story Title:




Word count: (not including summary or title)

Disclaimer: All things Twilight belong solely to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended.


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