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I daydream a lot. Much more than most people, in fact. Thus, during my short lifetime my technology-rotted brain has been cooking up a surprising variety of bizarre waking fantasies for as far back as I can remember. Many of these were, in essence, fanfiction (although for most of my life I had never even heard the term), as they were composed of fictional places and characters that someone else made up, or were based on aforementioned things.

But these were not passing whims. Inside my little head, I would keep refining these stories until I sensed that they were complte, or became bored with them. I even began translated a few into written words in my mind. However, once the process was finished, instead of writing them down, I simply dumped them on my mental trash heap.

This was a huge, huge mistake.

In late 2006, my literature teacher at school mentioned and handed around printed copies of a story from this website which is set 20 years after the events of Lord of the Flies. (This was the book we happened to be reading in class at the time.) More recently, the same teacher gave an assignment to write a short sequel to H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, as the book ends on a very ambiguous note. I soon realized that what I had written was fanfiction, and something sparked my interest. I decided to check out this site.

What I found amazed me. I quickly made the decision to register here, and publish not only my assignment (A Sense of Closure, Books category, H.G. Wells section.) but the rest of my twisted little fantasies, written down for the world to see (and, hopefully, review favorably.)

I will definitely be working on 2 long stories - a Pokemon one about a 13-year-old from Earth who gets warped into the Pokemon universe and discovers his true destiny, and after that, one about the popular webcomic, El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive (Dr. Sciuridae created a fifth seyunolu!?) I'm surprised nobody has done anything involving EGS on here yet, as of this writing.

Prevews of other new stories will possibly be posted here in future.

And I guess that's all for now. Don't forget to R&R!

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